Top 5 Android Hidden Tricks You Must Know

If you think your android phone is nothing but a piece of a communication device, then you’re wrong! You can use many tricks to maximize the ability of your android phone.

Here’s the list of tricks you can try to make your android phone more efficient to use.

1. Customize Quick Setting

The first on our list of amazing android phone tricks is the quick setting feature of Android. The Quick Setting makes it easier to navigate on Bluetooth, Cellular data, Wi-Fi and more. You can customize this to your preference and you can even download more from the Android Play store. To customize your quick setting, pull down the quick setting menu. Then, click the pencil edit icon and choose a tile. Finally, drag your tile of choice and it’s all done.

2. Trace your Android Phone

Can you imagine losing your phone? Nowadays, android phones can make life easier. You can shop, pay bills, watch a movie and much more. While you can do amazing things with your phone, there’s a risk involved because you also input your personal information into it.

Nevertheless, you can download apps that protect your private data. In addition, you can use the built-in locator of your android phone. You just have to navigate and choose your phone from the site. With this, you can find your phone and lock or erase data from it.

3. Hide Notifications on Lock Screen

You can keep your notifications hidden even on a lock screen. You just have to go to the setting tab and click on the notification. Here, you’ll see a gear icon (if using Android nougat), click it. If your phone is in different OS, then you’ll see the lock screen tab after the notification. Under the lock screen, you can choose from 3 different options. You can either select show all notifications or don’t show any notifications at all and hide notification content. Tap the hide notification content and that’s it, you’re phone notifications are well- protected.

4. Prevent Android Phone from Lagging

If you think your phone is a little slow in navigation then there’s a way to speed things up. In the setting tab, you can access the developer setting of your android phone. With this, you can prevent your phone from lagging.

The first thing you need to do is locate the About Phone under the setting tab. Click the Build number seven times and exit from the about phone menu. Now, you’ll be able to see the developer setting. Choose the option for transition animation. You can either turn it off or tap up to .5x scale. After you do this, your phone will have faster navigation.

5. Cut-off Data on Specific Apps

Do you want to prevent unnecessary use of data from your phone? There is a simple trick to restrict mobile data from specific apps. You just need to go to the settings menu, and then click data usage. Tick the switch on and finally, tap the unrestricted data access. From this, you can restrict apps to your liking.