Top 10 Hidden Camera Detector Apps

Hidden cameras can be a bane and cause a lot of trouble for many. It is true that hidden camera was invented with good intentions in mind but there are always some people who misuse them.

So, if you are worried that someone can misuse the tech against you, here we provide a list of 10 best hidden camera detector apps that you can install on both your Android and/or iOS devices. Read on…

Hidden Camera Detector Apps With Cross-Platform Compatibility

1. Radarbot

Radarbot Speed Camera Detector

Available for both iOS and Android users, Radarbot is the only app in market that offers cross-compatibility. Designed and developed by Iteration Mobile, this app boasts itself as a savior from on-road fines. It is a speedcam detector. The app comes with the following features:

  1. Detects fixed speed cameras.
  2. Detects potential mobile cameras.
  3. Detects ANPR cameras and other cameras.
  4. Detects traffic lights.
  5. Uses the phone’s GPS system to track camera options.

The app is free to download and use however, there are in-app purchases available to unlock the full potential of the app.

Hidden Camera Detector Apps for Android Devices

2. Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

One of the top-rated apps in this category Hidden Camera Detector, is designed to find and locate hidden cameras in places like public toilets, changing rooms, hotel rooms etc. The app comes with the following features:

  1. It uses two methods of detecting hidden cameras – radiation scan and infrared detection.
  2. With infrared detection, the color of the screen changes on the smartphone when a spy cam is detected.
  3. For radiation scan, the app scans only within the stipulated area.

3. Hidden Devices Detector

Hidden devices detector

Designed for detecting hidden devices used for eavesdropping, the Hidden Devices Detector is a highly rated app on Play Store. The key features of the app include:

  1. Uses phone’s magnetic sensors to detect hidden cameras.
  2. In case of absence of magnetic sensors, the app allows using infrared detector.
  3. The infrared detector, if it detects any hidden device, will show a white dot on the phone screen.
  4. The app also detects other spy devices like hidden microphone.

4. Hidden Bugs Detector

Hidden Bugs Detector

Developed by Winterfell Tech (yes, we had the urge to write the developer’s name because of GOT), this app shines with flying colors on Play Store. As with any app designed for detecting hidden camera or hidden devices, this app also works with same principles. The key features of the app are:

  1. Uses radiation meter to detect the amount of radiation in any area. The intensity of the radiation can tell that there is a potential hidden electronic device and it requires investigation.
  2. The app uses the magnetic sensor for using the radiation mode.
  3. The infrared meter on the other hand scans for invisible infrared radiations from hidden cameras. The app creates a night vision screen effect for easy detection of infrared radiations.
  4. Easy usage and works with a single tap.

5. Hidden IR Camera Detector

Hidden IR Camera Detector

With 4.6 overall rating on Play Store, the Hidden IR Camera Detector is yet another app for the purpose of finding hidden cameras and spy devices. The key features of the app are:

  1. Scans for infrared light from hidden cameras and shows them as bright white light on the phone screen.
  2. Even helps to understand whether IR remote is working or not.
  3. Uses the magnetic sensor of the phone to detect radiation anomalies caused by magnetic activity of hidden electronic devices like cameras, microphones etc.

6. Detectify – Detect Hidden Devices


By far the most famous hidden devices detector app on Play Store is Detectify. As all other apps mentioned above, the key features of Detectify are:

  1. It uses radiation scan for detecting magnetic activity of hidden electronic devices. It uses phones magnetic sensor.
  2. Uses infrared scan to detect infrared cameras that are usually used for spying.
  3. Capable of finding hidden microphones as well.
  4. Lightweight application.

Hidden Camera Detector Apps for iOS Devices

7. Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Hidden Spy Camera Detector

One of most famous spy camera detector apps for iPhone users, the Hidden Spy Camera Detector is designed to find spy cameras in a wide range of places like Airbnb, hotel rooms, changing rooms, public toilets etc. The key features of the app are:

  1. Detects wired camera – When brought near a suspicious object it will give a beeping signal with a red light when it detects a possible hidden camera. User needs to investigate the suspicious object for camera lens.
  2. Detects wireless camera.
  3. Detects infrared camera by showing infrared radiation as pink or blue light on phone screen.

8. Spy Hidden Camera Detector

Spy hidden camera Detector

This is one of the most popular hidden camera detector apps available of iPhone users. The app comes with a couple of interesting features. They are:

  1. Manual detection in which the user needs to point the phone’s camera on a suspected object and follow instructions. Manual adjustments are necessary.
  2. Automatic detection where the phone tries to assess whether a hidden camera is present or not.

In either of the methods, the app creates an overlay. The yellow overlay is false positive and the cyan overlay means a hidden camera is there.

9. Hidden Camera Detector

Hidden Camera Detector

Developed by LSC, LLC, the Hidden Camera Detector app is known for being created by real security experts. Some of the key features of the app are:

  1. Allows to find any device on your network that can be easily accessed remotely or can be viewed online.
  2. Finds GPS trackers, listening devices, covert devices, hidden cameras.
  3. If any networked device is found by the app, you can click on the device’s IP link to go into its login page. This will allow you to see whether the device is spying on you.

10. DontSpy2 – Detector

DontSpy 2 Detector

This app has been around for quite long and after 5 years of service, DontSpy was eventually upgraded to version 2. The app works on the simple principle that every spy camera, bug, cellphone, microphone, metal object has its own magnetic field. This property is used by the app to detect such things. The key features of the app are:

  1. It uses the magnetometer of iPhone or iPad to detect the magnetic field of other things.
  2. It cannot differentiate between metal objects and smartphones and hence, scanning away from metallic object is best.