7 Super Cool Things to Do on a Mac Computer

Even though MacOS captures only 10% of the operating system market globally, its usage, efficiency, and performance is out of the world. There is a saying that once you use a Mac, you will never find that convenience and seamless operability in any other operating system.

You can do super cool things on the Mac that no other operating system can provide. Let us take a quick look at those features and make your time with your Mac more interesting.

Seven extraordinary things in Mac

These unique features and things you can do in Mac are like hidden treasures. Unbury and find out how you can use them for your convenience.

1. Emoji folder icons

What if you can change your boring folder icons into interactive emojis? Just follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Create a new folder on the desktop.
  • Download an emoji picture you want from any search engine.
  • Open it in ‘Preview.’
  • Make it transparent by pressing the markup icon and editing it.
  • Choose the markup icon again to draw a box, click edit to select all and press Command + C.
  • Right-click on the newly-created folder and click on ‘Get Info.’
  • Click on the blue folder icon, press ‘Command + V,’ and you will find the new emoji as the icon of that folder.

2. Taking a scrolling screenshot

Screenshots are limited to the displayed content on a desktop. What if you can take a screenshot of an entire page even though it is not displayed? Yes! It is possible in MacOS. You can take a full-page screenshot, create copied clipboard files, print it, and even add annotations. You can also share these files easily with peers. Learn how to take a scrolling screenshot on Mac and forget the hassles of taking multiple shots.

3. Bypassing password when locked out

Mac users worry a lot when they forget a password. What if you can easily bypass this security issue and reset your password? Here is what you need to do.

  • Shut down your system.
  • Hold Command + R when you turn on your Mac. A progress bar will appear right below the logo on the screen. You have entered the default Recovery Mode.
  • Go to the Menu Bar, enter ‘Utilities’ and then go to ‘Terminal’. A window will open on your screen. Type ‘reset password’ without spaces and quotes and then press ‘Return’.
  • Close this window and discover the reset password tool. You will find the list of users of this machine. Remember, you will have to reset all the passwords for all accounts.

4. Spotlight currency conversions and calculations

Spotlight can be used as a currency converter and calculator. This feature is quite underrated as most users are unaware of its potential. Choose the magnifying glass or search icon present at the top left corner of the menu bar, or you can hit Command + Space. Then, type the equation of mathematical calculation you want to do. The search result will be your answer.

If you want to convert currency values based on the latest information, type the amount with the right currency symbol in Spotlight and hit enter. The converted currency values will be displayed by drawing information directly from Yahoo.

5. Signing documents digitally

Use the Mail app or Preview to sign documents digitally without printing them. There is no need to print, sign, scan, and mail them back when you can easily do it with your Mac.

Use the camera to take a picture of your signature. Use it as an image file on the document sent.

When using the ‘Mail‘ app, drop the document into the message section, hover your cursor, select the down arrow button present at the top right corner and select ‘Markup‘. You will find a box that resembles a signature. Choose ‘Trackpad’ and sign using your mouse. You can also use the camera to take a picture of your signature and put it there.

6. Split view

When you are working on multiple applications, utilize the ‘Split View’ option for convenience. Go to the top left corner of your window and hover your cursor. You can also click and hold the full-screen green button.

You will find options appearing as ‘Tile Window to Right of Screen’ and ‘Tile Window to Left of Screen’. By choosing any one of the options, you can easily resize and fit apps as per your requirement. This feature is available in Mac OS X El Capitan of higher versions.

7. Creating customizable shortcuts

Visit ‘System Preferences’ and then the ‘Keyboard’ section. Enter the ‘Shortcuts’ section and proceed to ‘App Shortcuts’. You will find a ‘+’ icon. You can assign any shortcut key combination to any application present in your Mac system if you click it.

These are the seven most fascinating things you can do in your Mac system and make your daily work more convenient. Find out how you can utilize your Mac efficiently with these exclusive features.