Top 3 Music Apps for iOS & Android

Discover the best free music apps that are compatible with your Android and iOS devices! If you’re a music lover, and you simply can’t live life without music, then this article is right for you.

We gathered the top three music apps that you can download free at the Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. Our list of free music apps will help you listen to music in all genres, which you can also customize to your preference.

Our top free music apps are completely free and compatible with all devices with iOS and Android operating system. If you want more features, the apps come with paid subscriptions. Nevertheless, the free music interface is already more than enough to satisfy your music cravings!

Check out our list below and start listening to your favorite music now!

Top 3 Free Music Apps for iOS and Android

1. Spotify

First on our list is one of the most famous music applications that you can download free at Google Play Store or Apple Play Store – Spotify. It is one of our top free music applications because of its user-friendly and amazing interface.

It is the best music app where you can listen to numerous music genres such as R&B, pop, rock, classic and much more. In this app, you can see the songs categorized by albums, artists, and even recommendation playlists from other users. With this, you can enjoy listening without any hassle of searching songs of your favorite artists.

Moreover, you can try listening to songs that are categorized by different moods or activities. If you like to listen to mellow music or romance music, you can check them out at the Spotify home interface.

2. Google Play Music

Google Play Music is also one of our top free music applications for iOS and Android users. It has a colorful and attractive music platform, which allows you to upload about 50,000 songs.

With Google Play Music, you have an access to almost 35 million songs ad-free. This means, listening to music without unwanted ads getting in your way.

Additionally, you can play your music in shuffle mode and you can create custom playlists. Furthermore, you can manually select and listen to music at any time without restrictions.

Also, Google Play Music offers an all-access pass to every music, which you can download in your account. This comes with a monthly fee subscription, though you can still opt to use the free music interface.

3. Shazam

If you’re not good at remembering song titles and even artists who sing the songs you like, then Shazam is the best app for you. Shazam automatically detects the name of the song and the artists when a song is played on its platform.

One of the reasons why we choose Shazam as one of our top free music applications for both Android and iOS is because of its sharing capabilities. You have the option to share your music discovery with your friends or loved ones. Moreover, Shazam can let you watch lyrics scroll as you listen to a particular music.