5 Cool Things You Can Do With your Old Android Phones

As technology keeps advancing every few months, people tend to switch to new phones and tablets regularly to get their hands on new features and software updates. Due to this, users usually end up with a stash of old Android phones and tablets in perfect working condition.

With a few tweaks here and there, these devices can be repurposed into some really cool gadgets which will make them as good as new!

Here are 5 cool things you can do with your old Android phones.

1. Car Dash Cam

using android phone as dash cam

You can transform your old Android smartphone into a brand new dash cam which can be used to record views while you are driving. All you need to do is buy a smartphone cradle or a suction cup to fix it to the dashboard of your car. You can then install a simple dash cam app. Some of the best apps are Car DVR and GPS and AutoGuard Dash Cam. These apps also have 2GB of cloud and let you record from front and back camera at the same time. Following these two simple steps can transform your old Android phone to a Dash cam in a fraction of the cost of a new one!

2. Dedicated Music Player

turn old android phone into dedicated music player

Another cool way to use your old Android phone is to transform it into a music player. There are many music apps which stream continuous music. These apps have all songs possible so that you can find all your favourite music in one place. You can transform your old phone into a dedicated music player so that you can save the battery of your current phone. Add a Bluetooth Speaker or a Chrome cast Audio to amplify the sound quality and you will never feel the need to buy an MP3 player!

3. Security Camera

using android phone as security camera

The installation of security cameras to watch your homes when you are away is common these days. However, these cameras are quite expensive. You can achieve the same effect by using your old Android device. All you need to do is download a security camera app like IP Webcam. You can monitor the live stream on your phone using ivideon.com. To start stream, you can select the server situated at the bottom of the app. You can also use an IP address and port number to use your Android Device as a camera. You can mount the phone on a wall bracket and place it where you want to increase security. Add a clip on lens on your phone’s camera to view better.

4. Digital Photo Frame

turn old android phone into digital photo frame

Digital photo frames are a good way of displaying your memories. These frames allow you to transfer and run more than one pictures in the frame in one go. Instead of buying a new photo frame, use an old tablet. Order a tablet stand that is extremely cheap. Install a digital photo frame app such as Photo Frames and upload your pictures to start displaying them instantly!

5. Time-lapse Camera

using android phone as time-lapse camera

Timelapse is a photography technique that shoots exquisite frames. Usually DSLRs are focused on a specific point for days to record a few frames every hour. You can do this with your old android phone by setting it up on a tripod or any other phone. Download a good Timelapse app such as Lapse It on your phone to start recording!