Review: MoneyCoach App for iOS

MoneyCoach is a newly launched Personal Budget Manager by MoneyCoach for iOS devices. The app, which is a well-designed, clean, sleek and modern looking manager, is already reputed as one of the best budgeting apps for phone and tablets that run on iOS. It can help you save some money towards your dreams by helping you to stick to a budget. It allows for as many budgets as possible and helps to maintain all – so you can create a budget for an anniversary, a budget for a new car, a new home, a vacation, or any other event according to your need.

MoneyCoach running on iPhone

With MoneyCoach, you can keep track of your income and expenses. It also supports multiple currencies as well as cloud syncing making it the suitable budget manager for different kind of people, including those that love travelling to different parts of the world.

MoneyCoach on iPad
MoneyCoach running on iPad

Basic features

Below are some of the basic features that make MoneyCoach one of the hottest budget managers;

  • MoneyCoach is an easy to use mobile app. It is user-friendly and appears to have been specifically made to offer easy budget management for everyone.
  • The app offers real-time budgeting support – giving you full details of how much has been spent and what is left to be spent on a specific budget today or in total.
  • The app is fast and highly responsive. You can easily register and sync your budgets across your different devices (iPad, Apple Watch)
  • The app also allows you to import your financial data from any app or bank via CSV file.


What sets MoneyCoach apart from several other budget manager is the ease of use. Anyone that understands how to operate an iOS device will not find it hard to use this app. It makes budgeting easy and fun. Also, the fact that it allows for creation and management of different budgets is another great feature. Its universality – running on all iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads and Apple watches and being able to be synced across these devices is what differentiates MoneyCoach from other budgeting apps.


The major objective of MoneyCoach is to offer easy budget management for regular smartphone users. For financial professionals who need in-depth expense reports for things like tax returns calculation, this may not be the ideal app to use.

MoneyCoach on Apple Watch
MoneyCoach running on Apple Watch


MoneyCoach app comes in two versions. There is a free version which offers limited features that will enable you perform some basic budgeting. The premium version of the app, however, costs subscription fee of $1.99/month or $19.99/year and offers all the pro features for effective management of your different budgets.


There is currently no security concern for the MoneyCoach app. The app helps in the basic function of budget management and does not pose any threat to sensitive information on your phone and other devices.

Bottom line

MoneyCoach is a great Personal Budget Manager. The MoneyCoach team have created a great budgeting app that will help anyone at all to create and follow up on any kind of budget. As it allows for creation and management of different budgets at a time, you can use it to manage most of your feasible dreams and objectives by creating a budget for them and sticking to it. You can create a budget on any currency of your choice, sync your budget in cloud, and keep track of them in iPhones as well as tablets and Apple watches.