10 Best Android Games to Play

For game lovers, there are several things that determine a great game and in spite of individual choices, the most desirable qualities remain high quality display, interesting storyline, continuous challenge, flexibility, rewards, as well as combining fun and realism.

Android has loads of wonderful games, thanks to the platform that allows developers to build and upload games with ease. On monthly basis, thousands of games hit Google Play Store and trying to identify the best can be really tasking. There are ways we can know the very best, however, and we consider it important to provide you with information about the top ten Android games, so as to guide you as you look around for gaming fun.

Top 10 Android Games

1. Jump Drive

This is one of those games where you just have to simply find your way to the end while getting the points – only that it is not really simple. You have to avoid the laser tips, rotating blades and other such obstacle to score your points. It offers great fun and you need to be very careful as it is honestly addictive. You may think this is not the game for you but once you have it installed on your device, you may never let go again.

Download Jump Drive

2. Bury Me, My Love

This is one of those games with a real-life storyline. You play the hero Majd and will have to take responsibility for getting your wife, Nour to Europe through proper guidance. She contacts you through a messaging app and you respond with an advice that can determine the success of her voyage. This game can be quite apprehensive as it takes the adventure to a whole new level. This is certainly not the game for everyone but if you want an unconventional adventure that demands brain power and plays with your emotions, this is a sure bet for you.

Download Bury me, my Love

3. Crashlands

This has been around since 2016 but remains one of the best android games of all time. You play an intergalactic trucker who crashes into an entirely alien planet and must establish a viable base. You have to investigate what is going on, establish your base, collect and craft important items and save your world from a nefarious plot that you’ll discover. This game offers lots of fun for lovers of science fiction and can really be enjoyed by anyone at all. You can spend hours deeply engrossed in the captivating plot. There is no in-app purchase to bother you, so it is fun all the way.

Download Crashlands

4. Minecraft

This is one of the games where you are required to do pretty much everything. You will be thrown into a giant new world where you will have to survive by mining stuff, building stuff, and beating up bad guys. You also have the option of playing the survival mode or the creative mode that gives you everything you need. This is the sort of game that can be played by all sorts of people around the world. You can even play on multiplayer servers with people on those platforms.

Download Minecraft

5. Monument Valley 1 & 2

Monument valley 1 & 2 are great games with their wonderful and identical gameplay mechanics and graphics. You need to adventure through some Escher-styled puzzles where you can move levels to complete the path using illusions. The first part of the game is fun-filled and the second version is simply an extension of this fun on a whole new level. There are in-app purchases to enhance the overall experience. It is also the kind of game that can be enjoyed by people of different ages from all walks of life.

Download Monument Valley 1

Download Monument Valley 2

6. Caterzillar

Caterziller is rather a simple game that offers lots of fun as you try to collect a number of good stuff; avoid the enemies; and get to an exit. Some levels may require a lot of backtracking, but that is where the fun really lies (for some people anyway). All you need to be a winner is to figure out how to get around levels: a lot can happen within a split of a second. When you get your bearings, the game can fire you halfway across the levels in a cannon. This is a sweet game that many gamers will love.

Download Caterzillar

7. Sniper Strike

This is one of the best shooting games. Fancy being in a special op? Well, it is just you against them. Sniper Strike offers you the adventurous opportunity to take out the enemies in an interesting manner. This is a wonderfully designed super fighting game that have all the important features that will indulge you for hours. You have lots of amazing weapons you can acquire as you progress. You can attain all the upgraded powers to get to the ultimate level as you vanquish the stubborn enemy forces.

Download Sniper Strike

8. Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter

This is one of those amazing ‘run to live’ and ‘fight to win’ games. The strategies are quite simple and straightforward. You have to learn the cool ninja skills and how to combine them to defeat the enemy. It is more of a fighting game than an adventure and it is quite easy to understand. With the perfect tactics and turnovers, it can be lots of fun using your character to conquer.

Download Real Kung Fu Ninja Fighter

9. Bid Wars

This is a biding game that can provide lots of fun for strategic gamers. You will have to try hard to land the most effective deals by bidding on the numerous auctions. You can grab yourself some handsome reward by bidding throughout the world for the best deals. This is a strategic game and is most ideal for the articulate minds.

Download Bid Wars

10. Thimbleweed Park

Thinking of going back in time to the halcyon days of 1987, this is the game for you. The plot of this adventurous game is quite interesting and will get interestingly weird as you play on. There are dozens of cunning tricky puzzles that can keep your brain bubbling as you play. Throughout the 15 to 20 hours you will be engaged in the game, be prepared for some real weird things including paranormal plumbers dressed up as pigeons.

Download Thimbleweed Park

Your favorite game might not be here, but these are really some of the coolest games around. Based on user engagement and performance, they are our ultimate top best android games.