10 Best Electric Shavers

Electric shavers are must-haves for every man. A good shave leaves the right impression at all times which is why hairy men need their shavers always. The electric shavers are not just for hairy men. Every man needs one (some women too).

If you are looking for the perfect electric shaver to buy, here’s our top picks you should consider.

Top 10 Best Electric Shavers

1. Braun 790cc Electric Razor for Men

Braun Series 7 790cc 4 Electric Foil Shaver

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This shaver is one of the many reasons Braun is considered an industry pace-setter. The series 7 is the company’s most popular series so far and the model 790cc is arguably the very best in the series. Looking at it, you will understand why the German company is so revered in the industry.

The Braun Series 7 790cc is a sturdily built device and offers amazing shaving experience to users. They device features 4 shaving elements; there are three trimmers that can be independently set according to what you want and a single SkinGuard that offers maximum protection as you stroke to remove the hairs.

Other features that make this electric shaver a dependable care product are 8-D contour adaptation that expands your reach, the option of 5 personalized shaving modes, 100% waterproof, intelligent sonic and autosense technology for adaptive shaving and reliable battery that offer up to 50 minutes of cordless shaving.

2. Braun 9 9290cc Electric Razor for Men

Braun 9 9290cc Electric Razor for Men

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This is another great electric shaver from Braun that illustrates just how wonderful their devices are. The model is a wet and dry foil cordless shaving system that offers incredible shaving experience. Once you have it in your hands, you will notice that it is quite different from all other shavers you have seen. There are 5 specialized cutting elements in the SyncroSonic shaver head. It is designed to adapt to different facial skins and offer efficient and fully flexible shaving experience.

With the Braun Series 9 9095cc, you obtain not fewer than 40,000 cross cutting actions. The skin-friendly precision trimmer and the 100% waterproof feature are few other qualities that places the shaver among the very best options in the market. The only downside to this is the all-plastic build quality.

3. Remington PG6025 All-in-One Trimmer

Best Electric Shavers-Remington PG6025

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This is the ultimate budget electric shaver. It is one of the cheapest shavers you can find anywhere. It comes in an all-in-one grooming kit that cost so little that it will make sense to anybody that knows about the value it offers. Though the shaver is super-cheap, it offers an amazing shaving experience. The level of versatility of this petit-sized shaver is just wonderful: a full-size trimmer; foil shaver; nose, ear, and detail trimmer; hair clipper comb; beard and stubble combs; and a convenient pouch.

The Remington PG6025 is a great travel shaver due to its size and convertible build. Though the device is not washable, most of the attachments are.

4. Philip Norelco Shaver 4500

Best Electric Shavers-Philip Norelco Shaver 4500

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This is for those individuals that are on a budget but do not want a compromise in their shaving experience. The rotary shaver may not be the biggest name in the range of options you have, but if you want to spend less and still enjoy shaving, then it may be the right deal for you.

The Philip Norelco shaver 4500 (AT830/46) has dual precision shaving technology that is adept in cutting all types of hair. The head is optimized for close shaving with the pivot, flex, and float systems. It also boast of an AquaTec seal for dry shave or wet shave. It is fully washable and is truly an easy device to maintain, keeping in line with its reputation as a budget product.

5. Philips Norelco S9721 89 Shaver 9700

Philips Norelco S9721 89 Shaver 9700

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The Philips Norelco S9721 Shaver 9700 can be considered among the best electric shavers on the market. It is the most advanced shaver yet and will represent the perfect choice for individuals who want convenient shaving experience. Some of its basic features include close cut blade system to give close shave at all times, 8 directional flex head that adjusts accordingly for a smooth even shave, Lithium-ion battery that allows you more minutes of cordless shaving, and SmartClick Precision trimmer that allows you trim and maintain sideburns and mustache.

The Philips Norelco S9721 Shaver 9700 is also very easy to clean with the accompanying cleaning brush. It works for both dry and wet shaves.

6. Philips Norelco 9300 Shaver

Philips Norelco 9300

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This is one of the most advanced electric shavers you can get. It has an incredibly efficient contour detect technology, with each head moving independently in 8 directions to give your face the perfect clean shave. It debuted the V-track Precision blades that offer optimal cutting that results to about 30% closer shave than most other shavers.

The shaver also offers personalized shaving experience: there are three different speed levels that can be adopted. There is also SmartClean system that cleans, lubricates, dries and charges the shaver.

The Philips Norelco 9300 also has the highly desirable AquaTec Technology that allows for comfortable dry shave or wet shave. The Lithium-ion battery also guarantees close to an hour of cordless shaving after a full charge. The LED display also let you stay in control of the performance of the device.

7. Panasonic Arc 5 Electric RazorPanasonic Arc 5

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This is one of the very top electric shavers from Panasonic. From a distant, it may look like a rotary shaver, but it is actually an efficient foil unit that works perfectly fine to give the cleanest shave. The head may look a little heavier than the regular foil heads you’ve seen but it combines with the Multi-Flex system to pivot better.

The Panasonic Arc 5 features five precision-honed and ultra-sharp Nanotech blades. The shaver has an active shaver sensor that can detect changes in hair density and adjust accordingly for a closer shave. It is also designed in such a manner that it fits perfectly to your hands to be used for that smooth and comfortable shave. It permits both dry and wet shaving.

8. Panasonic Arc 3 Electric Shaver and Trimmer

Best Electric Shavers-Panasonic Arc 3

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This is another good shaver from Panasonic that you can buy. It is ideal for those that are on a budget but desire decent shaver that will not compromise the shaving experience. As you can guess from the name, this foil shaver has 3 blades. Just like other Panasonic electric shavers, the Arc 3 has the ultra-sharp Nanotech blades that deliver such clean and convenient shaving experience that is associated with the rest of the models in the series. It offers wet and dry shaves.

Some of the most notable features of the Panasonic Arc 3 include the flexible pivotal head that permits effortless shaving, the fast linear shaver motor drive that eliminate the chances of irritation, the independently floating blades, and the pop-up trimmer.

9. Remington F5-5800 Electric Razor

Best Electric Shavers-Remington F5-5800

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This is another good shaver that comes at a very pocket-friendly price. In spite of the low price, it is still a very wonderfully built shaver that offers good value for the little money spent on it. It deliver high quality shave for a product so inexpensive.

The high quality of shaving experience obtained from the Remington F5-5800 is partly due to the intercept trimmer found between the foils. The fact that the foils are also allowed to float independently, helps to achieve a clean and even shave at all times. The combination of Pivot and Flex technology; the wonderful surgical-sharp blades; the pop-up detail trimmer are some of the other great features of the device.

10. Wahl Professional Rechargeable Shaver

Best Electric Shavers-Wahl Professional 8062

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This is a portable electric shaver that offers super-close and bump-free shaving. It is also one of the options that doesn’t cost much. In terms of portability, the device is one of the best designed ones you will find. It is just about 3-inch long. The foil surface is coloured gold due to a hypoallergenic coating on it that guarantees bump-free shaving.

The Wahl Professional 8062 electric shaver is also very easy to use. There is a one button control sequence that makes things pretty easy. In spite of its small size, the battery of the device when completely charged can offer half an hour cordless shaving. Portability and ease of handling are the biggest selling points of this electric shaver.