Top 5 Messenger Apps for iPhone

Get the best messaging app for iPhone and enjoy every bit of communication with your friends and loved ones!

Communication is easier and more convenient these days because of hundreds of messaging apps available in the market. Like iMessage in iPhones that lets you send messages and photos to your family and friends. Even though this is a great integrated feature of iPhone, it only works for loved ones and friends who use iOS services. So, if you have friends and family members who use a phone with a different operating system like android or windows, iMessage isn’t useful.

In that case, there are amazing chat alternative applications in the Apple store, which you can conveniently use.

Best Text Messaging Apps for iPhone

1. Facebook Messenger

One of the best messaging iPhone Apps is the Facebook messenger. This app lets you send messages, links, images, and videos to your friends and families in different parts of the world. Facebook messenger features GIFs, stickers, and emoticons, which make chatting fun and enjoyable. You can also chat in groups and even customize the chat interface to your liking. You can give nicknames to your friends or change the color of your messages.

Moreover, you can post real-time pictures and videos on the chat platform. You can do this by tapping the My Day tab. With this, your friends and loved ones can get recent activity updates from you.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

Included in the list of best messaging iPhone apps is the WhatsApp chat platform. WhatsApp enables you to send location, files, images, videos, and messages like the Facebook messenger.This app uses regular phone numbers instead of nicknames. With this, it’s easier to sync contacts to your iPhone’s address book.

WhatsApp just recently added a new feature that allows users to lock voice recording and watch Youtube within the chat interface.

3. Viber Messenger

Viber is a popular video calling apps and it is also one of the best messaging apps for iPhone users. If you want to chat in groups, Viber allows 250 people to do group chats. You can send messages, videos, photos, documents and links absolutely free of charge. You can also call or text domestically and internationally without paying anything. Viber features amazing background designs and wonderful stickers, which you can use to express your thoughts.

4. Signal – Private Messenger

Are you looking for the most secure messaging apps for your iPhone? Then, try the Signal Chat app. This messaging app is an all in one chat and video solution, which uses end-to-end encryption. Signal is the best app for people who are safety-conscious. Therefore, if you’re worried about someone watching over your messages, then Signal is a great messaging application for you.

5. Skype for iPhone

Skype is one of the most famous video messaging apps and is also widely popular with many professionals around the world. Apart from sending free messages, photos, videos, and links, you can also send documents and do video calling through Skype. It also allows you to call landline and mobile phones by using the Skype credits. The cross-platform functionality of Skype presents both its friendly and professional version. Furthermore, the messaging app allows you to post your highlight of the day. This way, your friends, and family can see what you’re doing real-time.