6 Brilliant Tech Hacks That Will Make Life Simpler

Technology has been making our lives easier in a big way through the introduction of many gadgets. However, there is much more to it! Nowadays, tech hacks have become immensely popular since they are easy solutions that can make your life much simpler! We have compiled and listed the best hacks which can be made with simple everyday tools!

1. Boost the Volume of Your Phone Speakers Using Cups and Glasses

make your phone louder with a cup or glass

If your phone isn’t loud enough when you play music or if you can’t hear your alarm when you are sleeping, then we have an easy solution for you! Simply place your phone in a glass or cup to amplify its sound. You can also use a tall plastic cup to do the same. Just punch in a hole at the bottom so that the cord of the charger can pass through.

2. Use Velcro to Fix Your Laptop Charger

velcro laptop charger

Over time, laptop chargers usually become loose and fall off from its connecting point in the laptop. Fix this with some Velcro by cutting it out in a small round shape with a hole in the center so that the charger can pass through. Fix the sticky end around the charging point and the fuzzy around the charger with glue so that both can stay in place. When the charger is fixed together, the velcros will hold on tight to prevent the charger from falling off.

3. Prevent your Charger from Fraying

The most common problem faced by many of us is that with continuous usage, the cord of your charger gets frayed. When that happens, you can either fix it with a tape or replace the cord. In order to prevent this, you can attach springs from ball point pens on both ends of the charging cord.

4. Use Your Old Tablet to Make Digital Frames

If you have just bought a new tablet and don’t know what to do with the one you were using before, try this!  Place your tablets on a stand and place it in your living room or bedroom. Use an application like Photosnack which will keep running a slide show of your photos. It can even show pictures from social media like Facebook!

5. Prevent Laptop from Overheating

Overheating of laptops is extremely common and most of us don’t know what to do with it. Sometimes, it might cause damage to the device therefore; you can overcome this problem by using this simple trick. Simply take to forks and keep it under the laptops. This will cause it to maintain its normal temperature.

6. Strengthen Your Wi-Fi Signal

beer can wifi antenna

If you experience weak Wi-Fi signals then use this trick to boost the strength. Take an empty beer or soft drink can. Clean it thoroughly and pat dry. Pull of the tab and take a knife to cut the bottom of the can. Turn the can downwards and cut horizontally through the end leaving an inch from the bottom. Use scissors to level the sides of the can. Repeat the process with another can and attach both the cans to the antennas of the router.