How to Prevent Hackers from Stealing Data

Hackers have made the world a digitally insecure place and therefore it is important to take precautions to protect your privacy. A hacker can break through into your email account, your bank account and even your home address if they want to. If your information is vulnerably available and is out in the open then it makes their job easier.  Use the tips mentioned below to protect your information from getting hacked.

6 Ways to avoid being hacked

1. Password Protect Yourself

Most people don’t set strong passwords fearing that they will not be able to remember it. They do not understand that relying on a weak password can get them close to being hacked. Usually, a hacker takes 15 minutes to hack a short password so make sure you keep it longer. Instead of creating a complex password that you can’t remember, create an easy phrase like MyAnniversaryisOnMay2!  Just make sure this information in the password is unavailable online. You should keep changing your password but not too often! It is better to change your password atleast once in 12 months.

2. Password Protect Your Wi-Fi

An open Wi-Fi connection gives hackers full access to your information. You can protect your Wi-Fi   with a password or a paraphrase and create a strong SSID Network Name.  Tools like Rainbow Table can break into your network if they know the SSID name. You should also be careful to turn off Universal Plug and Play protocol (UPnP) in order to make your connection hack proof.

3. Update your software frequently

It is important to keep your OS and other software updated as old versions are more susceptible to being hacked.  If you wish to go an extra mile to protect your devices, then you can enable Microsoft product updates.

4. Add Layers to Your Identification Process

Known as the two factor identification, this involves adding another step to your log in procedure.  Some websites might offer to add a picture or might ask for another   security question along with your password. Instead of looking at it as a hassle, it is better if you opt in for it so that you can get notified whenever your account is being hacked.

5. Never Give Out Information by Clicking on A link

If you receive a payment reminder in your email about your current dues from your telephone company or a financial institution, never make the payment or give up any other important information by clicking on the link given. Instead enter the URL of the website manually to check for the information.

6. Encrypt Your Messages

It is important to encrypt your messages so that only the reader can read them. This will ensure end to end encryption thereby safeguarding your information. An application like Signal Private Messenger encrypts your information and it doesn’t keep any information such as contacts or messages thereby ensuring safety and security. This is a full proof method that prevents your messages from being read.