Best RC Airplanes

The RC airplanes are aircraft that are controlled by a remote and they come with numerous elite features that make them the perfect toy for outdoor activities or just mere entertainment. They are also the hardest to navigate among the RC toys.

However, the planes are definitely some of the best to have fun with and if you’re looking to get one for yourself anytime soon, you’d do well to go through this list.

Top 10 Best RC Airplanes

1. HobbyZone HBZ4400

HobbyZone Sports Cub S RTF RC Airplane

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The HobbyZone HBZ4400 is the first to make it onto our list and it comes packed with a few of the top features. The unit comes with a 3.7-volt lithium-polymer battery and it can hold a strong charge of 150mAh. This will give you up to 10-minutes of flying time when the battery has been charged for around 1-hour.

With Safe technology included, the plane is great for flying at higher altitude and this should keep it stable as well. However, the durability adds another layer of protection from your crash landing. To make the landing a little easier, the landing gear has been fixed and the 4-channel remote control lets you operate everything from direction to the rudder.

Unfortunately, it does not come with a brushless motor and this will limit the protection on the motor. Those who are experienced with these RC planes might burn through motors quite rapidly. It is also worth noting that you can easily climb up to 200-feet when the battery has been fully charged, but this is mostly for the pros.

It is a little expensive when looking at some of the smaller models, but all these features are ranked really high individually. If you find yourself losing control of the plane, you can hit the panic button and this will kick in to ensure the plan can land. However, we have seen a couple of people struggle controlling the landing and it should take some practice.


  • 10-minutes of playing time
  • Extremely durable with Safe mode included
  • Panic mode for losing control of the plane added
  • It can climb up to 200-feet


  • A little expensive

2. HobbyZone HBZ3200

HobbyZone HBZ3200

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The HobbyZone HBZ3200 is one of the most versatile options we have on the list. The shocking yellow color makes it really easy to see in the day. It features 51-inch wingspan providing easy learning experience for beginners and capable flight characteristics for advanced pilots. It also comes powered with a 1300mAh 3S 11.1-volt lithium-polymer battery which gives you up to 7-minutes of playing time under normal conditions.

The plane has Safe+ technology included and this is perfect for when it does come down for a crash landing. You simply need to hit the panic button and autopilot will take over to help you land it. Since it comes with a 8-channel remote controller, you have all the control over every aspect and it allows you to perform some of your own stunts.

It might be a little expensive for the smaller size, but having three different modes (Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced) will help players of every skill level. We recommend starting out as a beginner and slowly building yourself up to a higher level. If you need a new airplane with all the latest tech features, this will definitely be one of them to consider.


  • 7-minute playing time
  • GPS-Enabled
  • Stylish design and color combo
  • Includes Safe+ Technology
  • Panic Recovery


  • Flight time is not the best

3. Top Race TR-C385

Top Race TR-C385

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The Top Race TR-C385 is an awesome ready-to-fly remote control airplane. The plane comes with a 4-channel remote control, allowing you to control multiple different planes at the same time if you feel the need to do so.

The Propeller saver technology has been added to save the plane from damage in case of accidents. The plane also comes with built-in 6-axis Gyro stabilizer. You can perform easy stunts such as fly the plane upside down, loops or spiral flying with just a push of a button. With the One Key Return function, it is so much easier to take control over your airplane.


  • Built in 6 Axis Gyro Stabilizer
  • One Key Return
  • Pre-assembled ready to fly
  • One key Aerobatics


  • Not to be used outdoors in strong winds

4. Top Race TR-C285

Top Race Remote Control Airplane

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The Top Race TR-C285 is an RTF design with a fixed set of landing gears. It has a powerful 3.7-volt lithium-polymer battery that is capable of holding a decent 180mAh charge. Once the plane has been fully charged, you should get around 12-15 minutes of playing time and this is enough for beginners.

With a remote control radius of around 320-feet, the plane does not have any real issues if you are crossing out of your yard. An indicator will also let you know when you need to turn around. Once again, the Gyro Technology is included for the stability of the plane and a few extra propellers for all your potential crashes.

With such a reasonable price and a few different modes that are all suitable for players of different skill levels, the plane is a definite bargain. Should you accidentally lose control of the plane, the panic button is easily found to help preserve the plane. Additionally, the foam should be perfect for those needing more durability.


  • 12-15 minute play time
  • Includes Gyro technology
  • Multiple spare parts added
  • Reasonably priced


  • The motor does not have the best durability

5. GoolRC F949

GoolRC F949 Cessna 182 Remote Control 3ch Fixed Wing Drone Plane

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The GoolRC F949 is one of the most realistic planes we have on the list so far. It is based on the real Cessna design and features an EPP composite design that will add some additional durability to the model. It also features 3 motors that give it a little more driving power.

Once again, it features a recovery mode that has been added and this makes the plane really efficient when it comes to losing control. The landing might be a little tricky, but with a 3-channel remote control, you control every aspect with ease. Additionally, the operation aspect is rather easy with a mode specifically designed for beginners.

Since it is one of the larger models, this RC plane is definitely an affordable model to choose as well. It is really stylish and should aid every beginner in improving most of their skills. A bonus battery has also been added to the deal for a little longer playing time. It is definitely recommended for most beginners.


  • Easy operation with beginner mode
  • Durable EPP construction
  • Includes a recovery mode
  • Really affordable
  • Includes an additional battery


  • Not ideal to handle in strong winds

6. HobbyZone HBZ4900

HobbyZone Champ RTF Airplane

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If you don’t like assembling your own plane, most of these will do the job. The HobbyZone Champ RTF Airplane also features a yellow color and it comes with a state of the art 3.7-volt lithium-polymer battery that can hold a charge of up to 150mAh. This will also give you up to 15-minutes of playing time when charged.

What strikes us the most is the detail of the plane and since it does have so much detail, it looks extremely realistic. Additionally, the plane has some of the spare parts that have already been included for crashes and Gyro Technology will ensure that you keep control of the plane when the wind does kick up a bit.

The plane is reasonably priced and mostly designed for the intermediate operator. However, the beginner mode will also make it possible for most beginners to use it as part of their learning curve. We would highly recommend the RC plane to all operator looking to have some fun and test out their RC plane skills.


  • Ready to fly
  • Easy to operate with Gyro
  • 15-minute battery life
  • Striking details in the design


  • A little expensive

7. Crazepony C-17 Transport

Crazepony RC Airplane

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The Crazepony C-17 Transport is one of the lightest models you can choose. The plane has been constructed with EPP foam integration and we have seen this spare many planes from damage when they crash. The battery needs to be charged for around 40-minutes and the plane will run for about 15-minutes when charged.

While the plane does fly really well, you still need to have a little bit of assembly skills. However, the instruction manual is fairly simple to use and can easily be assembled with limited skills. Additionally, the Gyroscope feature means the plane is great for beginners and it will maintain the stability in the air.

If you like to use a plane that you build yourself, this will be the ideal model to consider. It is really affordable and should not take too long to actually put together. We highly recommend it to the avid hobbyists that love building all their own airplanes.


  • DIY model design
  • Includes EPP foam for durability
  • Gyro tech for more stability
  • Really affordable


  • Too light to handle strong winds

8. VERT 1

VERT 1 Brushless Vertical Take-Off Landing RC Plane

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The VERT 1 is one of the newer models on the market today, but we have decided to include it on this list. Since it can take off vertically, it makes it much easier to use in confined spaces and the brushless motor will definitely hold up much longer than many standard alternatives.

The plane not only comes with an LCD screen on the remote controls but will constantly keep you updated on the battery levels. It can be used with a hover mode as well, which allows you to maintain altitude for a short period of time. The 3D mode will take away some of the stability for performing your stunts.

The plane is a little expensive, but the design is much the same as the bomber we constantly see in the US air fleet. It might not be ideal for beginners, but as an intermediate RC operator, you can definitely have some fun.


  • Brushless motor
  • Vertical take-off and landing
  • 3D mode for performing stunts
  • Ready to fly


  • It is quite expensive


FUNTECH 3 Channel Remote Control Airplane

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The FUNTECH RC 611 is designed on the same principles of the previous model and it also comes with a 3.7-volt lithium-polymer battery. Packed with 6-axis Gyro Technology, the plane is capable of maintaining altitude quite efficiently and you can play for up to 12-minutes of one fully charged battery.

The remote control radius is around 32-feet and this makes it possible to fly out of your yard or reach farther distances up in the air. It also includes the EPP construction type, which makes it a little more durable. However, we still recommend that you do take some time to learn all the mechanisms required for landing.

The plane also includes different modes that are all based on your skill level. If you are looking for a challenge, you might want to try flying on expert mode. However, the battery does take quite a long time to charge and up to 3-hours when it has been completely depleted. We find this to be a little long for only 12-minutes.

With a reasonable price for all these tech features, you can simply rely on the plane to help you improve your RC airplane skills. It is really stylish when looking at the overall design and aside from the charging, there is not much else to worry about in terms of issues. This model is definitely recommended for those on any skill level.


  • Beginner, intermediate, and expert modes included
  • 320-feet controller radius
  • Reasonably priced
  • Includes Gyro Technology
  • Durable EPP construction


  • Takes up to 3-hours to charge

10. Tempest 600 EP

Rage RC Tempest 600 EP RTF Aircraft RC Airplane

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Last but certainly not least, we have the Rage RC Tempest 600 EP and this model has been designed with the same EPP foam as many of the other elite models. The model has the same top quality battery that will give you a playing time of up to 15-minutes when it is fully charged.

The additional PASS software will enhance the stability of anyone flying the plane. However, it does have a couple of different modes that you can choose from depending on your skill level. Should you crash the plane, it does come with a couple of spare parts and the EPP foam is also really easy to fix. It might be a little expensive, but we would still recommend it for those of all skill levels.


  • Durable EPP construction
  • 15-minute flight time
  • Includes PASS software
  • Stylish design


  • Expensive

Buying Guide

Key Features To Consider When Buying An RC Airplane

Now that you have seen some of the many features of these planes and the models that we consider to be the best, you might also be wondering how we actually selected them. It was not by accident or random pickings and we have included some of the top features that we used. If you are looking for a new RC plane, keep these features in mind:


Crashing a plane like this is really easy and you need to ensure that you look at the durability aspect. If you are looking to have the plane withstand most crashes, EPP foam should be the material of choice. Not only does it withstand a lot of impacts, but can definitely make it easier for you to repair the plane, especially if you have a few spare parts included.


We always try to have the planes look as realistic as possible and nowadays it is possible. When selecting a plane, you should try to see if it resembles a real model. However, if you don’t care much for the aesthetics, this is not always needed as a consideration.


3.7-volt lithium-polymer batteries seem to be the battery of choice. However, you can find stronger lithium-ion batteries. They might be a little more expensive but will give you a longer running time on the plane. The average running time for most of these planes is around 15-minutes if it has been fully charged.

Tech Features

The tech features are always important when it comes to the aviation industry and that is no different when looking at the top RC airplanes. Safe mode and Gyro technology are pretty similar and it will enable the plane to actually maintain stability.

Some of the elite planes also have a couple of modes and this will allow the top operators to turn off the Gyro mode. If you have the adequate skills to operate, one of them without the Gyro mode is should definitely be beneficial to enhance your overall skills. However, you should note that it could actually be a risky endeavor.


Now that you have seen all the top airplanes that are controllable by remote control, you should have an easier task choosing the best one. All of these planes are highly rated and while a few of them are still new, we do believe they will still work effectively and build up an excellent reputation among the top players.