How to Transfer Music to Android with iTunes

It is common knowledge that iTunes is a good software to transfer music to your Apple devices since iPod. Apple created it to be a music player and also a software to transfer music from your computer to your iPod. Since the creation of iTunes Store and Apple Music, this function has been less used. Even though the scenario has changed, you still can transfer music from your computer to your devices and it is compatible with Android too.

With iTunes, you can sync your music with your Android, but it is not so easy as it would be with an Apple device. There is a variety of methods of how to transfer music to Android with iTunes, we will present some of them.

How to Sync Music to Android using iTunes

1. Copying the Files Manually

The first method we will teach here is the most basic one. You just have to connect your Android device to your computer using a USB cable. Then, drag and drop or copy and paste your music from iTunes to a temporary folder and drag and drop or copy and paste from this folder to your phone’s music folder. That is just one of the possible methods. Other methods are more automatic and use third-party apps.

2. How to Transfer Music to Google Play Music

In many Android phones and mostly on stock Android, Google Play Music comes installed on the phone. It is a cloud service that lets you upload your music to Google’s cloud and listen to it wherever you go. To do this process, we recommend you have an unlimited Wi-Fi connection with you because you will need to upload too much data. Google Play Music offers a free service in which you can upload up to 50,000 songs. To do this process, follow these steps:

  1. Set your iTunes’ default folder for upload.
  2. After the uploading is finished, go to Google Play Music website and check if everything is there.
  3. In your Android phone, open Google Play Music app and your music will be there.

3. Using third-party apps

There are many third-party apps that let you transfer your music, videos, and playlists from iTunes to your Android. We will explain how to use one of them: doubleTwist. It is available for both Mac and Windows. After you finish the following process, do not forget that all your media will be saved in a folder called “Music” on your SD card. If you choose this method, follow these steps:

  1. Install and open doubleTwist on your Windows or Mac.
  2. Make sure you have USB Mass Storage mode (MTP) activated on your phone and connect it to your computer.
  3. The app will recognize your device and it will open a syncing window.
  4. On this window, check mark beside Sync music and select the sections you want to sync. The options are Playlists, Albums, Artists, and Genres.
  5. Click the Sync now button and the transferring will start. Once it is done, the music will be on your phone. Check after it finishes.

Although the association of iTunes and Apple (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) is obvious, it is not impossible to use the software with Android. If you do not want to transfer your music, you could switch to streaming services. There is a variety of this services in the market. You could opt for Apple Music, Google Play Music, or Spotify, for example.