10 Best Tracing Light Boxes

A tracing light box is also referred to as a light shelf and a light table. A light box is a translucent surface that is evenly illuminated by the LEDs.

It is basically a square or rectangular container with one or more LED strips or light bulbs inside and is covered with clear glass, plastic or frosted glass. It is also referred to as a “backlit display device”. Its main function is to allow the user to draw as accurately as possible. When it is bright enough, the light source can draw the outline of an image on translucent but not transparent paper, such as drawing paper, colored paper, canson paper or watercolor paper. The marker light box can be used by an illustrator to directly dye a pencil drawing without the use of carbon paper or tracing paper.

If you want to invest in a good tracing light box, here are the top 10 tracing light boxes on the market you should consider.

Top 10 Best Tracing LED Light Boxes

1. Huion L4S LED Light Box A4

Huion L4S LED Light Box

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The Huion L4S LED light box is USB-powered, adjustable and has eye protection technology. It has a net weight of 0.55 kg.

The Huion LED Light Box is an ultra-thin 5.1mm thick light box. It also offers excellent light quality.

With a brightness of 1100 lux and a uniform illumination of745 cd/ m2, the product lighting is very bright, flicker-free and completely even.

The light box has a touch button that allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to find the ideal lighting.

2. AGPtek A4

AGPtek A4 USB Portable LED Artcraft Tracing Light Pad Ultra-thin Light Box

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The portable LED light box AGPtek A4 USB is an ultra-thin light box that looks like a glass pane due to the presence of an acrylic surface. It is portable and therefore lightweight, easy to carry.

This light box is only 6.2 mm thick and weighs 635 g. It also has the difference of offering a touch-sensor switch that facilitates lighting and brightness control.

It has a micro USB cable and/or a USB adapter for lighting. The presence of the USB cable facilitates access to any USB port such as a computer or even the power bank.

The light of this tracking beacon clearly illuminates the images and thus facilitates the tracking of the image.

It uses a technology that protects the eyes, including 30 mini LED travel lights that do not flicker and are also flicker free.

It is perfect for many areas such as calligraphy, engraving, 2D animation, tattoo transfer, sketching and drawing, scrapbooking, quilting, X-ray viewing and more.

3. Tikteck A4

Tikteck A4 Ultra-thin Portable LED Light Box Tracer

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Tikteck A4 LED Box Tracer is an artcraft tracing light pad with stylish lighting. The light from this pad through the paper makes the images of the page clearer; thanks to its lighting, which facilitates the tracking of the images.

It has a thickness of 4.7 mm, which makes it portable. The lighting is super bright, flicker-free and evenly distributed. It has a touch button to enable/disable and to control/adjust the brightness.

The Light Box Tracer has a USB port and a USB cable. It can be turned on and off with a USB cable connected to the USB ports or a USB plug connected directly to the power outlet.

It is ideal for embossing, sketching and drawing, sewing projects, quilting, tattoo transferring, scrapbooking and much more.

4. ME456 A4 LED Light Box

ME456 A4 LED Light Box

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The ME456 A4 LED Light Box is a high quality light box that uses the high-quality acrylic material. This makes it more durable and also filters out harmful rays to protect the eyes. It also has no hard light that makes the user comfortable in use.

The tracking light box has a thickness of 5 mm and weighs 1.5 pounds, which makes it easy and comfortable to carry.

The ME456 A4 LED Light Box uses an environment-friendly LED light that does not blink and is very bright. It has no shadows or reflections and provides a stable light that provides the most comfortable tracking conditions.

The lightbox has adjustable brightness levels for your different drawing needs. It also has features that allow you to adjust the brightness of the screen so that you can see the pictures more clearly.

5. LitEnergy A4

LitEnergy A4 Portable LED Light Box Tracer

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The LitEnergy A4 Portable LED liner is super thin, and you can take it anywhere, as it differs from a conventional light box.

The size of the entire light deck with the black frame is L14.2 inches * W10.6 inches * H0.2 inches. And the visual workspace is 9 inches * 12 inches.

This tracer has adjustable brightness, which can be controlled by pressing the touch button for a few seconds until the desired brightness is achieved.

Package content includes:

A lightbox, a user manual and a USB cable.

6. PicturePerfect Ultra Thin

PicturePerfect Ultra Thin Portable LED Light Pad

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PicturePerfect Tracing Light Box is ultra-thin and also uses a bright LED pad for tracking. It uses the durable acrylic sheet for its design. The size is 13.2 * 9.25 * 0.14 inches / 33.5 * 23.5 * 0.35 inches and 3.5mm thick.

The device has 21 built-in, super bright, flicker-free LED mini lamps with a capacity of 50,000 hours. It is designed to facilitate tracking in thick papers and tracking.

It has a special built-in filter that prevents eye strain by blocking the range of light spectrum LEDs that are prone to pain and sore in the eyes.


NXENTC A4 Tracing Light Pad

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NXENTC A4 Tracing Light Pad is a super slim light box that is portable and can be easily carried anywhere. It offers features that make it easy to change the lighting according to the taste of the user.

It has a touch switch that allows the lighting platform to be turned on and off simply by touching it. However, if you press this button for several seconds, the brightness level of the pad will change continuously.

The measurement is (black frame included) L14.2 inches * W10.6 inches * H0.2 inches. The visual workspace is 9 inches * 12 inches and is also 0.2 inches. The net weight of the light box is 1.5 pounds.

8. Kusmil A4

KSM UP A4 LED Light Box Tracer

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The KSM UP A4 LED Light Box Tracer is an ultra-thin light box with a lightweight design that can be taken anywhere. It has a diffuse reflection effect, which ensures that the light is evenly distributed in the light box. It is also suitable for the eyes because the lighting is soft, stable and does not blink.

The size of this indicator is 33.5 x 23.3 cm and 13.18 x 9.17 inches with a thickness of 0.35 cm or 0.15 inches.

It gives off little heat and is designed to be safe for prolonged use. It is also perfect for 5D DIY diamond painting and can be used for tracking, calligraphy, sewing or 2D animation projects.

The brightness of this unit can be adjusted with a touch switch that can be easily turned on and off. To obtain the desired brightness, press the button until the desired brightness is reached.

9. Luditek A4

Luditek A4 Light Box Tracer with Scale

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The Luditek A4 Light Box LED light sensor is a super-flat light box with an acrylic surface, which feels like a glass pane.

The size of the lighting platform, including the black frame, is L14.2 inches * W9.5 inches * H0.2 inches, while the field of view is the same size as that of the A4 paper, 12.2 inches * 8.2 inches.

The tracking light box has functions to protect the eyes. LED lamps are very bright, flicker-free and evenly distributed over the luminous mat. It has no radiation and causes no damage to the eyes even after long hours.

To adjust the brightness, press and hold the power button. And you can also remember the brightness you had when you turned it on.

10. Funshobby A4

Funshobby A4 LED Light Box Ultra-thin Portable LED Pad

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The Funshobby A4 LED light box is an ultra-flat light pad with an elegant light cushion, from which the light that passes through the paper clearly and clearly illuminates the images on the paper so that the image can be easily tracked.

The lightweight pad is made of acrylic and gives it the feeling of glass. The size of the light box is 13.8 inches * 9.17 inches * 0.19 inches. However, the active area is 12.24 inches * 9.17 inches. The net weight is 371g. It is powered by a USB cable.

The light is flicker-free, super bright and environmentally friendly as well as stable. It also uses the touch-sensor switch design to turn on and off the extended pressure to control the brightness levels. It emits very little heat and can be used for long hours.