Best Remote Control Helicopters

Whereas owning RC cars and boats are super cool, nothing outdoes the feeling of having wings and being able to access anywhere you want. Over time, RC helicopters have witnessed exponential growth, with enthusiasts looking to satisfy their flight experience.

Initially, RC helicopters were expensive and could only be accessed by diehard RC aficionados with disposable income. However, it has recently become a hobby that everyone can enjoy at an affordable budget. There are several reasons as to why hobbyist prefer remote controlled helicopters to quadcopters.

Its responsiveness, flashy nature and challenging experience are just but a few reasons to mention. Well, if you are lost for choice on which is the best RC helicopter, our guide below highlights some of the top models we found intriguing. Check them out before making a purchase decision.

Top 9 Best RC Helicopters

1. Blade E-Flite MCX2

Blade E-Flite MCX2 RTF Helicopter

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The Blade E-Flite MCX2 RTF Helicopter is a beginner RC helicopter engineered to enable enthusiasts have some fun. Being RTF – ready to fly comes with many advantages. First, you eliminate the worries of having to glue or screwing in some parts together. The other benefit is that the toy is already tested, ascertaining its working conditions.


  • Uses precision swashplates that have customizable control settings
  • Performs well at high speeds and agility
  • Single control unit makes things easier
  • The 5 in 1 control system eases fixing and repair in case of any damage


  • Fault with battery charger
  • Quite pricey

2. Syma S107

Syma S107

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The Syma S107 RC Helicopter is another Gyro RC helicopter that has made it to this list. The helicopter features a 3D rolling function and that means, using your remote control; you can perform 6 flips (up, down, left, right, forward, backward) to complete a single rotation with ease. The RC helicopter also features a lightweight frame with the 6- axis gyro system based on 3 channels. The charging time of this device is 25 minutes and you can fly it for quite some long time once charged.


  • Lightweight
  • Comes with Gyro for stable flight
  • Made of metal frame


  • Somehow short time flight
  • Battery not included

3. Blade 230 S V2 BNF

Blade 230 S V2 BNF

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This is yet another powerful micro-sized pitch helicopter with exceptional safe technology. Pilots can master advanced and intermediate 3D flights easily, thanks to its self-stabilization, three progressive flight modes and panic switch features that apply both in and outdoors. The heli’s strong frame gives pilots the much-needed durability as the brushless motors gives it the power you want.

Key features:

  • Safe technology with three flight modes gives a confident flight
  • Durable – made of molded yet lightweight plastics make it durable despite crashes
  • Direct drive tail motor improves flight performance


  • Powerful
  • Perfect for yard acro
  • Lightweight
  • Flies great
  • Crash resistant


  • Short flight times
  • Limited battery options
  • Fairly expensive

4. Blade mCPX BL2 BNF

Blade mCPX BL2 BNF

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The Blade mCPX BL2 BNF Vehicle is an innovative micro RC helicopter that offers a free path to various dimensional aerobatics. Its innovative technology and progressive flight mode system makes flying of this heli quite easy and interactive, even for beginners.

Key features

  • Durable construction yet lightweight
  • Versatile flight mode enables pilots to build skills faster
  • SAFE & AS3X technology makes flying fun
  • Two blade sets for fast flight
  • Three flight modes


  • Overly lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • 3D performance


  • Not good in flying windy conditions

5. Syma S111G

Syma S111G RC Helicopter

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If you are looking for a RC with impeccable flight characteristics, the Syma S111G RC Helicopter should be your heli of choice. It is an intelligent helicopter that is easy to fly with awesome performance and control. The RC helicopter’s design makes it suitable for starters and pilots don’t need much skills flying.

This palm size heli has a beautiful fuselage decorated with flashing LED and great visual effect. It moves in 3 direction base and anyone can hover easily. Being a lightweight design, it is amazingly indestructible in case of a crash and perfect for first time pilots.


  • 7 secs flight time
  • Excellent color scheme with great attention to detail
  • Great pitch rotor blades that eases control in tight spaces
  • Stabilizer blades eases control
  • Less charge time


  • Undercarriage airfix kit isn’t good for landing
  • Rare rotor is extra tight

6. Syma S109G

Syma S109G RC Helicopter with Gyro

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The Syma S109G RC Helicopter with Gyro is among the latest Gyro version that features 4 in 1 receiver, the ESC, Gyro, Receiver and Mixer. Like other Syma RC helicopters, it comes decorated with flashing LED light, soft indoor light and beautiful fuselage. This helicopter is designed for any kid over 8 years and offers 5-6 mins flight time. It takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes to recharge fully and flies in 6 directions.


  • Gyro technology
  • Double protection
  • Colorful flashing lights
  • Easy USB charging
  • Stable flight characteristics


  • Short fly time
  • Flying at night might be quite challenging

7. Vatos S880

Vatos S880

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From the Gyro family as well comes another RC helicopter. The device is made of alloy and looks quite remarkable even by the looks. Made from the Gyro technology, the device is quite easy to control and it is equipped with a rotor motor that stabilizes the direction.

The RC helicopter also features soft rotor blade that ensures safety as the helicopter flies. In cases when the blade is struck, the device automatically turns off and that makes it suitable for beginners.

Aside from that, the device features quite a long flying time due to the Li-Poly batteries that come along with it.


  • Long flying time
  • Stable Gyro technology
  • Easy to control
  • Affordable
  • Good for beginners


  • Hard to locate the on and off switch without looking at the directions

8. WLtoys V912

WLtoys V912

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It is the latest and improved version of the WL V911 RC helicopter with a better compartment for its batteries. That means, the batteries on this new version, rather than hanging as initially, are snapped into the helicopter itself. This RC helicopter features a 4 channel coaxial and is good for beginners.

The RC helicopter features a 2.4GHz transmitter, which makes the device faster as it flies around. Even having been categorized as costly by many, it is worth every penny, as you will enjoy flying it just like a hummingbird.

The single propeller of this device makes it one of the most agile and flexible RC helicopter you will come across and that as well accounts for the reason why it is fast.


  • Fast, agile and flexible
  • 3D function: fly up, down, forward, backward, turn right, turn left, left fly, right fly
  • Spare parts and the batteries are affordable


  • Costly

9. Cheerwing S107/S107G

Cheerwing S107-S107G Phantom

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Cheerwing S107/S107G Phantom is world’s most stable and durable helicopter. With the most modern gyro system, the device is capable of withstanding the heaviest of crashes.

The device features 2 frequencies meaning you can fly two of them at a time. It also features a 3 channel system which means you can control it in any direction you want (left, right, forward or backwards).

Additionally, this RC helicopter is designed with a super wide infrared control which is a massive improvement from the original Gyro RC helicopter.


  • Quite flexible
  • Nice upgraded gyro system
  • Agile
  • Flying is excellent
  • Good impression at night
  • Very stable and durable


  • Fairly costly


There you have it. A list of the best RC helicopters just for you! The list has more of Gyro RC helicopters because they have done pretty well not only just on the market but they have received the greatest of reviews. By going through this guide, you should be able to purchase an RC helicopter for you or your kids.