10 Best Electric Steam Irons

There are many reasons why we choose to press our clothes. Sometimes it’s to get rid of wrinkles and shrinkage while sometimes it’s to keep them smelling fresh.

Whatever your reason is, achieving that perfect finish is almost impossible without a decent iron box. While there are many options available in the market, you do not want to automatically settle for the first steam iron that crosses your eye.

To simplify your search process, we have prepared an in-depth review guide for the 10 best electric steam irons available on the market today. Check them out.

Top 10 Best Electric Steam Irons

1. CHI 13101

CHI 13101 Steam Iron

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If your perfect definition of a refined look is a wrinkle-free shirt or a well-pressed shirt, then the CHI (13101) is worth a shot. This ultra-light steam iron weighs approximately 1.3 kilos (2.9 lbs.) is specially designed to give you the high-performance power you might be looking for.

Engineered with a titanium-infused ceramic soleplate technology, this unit boasts 1700 watts of power and take only a few minutes to attain full performance.

The titanium infused plate eliminates static when pressing your clothes at high temperatures. In addition, the ceramic soleplate offers non-stick properties ensuring that you get a smooth glide on your silk or polyester garment. The titanium-ceramic infusion on the soleplate design also ensures that your iron box stays free from scratches and peels that would otherwise affect its overall quality.

To increase the steam output, CHI (13101) comes with 300 steam holes to enable you to cover a huge part of your fabric with a single glide.

Another fascinating feature is the temperature control dial that lets you adjust the lever with a quick slide and set the temperature accordingly. Depending on the material you want to iron, you can select linen, cotton, wool, silk, or synthetic.

2. Rowenta DG8520

Rowenta DG8520 Steam Iron

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Rowenta is undoubtedly one of the most well-known brands when it comes to efficient, powerful and affordable products. Given its reputation, you can rest assured of achieving an excellent ironing experience with the Rowenta DG8520.

First things first, the Rowenta DG8520 weighs approximately 5.5 kilos, for maximum pressure distribution.

When it comes to power, this sleekly designed steam iron boasts an 1800 watts power system that generates 5.2 bars of pressurized steam making it ideal for pressing drapes or smoothening sewing projects.

The Rowenta DG8520 unit also comes with an extra-large 47 ounce removable tank capable of producing steam for a full 90 minutes not forgetting that it only takes only 3 minutes to heat up.

Under the plastic casing, you get a stainless steel plate that’s carefully perforated with 400 icro-steam holes for perfect steam distribution and superior glide across all fabrics.

The tip is also designed with precision for easy access between collars and pockets. In addition, the handle offers a comfortable grip to make your ironing experience great.

Lastly, the unit includes a safety lock system together with a control system that features various settings including the eco-setting that helps reduce steam output and save energy by 20%.

3. Beautural 724NA-001

Beautural 1800-Watt Steam Iron

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If you are looking for a steam iron with a touch of modern technology and innovativeness, then the Beautural 1800-Watt is what you are missing.

Weighing slightly less than 3-lbs (1.4 kilos), this unit offers 1800-Watts of power and comes with an integrated LCD display with 9 modes. Each mode is set with the ideal temperature setting and amount of steam for all type of fabrics including jeans, nylon, acrylic, wool, and cotton.

Its soleplate is also engineered with a double ceramic soleplate which makes it less prone to corrosion, easier to clean, and exceptionally smooth for an easy glide on any type of fabric.

With the 1800-watts of power, you can expect quick heat up times. Therefore, it integrates motion-sensitive technology that automatically shuts off the iron after 8 minutes if left lying vertical and 8 seconds if left lying idle on the garment.

Other features include an extra-long power cord for maximum reach and convenience, a self-cleaning system to flush out loose mineral deposits, and an anti-calcium unit to prevent calcium build-up in the tank.

4. Rowenta DW7180

Rowenta DW7180 Everlast

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The Rowenta DW7180 is a steam iron that combines classic design with high-performance. This jet shaped steam iron weighs approximately 4-lbs (1.8 kilos) and features a patented limescale collector that collects up to 1-teaspoon of limescale particles.

Like all Roweta models, the DW7180 model is quite powerful and boasts 1750 Watts of power. The unit also produces a powerful steam shot that clears all stubborn wrinkles and shrinks-thanks to the patented stainless steel soleplate with 400 micro-steam holes.

The 12 oz water tank that comes with this unit can last you 30 minutes. There is also an ergonomic thermostat knob for temperature control and an auto-steam feature that regulates the steam output based on the temperature of the soleplate.

When it comes to safety, the DW7180 comes with a 3-way auto-off feature that turns off the box after a few minutes of being idle. Other features include a precision tip for ironing difficult to reach areas and a flexible 8-feet long cord.


BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron

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The BLACK+DECKER 2030 is one of the few reputable digital steam irons available in the market today. Manufactured by Stanley Black & Decker Company, this sleekly designed unit boasts 1500 Watts of power and weighs about 3lbs (1.4 kilos) which is not too heavy.

The D2030 has an LCD display that allows you to control and adjust steam and fabric setting to your preference. In fact, you can use it vertically like a steamer to iron drapes or clothes right on a hanger.

The soleplate is made from heavy-duty stainless steel glides effortlessly on wool, cotton, linen, nylon, and all fabric types to remove stubborn wrinkles in no time.

For added comfort, the D2030 comes with an ergonomic handle that’s carefully designed to offer a comfortable grip. The 3-way auto shutoff feature turns off the iron when not in use giving you complete peace of mind.

Other amazing features you’ll get include the anti-drip system that limits water spillage under low-temperature settings and the Auto Clean system that flushes out any mineral deposits trapped in the water tank.

6. Maytag M400

Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron

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The Maytag brand is best-known for its state-of-the-art dryers and washers. However, the brand has recently jumped ship to include iron boxes in their inventory. One of them is the Maytag M400.

Unlike most premier brands, this highly on-demand unit weighs 3lbs (1.4 kilos) and operates at a massive 1500 Watts of power.

The stainless steel plate offers an effortless glide on any fabric including nylon and can achieve maximum heat in under 60 seconds. Given the fast heat times, it comes with a steam burst function for clearing stubborn wrinkles.

The vertical steam function allows you to straighten your drapes or upholstery. The handle is also ergonomically designed to offer a perfect grip and comfort even when using it in a vertical position.

The Maytag M400 also has a manual interface (precision thermostat) that allows you to simply turn the dial and select the ideal temperature for the type of fabric you want to iron such as nylon, synthetic, linen, wool, or cotton.

Another important addition is the 8-ounce water tank that ensures a continuous supply of steam, and the 3-way auto shutdown feature so you do not have to worry about accidents. Also included is a tangle-free 8-feet cord with a 360-degree swivel.

7. Hamilton Beach 19901

Hamilton Beach Durathon Digital 19901 Steam Iron

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If you are looking for a high-performance digital steam iron with a retractable cord, then the Hamilton Beach 19901 is your best bet.

This unit boasts 1700-Watts of power and attains maximum heat in under 60 seconds. The stainless soleplate is carefully engineered to offer 10 times more durability than the previous non-stick models.

The sole plate also offers a superior glide and is well perforated for maximum steam release. The 10 ounces water reservoir ensures that you get a continuous supply of steam.

Unlike most steam irons that come with thermostat control, the Durathon 19901 employs digital controls for temperature regulation and fabric selection. The control panel is conveniently located at the top while the steam lever is located at the front.

For enhanced flexibility, while working, the Durathon comes with an 8-feet retractable cord. So you do not have to worry about the cord tripping you after you are done with your ironing.

Additional features include the 3-way auto shut off, self-cleaning, and the vertical steam function that allows you to straighten your drapes effortlessly. If you are worried about this unit being heavy then you are wrong. The unit weighs about 3.5lbs (1.6kgs) which is pretty manageable.

8. Sunbeam Steammaster

Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron

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The Sunbeam Steammaster steam iron guarantees you exceptional performance at an affordable cost. This unit embraces a smooth-gliding stainless steel soleplate with 15 macro-sized steam holes that ensure perfect steam distribution.

The unit shot of steam feature allows you to blast away wrinkles in seconds with just a simple press on the button. In addition, the Sunbeam Steammaster also comes with a vertical shot of steam feature for freshening up drapes or hanging garments.

The variable steam lever comes with four settings that include the dry mode for pressing materials like wool. Like most steam irons, Sunbeam comes with anti-drip system that prevents leaks once your iron box is switched on.

Finally, this unit boasts 1400 Watts of energy so you do not have to worry about too much power consumption. Even more, it includes an 8-foot retractable code for neat and easy storage.

With all these features, the Sunbeam steam iron manages to maintain a weight of 2.95lbs (1.3kgs) making it less cumbersome especially for vertical ironing.

9. Steamfast SF-717

Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

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The Steamfast SF-717 is a home-and-away mini steam iron favored by travelers. This compact steam iron literally fits into the palm of your hand and has the capability of removing wrinkles from any type of fabric.

Due to its minimal weight – just one pound (half a kilo), you can pack it and bring it along with you when on vacation.

Dual voltage allows you to plug it in an electrical socket. Surprisingly, this super small steam iron hits up to 420 watts of power which allows it to achieve maximum heat levels in just 15 seconds.

The non-stick ceramic soleplate with 4 steam holes gives a smooth glide and prevents the plate from sticking or damaging your clothes. In addition, the SF-717 comes with a 1.4 ounces tank for water storage.

The 7.5-foot long power code allows you to flexibly straighten your clothes without any obstructions. Other features include a one-touch steam control system and a heat indicator light.

10. AICOK Steam Iron

AICOK Steam Iron

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AICOK steam iron is one of the best and cheaply priced steam irons available in the market today. With 1400 Watts of power, the AICOK is capable of achieving maximum heat in slightly over a minute.

The non-stick soleplate is made from stainless steel to deliver the smoothest glide. In addition, the soleplate is carefully perforated for even steam distribution.

The AICOK also fits in a 13.05oz water tank that handles enough water required for steam generation when pressing your clothes. Being lightweight (2.42lbs or 1kg), relatively compact, and with a comfortable grip, this unit makes it easy to iron clothes for a long period of time while still relaxed.

The tip is engineered with precision to easily slide under hard to access areas such as pockets and under buttons.

To enhance your complete satisfaction, the iron box comes with a 5 temperature dial for temperature control. With this setting, you can adjust it to fit variable fabrics like cotton, wool, linen, nylon, etc.

Lastly, the safety control feature automatically turns off the iron box once temperatures hit between 160-220 degrees Celsius. Other features include the self-cleaning system that removes calcium deposits, the anti-drip that prevents leaks, and the 360-degrees tangle-free cord.

Buyer’s Guide

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Steam Iron

It’s vital to note that some steam iron boxes carry different features. It’s therefore vital to know which features make the best steam irons.

Comfortable Handle

Steam irons produce a lot of steam which condenses on the handle. If your iron box’s handle has a poor grip, ironing can get very uncomfortable. Also, with a comfortable handle, the weight of your iron box will balance comfortably in your hand without straining your wrist.

Lime-scale filter

Have you ever wondered why the performance of most steam irons deteriorates with time? The simple answer is; because of lime-scale build up inside the water tank. Fortunately, most steam irons come with a lime-scale filter. Therefore, it’s vital that you consider a unit with a lime-scale filter.

Sole plate

Consider a sole plate made from a tested non-stick material such as aluminum, ceramic, or stainless steel.


The higher the wattage, the faster the iron box reaches its maximum heat levels.

Tapered and thin plate

Tapered and thin sole plates will not only slide seamlessly into tight pleats and under buttons but will also prevent your iron box from getting stuck between zips and buttons.

Safety features

Check whether your iron box has an indicator light to warn you when your iron box gets too hot. This will reduce the chances of your iron damaging your clothes or causing an accident due to overheating. Secondly, consider an iron box with the automatic shut-off feature.


Selecting an iron box that allows you to control the temperature and steam settings among other things will allow to select and regulate the best temperature for different fabrics.

Retractable cord

Getting an iron box with a retractable, will not only lessen distractions during ironing but will also make it easy to store.


Check whether the manufacturer offers a warranty for his products. Best warranty periods should be more than one year.

Tank size

When ironing a heap of creased clothes you’ll need enough steam. Choose a steam iron with a bigger tank to avoid frequent refills.

Wrapping Up

While it can be confusing to select the best, we hope that this guide will help you find the best electric steam iron for your needs.

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