Mpow In-Car Bluetooth Receiver Review

For a transmitter which uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 version, the Mpow Bluetooth receiver has a price tag which puts its competitors to shame. Still, in case you are wondering, it is its features and NOT its steal of a price tag which heightened our interest in this receiver.

Mpow Bluetooth Receiver

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Although there are many advantages of Bluetooth 4.1, the most important in respect of a car transmitter is the smart connectivity that it offers. Boiled down, it means that v4.1 allows the transmitter to better manage not only its own power, but also of the device it would be paired with.

More importantly, the Bluetooth 4.1 reduces any random disconnection problems which are so common with transmitters which use the older Bluetooth versions. It means you won’t have to reconnect your smartphone time and again with the transmitter, with the original connection lasting hours in one go.

Complementing the Bluetooth 4.1 version that this receiver uses is it’s automatically reconnect feature. Once you have paired your smartphone with the receiver, it would automatically recognize it for all times coming.

That is, whenever you turn on the Bluetooth of your smartphone, provided it is in the proximity to the receiver, the receiver would automatically pair, thereby providing one-touch connections. In addition to this, the Mpow supports double links, which means you could connect two devices to it at one time.

The battery of the Mpow lasts 10 hours of playback time and takes only 1.5 hours to get back from zero to full charge. If you have a car charger, you could charge the device while using it at the same time. What’s more, after 15 minutes of inactivity, it would automatically doze off, so there’s no need to worry about the receiver draining your car’s battery.

User Critique

If you intend to use your Bluetooth receiver for hands-free communication over the phone, the Mpow isn’t popular for its hand’s free calling.


  • Uses Bluetooth 4.1
  • Reconnects automatically with paired devices
  • Saves battery by automatically turning off
  • Multiple connection options


  • Not good for hands-free calling

Our Verdict

For people who just want to stream quality music on the go – and don’t like any distractions which cheap transmitters provide, the Mpow Bluetooth receiver is one of the best options out there.