8 Best Wireless Barcode Scanners

A Barcode scanner is an essential tool that can help to get so many things done. It is applicable in lots of places including warehouses where it is used in inventory management to help with stocktaking, stock organizing, and knowing when to reorder. Barcode scanners are also used in the utility industry where a wide range of assets needs to be efficiently tracked.

Here, we’ve researched extensively to put together a list of 8 best Wireless Barcode Scanners that will help make your business operations more efficient.

Top 8 Best Wireless Barcode Scanners

1. Nadamoo Bur3003 Wireless Barcode Scanner

The Nadamoo Bur3003 Wireless Barcode Scanner is a wireless device that reads 1D linear barcodes. It works independently without a driver. It is a 2 in 1 device that is both wired and wireless. To make use of the wired connectivity, what you need is for a USB to be plugged in. It is a step away from the usual Data Cable; it makes use of USB receiver and USB plug-and-play; with this you can easily get connected to your PC or laptop. All you have to do is plug in your USB and open up your desired document in either Excel or Word format, then scan.

The Nadamoo Bur3003 Wireless connectivity has great distance connectivity and works within longer transmission distance. It reads barcode very efficiently, This Wireless Barcode Scanner transmission device has a long transmission range of 400m when in open spaces, and 100m when indoor.

This equipment helps stores up to 100,000 barcodes when you are scanning offline, so when you get back online, it updates the already scanned barcodes.

With this POS equipment, Pairing can be done in two modes: the one-on-one and the more-to-one mode. For the one-on-one, only one scanner is connected and transmits to the receiver. While for the more-to-one, multiple scanners are connected and transmit to the receiver. The more-to-one is a solution to situations where multiple people need to scan at the same time.

NADAMOO 433Mhz Wireless Barcode Scanner

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2. Tera 1D 2D 2-in-1 Barcode Scanner

This Barcode Scanner doesn’t just read 1D barcodes; it also reads 2D barcodes. It is a solution for scanning barcodes during mobile payment. This Barcode Scanner is both a wired and wireless device that scans both 1D and 2D barcodes. It comes with a plug & play 2.4G CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor). It helps readers read barcodes off papers, labels, mobile phones and even computers. It is designed to identify screen barcodes efficiently.

The Tera Wireless Barcode Scanner comes with CMOS imaging scanning technology, which helps capture advanced digital images with ease, sometimes the barcodes maybe blur or broken, no matter how altered the barcode might be, Tera Barcode Scanner will pick it up with ease, it also identifies screen codes, color codes, and fuzzy codes. The Tera Barcode scanner wireless device worked with 2.4G radio frequency and wired option USB 1.5. It has a strong signal and transmission. It can function from a long distance between 100m to 400m depending on the environment.

The Tera Barcode Scanner can be automated to scan barcodes independently, without pressing the trigger. It remains functional on the stand. This Barcode Scanner is amazingly efficient. It’s decoding ability and speed is about 32bits CPU and 500/sec respectively. Data processed can either be uploaded instantly (when online or stored offline) with a storage capacity of up to 150,000 barcodes.

Tera Barcode Wireless Scanner

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3. trohestar Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner

The trohestar NS2203 reads 1D barcodes; it is a handheld wireless scanner, it is cordless, it is rechargeable and has wired connectivity. The trohestar NS2203 can be used as a wireless and also as for other barcode data acquisition functions. It is straightforward to use without the need for programming since it has already been pre-programmed.

The trohestar NS2203 comes with a 1.8 inch TFT color LCD screen display; the screen display helps you monitor the device battery life and signal strength. After scanning a barcode, it would be displayed on the screen revealing its content, type, and length.

This Barcode Scanner accepts every document that can be transferred through USB like, Word, Excel, InFlow, etc. It functions with fantastic speed and takes less than 5 seconds for the trohestar NS2203 to scan a barcode. It is multilingual, supporting both English and Chinese keyboard. It has a good battery life enabling it to work for long hours without recharging. It also has a 433 MHz frequency and picks up blur codes, irrespective of the quality of light available.

Its battery life is durable, allowing you to scan barcodes for hours; it supports both the one-to-one and more-to-one modes, depending on the option that suits your need.

Nuberopa USB Barcode Scanner

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4. Eyoyo Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner

This Barcode Scanner is unique because of its wearable ring design; it reads 1D barcodes from papers, labels, mobile phones, and computers. The Eyoyo 2-in-1 wireless barcode scanner uses Optical Imaging Scanning technology which can identify screen code, incomplete code and fuzzy code.

The Eyoyo Barcode Scanner scans with ease 1D barcode in word or excel format from mobile phones and computers. The data scanned by this barcode scanner can either be uploaded instantly or stored in case the device is offline. Barcode scanned offline can easily be updated later when it comes back online. The Eyoyo Wireless barcode scanner device scanning speed is impressive; it can scan and save over 5000 bar codes dates.

Eyoyo Wireless Ring Barcode Scanner

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5. Square Contactless and Chip Reader

Having your own business requires a complete set of POS equipment. The Square is a Contactless Chip Reader that helps facilitate retail transactions. With square, you don’t have to turn back your customer’s payments methods as it accepts EMV chip cards. Android and iOS pay as well as NFC payments and magstripe cards. It is the most suitable for free Square Point of Sale apps by taking payments, inventory, reports and even tipping.

Square doesn’t require contact and is a free square reader for suitable magstripe. It supports Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express without hidden change. It takes a maximum of two days (except weekends and holidays) for deposits to be sent directly to your bank account. If you are not patient enough, you have other option; the Instant Deposit which will send deposits instantly to your bank account and will cost you only 1% per transaction.

Square is very portable, it can fit in your pocket, and can sit comfortably on your countertop. For instant set up, you can either connect wirelessly (using Bluetooth led) or wired (by plunging into the square stand).

Square Contactless and Chip Reader

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6. Inateck Wireless Barcode Scanner

The Inateck 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanner comes with a 2.4G wireless to save you from the stress caused by the inefficiencies of Bluetooth pairing; This barcode scanner has an extraordinary battery life of 2600mAh and a very long transmission range. Its ability to read blur barcode is another of its wonderful features; The Inateck P6 device can scan broken barcode even with poor lighting. The Inateck 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanner has a great decoding ability, and speed, it takes just seconds to scan barcodes.

With the use of PA wireless technology, the Inateck 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanner has a transmission range of up to 60m amounting to a total transmission area of 1800 m2; this is amazing, no other barcode scanner can measure up, this gives you the liberty to roam outdoors without fear of it disconnecting.

In addition to its 2600mAh built-in battery, the device consumes low energy. The low energy consumption feature and the 2600mAh battery capacity summed up will enable the device last for days and can scan up to 180,000 when fully charged. Its design helps prevent hazard with its covering of up to 3.5-6.5mm material.

Inateck 2.4GHz Wireless Barcode Scanner

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7. Tera Wireless Barcode Scanner

This wireless barcode scanner is 2-in-1; it is both wired and wireless. It uses USB 2.0 as well as 2.4 GHz wireless transmission. You don’t have to face the difficulties of Bluetooth pairing; you have the liberty to choose between the USB 2.0 wired and the 2.4G wireless. The wired option has a simple installation mini USB receiver, while the wireless option allows you to roam as far as 100 meters. It has a decoding capacity of 32bit CPU with a speed of 300/second.

While scanning, you have two storage options, either to upload instantly (if you are online), or to save offline with a storage capacity of up to 100,000 barcodes.

It’s designed to protect the Tera Barcode Scanner from stretches and friction and users from shock. The device is wrapped with an anti-shock silicone which also protects it from dirt and moisture. Its 2-meter height makes it portable.  It has a continuous mode that will save you the stress of continually pressing the trigger. With the aid of the stand attached to the device, you can but your device on the auto scan.

You can choose between the one-to-one pairing mode and the more-to-one. In the one-to-one mode your receiver will only transfer to one scanner, but in the more-to-one mode, the receiver transmits to multiple scanners.

Tera Barcode Scanner

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8. Zebra Wireless Barcode Scanner

The Zebra barcode scanner comes with a cradle and a USB cable; it can capture 1D barcode from a distance of about 1 in. /2.54 cm to 30 in. /76.2 Cm. Its scanning speed is wonderful, and it takes seconds to scan. This barcode scanner is a 1D barcode scanner device, but not like every other 1D barcode scanner. Zebra LI4278 scans more efficiently. It scans with tremendous speed as well as picks up every single 1D barcode; this goes beyond paper and labels barcodes, but also mobile phones and computers as well.

The barcode scanner is cordless and has both wired and wireless connectivity; the wireless is a Bluetooth connection. This improves your security and eases daily transaction.

The battery life is amazing; it is also low energy consuming. So it would be safe to say it last longer than other barcode scanners in its series.

Motorola Solution

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