8 Best Health and Fitness Apps for Android & iPhone

Fitness and nutrition are now readily available at the touch of a button through the help of the numerous health and exercise apps available for your smartphone. But with hundreds of thousands out there to choose from, it’s hard to be motivated to pick the best one, let alone actually put it to use. Not to fear, here are the top best hand-selected health and fitness apps proved to be the most efficient regarding execution and results:

Top 8 Best Health and Fitness Apps

1. Symple

If you are dealing with a multitude of health problems and you are having trouble keeping track of them, the Simple health app is the best for you. With the Symple app (iOS), it will help you log your symptoms on a daily basis for you to look back and see what caused your health problems. This app focuses on your health questions to allow your doctor to diagnose your issue aptly.


2. MyFitnessPal

Counting calories and how much you have eaten in the day won’t be hard anymore when using MyFitnessPal application (Android, iOS). This is one of the best apps as it allows you to quickly and effortlessly input your food for the day so that you can see if you have met your food goal or if you need to improve your food the next day.


3. Sleep Cycles

This app helps you get the best, most restful sleep. By simply opening the app (Android, iOS) and placing it on your bed, the app records your movement as you sleep. Sleep Cycles later log this data into a graph and then show the quality of your sleep and how long you spent in each stage. The app uses data to wake you quietly and naturally.

Sleep Cycle Sleep Tracker

4. Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio health app (Android, iOS) comes with easy to follow videos that help people in doing different yoga level. Relaxation narration and soothing music accompany the app unique among the rest.

Yoga Studio

5. Meditation Studio

There are so many different types of guided meditation. Rather than try a general practice that focuses on relaxation, this app (Android, iOS) offers meditations catered to your needs, whether it’s anxiety, stress, happiness, or gratitude.

Meditation Studio

6. Dietbet

Just like its name indicates, this app powers you to put your money where your mouth is and show you’re not full of hot air when it comes to your weight-loss goals. Users enter into a challenge where they can bet, and they’ll lose either 4 percent of their weight in four weeks or 10 percent of their weight in six months. Progress is monitored by DietBet’s referees, and the pot is then divided among everyone in your group who makes their goal weight. The app is available for Android and iOS.


7. Healthtap

This app (Android, iOS) sends your question to its network of doctors, and surely someone will answer you within a few hours. HealthTap also comes with a library of information on common ailments, so you can be better at spotting symptoms and picking the best remedy. And if you are looking for even more care, you can choose the prime membership.


8. Fooducate

Fooducate (Android, iOS) makes grocery shopping surprisingly fun. When you open the app, scan barcodes, and get a quick read on how good each item is. It also tracks sleep, mood, and hunger levels. Then Fooducate analyzes all of the information and provides feedback to help you meet your health and fitness goals.