8 Best Fish Finder GPS Combo

Ever gone fishing in a new location and you don’t have any idea where to start? Although you might be standing at a prime location with the best bait and fishing rod, that doesn’t guarantee you of making a fine catch of fish. While some people might consider using the traditional method of asking old timers where the best location is, others will opt to go for a more reputable technique of using a fish finder gps.

Fish finder gps use the sonar technology to send sound waves in the deep waters. When the waves hit a fish, a signal is sent back to the device which displays the location of the fish.

If you are looking to buy one of these gadgets, here we have put together a selection of 8 best fish finder gps combo you should consider.

Top 8 Best Fish Finder GPS Combo

1. Garmin Striker 4 GPS Fishfinder with Transducer

Garmin Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder

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Finding fish is easier than ever with Garmin Striker 4 fishfinder. Though small, the Garmin Striker 4 has the ability to find and mark the ideal location of your target fish thanks to a combination of a strong GPS and high-frequency sonar technology. Available at an affordable price, the Garmin Striker 4 features easy-to-use 3.5-inch display and Garmin CHIRP transducer for accurate fish finding.

Key Features

  • Comes with Garmin CHIRP (77/200 kHz) transducer
  • Maximum depth 1,600 feet freshwater and 750 feet saltwater
  • Waterproof rating IPX7
  • Waypoint Map Navigation
  • Clear Vu Scanning Sonar

2. Raymarine DragonFly 7 Pro

Raymarine DragonFly 7 Pro

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The Raymarine DragonFly 7 Pro is among the latest additions in the fish finding arena. Though considered to be somewhat expensive, the Raymarine DragonFly 7 Pro is packed with some of the best features you can’t miss to have around. First, it features a wide Spectrum CHIRP technology, a GPS tracker, a Wi-Fi connectivity option, and the CHIRP DownVision technology for an incredibly clear photo view of the fish you’re finding. The Raymarine DragonFly 7 Pro has a large LCD display with intuitive control buttons for easy navigation.

Key Features

  • Dual-Channel CHIRP
  • Built in Wi-Fi
  • Includes conventional CHIRP sonar transducer
  • Live updates of bathymetric charts

3. Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+

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Though unique, the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ is one of the best fish finders you can buy. With a shape that resembles a ball, this fish finder works by displaying vital information on your Smartphone or tablet screen. The best thing about this fish finder is that it’s able to operate on any fishing environment such as ice, shore, deepwater or river without worrying whether the water is fresh or salty.

Like it’s not enough, the Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ offers an opportunity to gather detailed information such as the underwater vegetation, the location of fish, and the water temperature for easy analysis. With such a convergence of amazing features, I think this fish finder is not only ideal for anglers but also for students researching about marine life.

Key Features

  • Syncs to phone/tablet using WiFi
  • Casting range of 330ft and scan depth up to 260ft
  • Cloud save scan data and map
  • Suitable for ice, kayak and boat fishing

4. Lowrance HOOK2 5 Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer

Lowrance HOOK2 5 Fish Finder with SplitShot Transducer

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If you’re the kind of people who value quality and performance, then the Lowrance HOOK2 5 is the perfect fish finder for you. This fish finder gives you an opportunity to view the world beneath you via a large 5-inch color display.

Key Features

  • SolarMax Dsiplay with easy-to-use menus
  • Automated Sonar Tuning
  • Double the sonar coverage of most fishfinders
  • Preloaded C-MAP Mapping
  • Unit comes with a transducer

5. Garmin Striker 7SV with Transducer

Garmin Striker 7SV

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Designed with a large 3.5, 5 and 7-inch display, the Garmin Striker 7SV features powerful scanning sonar. This high-frequency sonar gives clear images with detailed representations of objects, structure and fish in the water around your boat.

Key Features

  • Features keyed interface with dedicated buttons
  • High-sensitivity GPS and CHIRP sonar
  • Includes Garmin transducer
  • View, mark and navigate to locations with Way point map
  • Built-in flasher

6. Lowrance Elite 12 Ti Fish Finder

Lowrance Elite Ti Fish Finder

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Lowrance Elite 12 Ti Fish Finder comes with a 12-inch high-resolution LED touchscreen display for easy access when tracking, recording or saving your location. Among the smart features anglers will be able to access include; the TrackBack technology, DownScan Waypoint settings, and Bluetooth & WiFi Connectivity feature that allows you to connect wirelessly with other anglers.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use, high-resolution touchscreen display
  • StructureScan HD ready with TotalScan and HDI transducer
  • SmartSteer control for Xi5 Trolling Motor
  • Integrated wireless and Bluetooth connectivity
  • NMEA 2000 engine support
  • Preloaded CMAP PRO maps for thousands of lakes

7. Humminbird 410950 1NAV HELIX 7 GPS G3 NAV Fish Finder

Humminbird 410950 1NAV HELIX 7 GPS G3 NAV Fish Finder

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Featuring a large 7-inch HD display, this fish finder comes with MEGA Side Imaging, MEGA Down Imaging, Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar, AutoChart Live, GPS and Humminbird Basemap built-in. The unit also includes a Navionics+ map card with data for over 21,000 lakes in the U.S. and Canada.

Key Features

  • Depth range down to 125 ft below boat
  • Includes transducer and mounting hardware
  • Compatible with Navionics
  • Create real-time maps of your fishing spots

8. Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder with Sonar Sensor Transducer

Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder

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The Venterior Portable Fish Finder is a lightweight fish finder that’s easy to operate and use and you can take it anywhere. With the transducer feature already included, anglers will be able to locate fish proximity as well as access the water temperature for a more advanced fishing experience.

Key Features

  • Detects and displays water depth, approximate fish location, weeds, sand & rocks on seabed
  • 5 user selectable sensitivity
  • The fishfinder is powered by 4 AAA batteries
  • Sonar Frequency is 200 kHZ
  • Detectable depth range is up to 328ft below the sonar transducer