11 Best Android Oreo Features You Should Know

Google has always named its operating system based on candy and desserts and this time is no different. After Cupcake, Éclair, Donut, Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Honeycomb, KitKat, Marshmallow, Jelly Bean and Nougat, the latest OS is called Oreo.

What Does Android Oreo Offer?

Android devices will now be loaded with features that will make your Android phone function better. Although this OS will not be available on all devices currently, it can be obtained if you sign up for its Beta program. From an improved battery life, better performance, increased security to other features like Picture-in-Picture and press to hold options, this update has it all!

New Features of Android O

  • Boots Up phones with twice as faster speed
  • Picture in Picture App allows you to use two apps at the same time
  • Upgraded Autofill Feature
  • Google Play Protect for Optimized Protection
  • Better Battery Life
  • Notification Dots Feature
  • 60+New Emojis and Icons
  • Enhanced Battery Life

Here are top 11 features of Android Oreo

1. PIP (Picture in Picture)

PIP or Picture-in-Picture is one of Android Oreo’s best feature. This allows you to multitask and you can answer an email or chat while watching a video.  The video will be minimized and will still continue to watch YouTube or any other while you are using other apps. This built in feature will soon make its way into all smartphones through Android Oreo.

Using this is extremely simple and you simply need to press the home button down when a video is playing. The video minimizes to a small screen and you can drag and place it wherever you wish to. You can now continue to see the video and when you are done with it, swipe it off from the window.

2. OS Optimizations

Android Oreo can do wonders in improving your phone’s speed. Booting up your phone will take far less time than it used to with the new OS. Phones like Pixel will now boot twice as faster than normal. Apps will also load faster than before!

3. Notification Dots

Notification dots are similar to app badges on iPhone. It is a small dot that is seen on an app’s icon whenever there is a notification. You can use this feature by long pressing on the app and a bubble will appears with the notification mentioned on it. This will allow you to the notification instantly without opening the app and without scrolling on the notification screen.

4. Press to Hold Feature

You no longer have to copy something and paste it into another app. Android Oreo now has the power to analyse the text and detect the app suitable for the text you have copied. For instance, you can copy an address and it will pop into Google Maps right away.

5. Autofill with Android Oreo

Android Oreo’s Autofill feature can make things simpler for you. This feature is present in Nougat as well but Oreo makes the procedure much more simple and easy to perform.  You can use this feature on a series of third party apps as well.

6. Improvement in Battery Levels

Android Oreo will also make your battery life better. This OS has a feature called wise limits which will control the background activity of your apps. This will control the amount of app activity and will also reduce excessive usage so that your battery lasts longer without any damage.

7. Improved Gestures

Android Oreo improves the gesture control of your apps. Drawing an onscreen C will open your contacts menu instantly.  In standby mode, you simply need to draw a letter and the app you wish to open will appear instantly!

8. Auto Turn on Wi-Fi

This new feature toggles the Wi-Fi of your phone automatically. This will allow you to connect your Wi-Fi to your phone instantly without having to turn it on manually. In order to use this feature, select Network and Internet> Wi-Fi> Wi-Fi preferences. Turn on the setting and now your phone will detect known networks and connect them when it comes in contact with your phone. This allows you to reduce the usage of data by automatically utilizing Wi-Fi.

9. Enhanced Security using Google Play Protect

Mobile security is one of the most important features of a mobile network. With Google Play Protect, your phone and apps will be constantly scanned to remove any threats and viruses. This app has the ability to scan 50 million apps a day and deleting any one of them from your handset.

10. Better Sound Quality

Oreo will offer amplified sound quality for those who use Bluetooth. The new Audio Technology will improve apps that require “High Performance’ and ‘Low Latency Audio.

11. Vibrant Displays

Android O comes with gamut colour support for apps which will make displays more colourful. This will make apps look colourful and vibrant as well.

Which Devices are Compatible with Android O?

Although Google phones and tablets are always the first to get new operating system updates, but devices more than three years old will not be updated. Which means, Nexus 5x and 6p will get Nougat and Android Oreo till September 2017. Nexus 9 and Nexus were supported till October 2016, which means they will not be receiving Android O. Google has also said that it will automatically grant update notifications to eligible Pixel and Nexus Devices.  If you have bought a recently launched phone from renowned companies like Sony, LG, Motorola, Samsung and HTC, then you will get the update in a few months.

How to Download/Install Oreo on Your Android Device

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Android Oreo and have a compatible device, then you do not have to wait for Google’s update notification. The process is simple and involves little risk. To quickly upgrade to Android O follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Step 1: Go to the Android Beta Program page and sign in with your Google account credentials.
  • Step 2: Make sure you are signing in with one of the compatible devices mentioned in the list above. After signing in click on Enroll Device button which is located next to the hardware icon of your device. By doing this, you are agreeing to Google’s Beta testing terms.
  • Step 3: After the above mentioned step, you will now get the notification to update on your smartphone. If you haven’t received it, go to Settings> About Phone>System Update>Check Now.
  • Step 4: Install the update on your phone as you would normally do and start enjoy Android Oreo’s spectacular features!