Top 5 Romantic Apps for Lovers

If you’re a hopeless romantic and you want to be lovey-dovey with your partner, then check out our list of romantic apps. These romantic apps will surely keep your love growing forever.

Who says that love can’t be mix with technology? Well, these days, the smartphone industry and app technology bring romantic apps for couples to use and enjoy.

In this article, you will discover wonderful romantic apps that you can use together with your loved ones. Check the apps below.

5 Most Romantic Apps for Android and iPhone

1. LoveByte

LoveByte app

LoveByte is one of the most romantic apps that you can enjoy with your partner. It has features that can help you record your relationship.

The LoveByte platform has a shared homepage and a timeline. With this interface, you can add notes and photos of your loved ones. In addition, the app allows you to message your partner privately. You can also locate your partner and add reminder notes. Moreover, the app can give suggestions and ideas for gifts or dates. Just remember to set a passcode to keep others from snooping over your love matters.

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2. Couple

Couple is similar to the LoveByte app. It works as a real-time messenger app that allows you to share text or voice messages, videos, and photos with your special someone.

Couple app

With Couple, you can share calendar, locations and get suggestions for your dates. You can also make calls with this app. In addition, if you like sketching, the app offers a real-time sketch feature that you can do together with your partner.

One unique feature of this app is the ThumbKiss, when you activate this, your phone and your partner phones will vibrate simultaneously. To activate this feature, you only have to touch both phones in the same area.

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3. Appy Couple

Appy Couple is also one of the most romantic apps available to download free at the Google Play Store and iTunes. This app is specifically for engaged couples who want to get married.

Appy Couple Wedding App

This app makes wedding planning easier. The app lets you manage and share important details of your wedding. You can create travel arrangements, wedding albums, send RSVPs and even check the weather on your wedding day. This app is free to download but prices vary for its features.

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4. LokLok

LokLok is an app that comes from the word “Lock.” This app allows your partner to send images, sketches and even selfies through the lock screen.

LokLok app

This app synchronizes your lock screen and your partner’s lock screen. With this, you and your partner can use the lock screen as a message board and you don’t even need to launch the app at all.  As long as you send a message, your loved one will see it right away. Moreover, the app has a variety of colors and stickers that you can use to make creative loving messages.

This app is currently for Android, but the LokLok developer is already working on a version for iPhones. It will be available soon.

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5. Between – Private Couples

The last on our list of the most romantic apps that can keep the love growing is the Between Private app. This app focuses on fellow couples that can help with your relationship.

Between app

If you have difficulties or dilemma on where to go on your next date, you just have to ask other couples through this app. In addition, you can also check out the trending date places for couples. With Between Private app, couples can limit the time on planning dates and just read Between Private fellow members review on certain eating stalls and restaurants. If you see high and positive reviews on a certain restaurant, then choose it to spend time together.

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