How to Fix Your Smartphone at Home

Smartphones are delicate therefore they can get damaged easily and getting them repaired each time or buying a new one can cost you big bucks. Although big repairs might require professional help, smaller repairs can be easily taken care of by using some simple household items. So if you have a cracked screen, wet phone or a loose charging port, read on as we have easy do it yourself repairs for you!

7 Repair Tips to Fix Your Phone at Home

1. Fix a Cracked Screen with Toothpaste

This is a quick fix for slight cracks on the screen which can interrupt smooth navigation. You can repair this by placing it on a clean cloth. Wipe the screen clean to ensure that there is no dust accumulated.  Take a cotton swab with toothpaste on it and place it on one side of the crack and swipe it down towards its end. Take a cloth on your little finger and wipe in a polishing motion. Check the scratch and if it has not faded away then repeat the process again.

fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste

2. Save a Wet Smartphone

Dropped your phone in the pool or spilled water on it? Just remove the battery and place it in a jar of rice for two days and make sure it is fully covered. This will absorb the moisture making your phone as good as new!

fix wet phone with rice

3. Use a Toothpick to Repair Your Charging Port

With continuous usage, a micro USB port might get loose or dirt and dust might get accumulated in it. This will cause a hindrance in charging since the connecter plugs might keep slipping out of it. To fix this issue, you can use a toothpick to clean it and tighten the wires inside.

clean iphone charging port with toothpick

4. Buttons that Don’t Work

If your phone has some buttons that don’t work or are stuck halfway, then the best fix  for it would just be to take some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and press the button a few times. The button should hopefully start working!

5. Polish out Scratches from the Back of Your Phone

As your phone gets older, there are visible scratches on its back side which can give the phone a worn out look. Slough away those scratches gently with sandpaper for that smooth and good as new finish. If you are skeptical about damaging your phone then try it on one end of the phone to see if it works. You can also use toothpaste before this step to make the surface smoother.

remove scratches from phone back

6. Fix Muffled Noise

Get rid of the unsatisfactory sound quality of your smartphone by fixing it in a jiffy! Usually, dust or gunk collects in the headphone jack and this leads to bad noise quality when the speakers are plugged in.  In order to fix this concern, you simply need to insert cotton bud and extract all the dirt out. By doing this, the voice quality becomes much better!

fix muffled audio on phone

7. Use a DVD lens as Camera Lens

When your smartphone lens is not giving you clear image quality, you can simply take a DVD lens and place it on a strong tape. Cut a hole for peeking and place it on top of your phone lens for sharper image quality! Secure it in place with a few pieces of tape.