Best Power Amplifiers

When it comes to good and quality sounds, power amplifiers are necessities. They are required to complete your home theater systems or large audio setups for the exceptional sound that will make the environment to truly come alive. As with every other digital product, there are different categories of power amplifiers in the market. These products differ in different ways and it is always challenging for buyers to choose from the different options.

If you want to invest in a good power amplifier, here’s our selection of the 10 best power amplifiers you should consider.

Top 10 Best Power Amplifiers

1. Crown XLi800

Crown Xli800 Two-channel Power Amplifier

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Crown has some of the best rated power amplifiers. The XLi series is a definitive series of top-class products that deliver the right value to different groups of buyers. Like the other models in the series, the Xli800 is ruggedly built and powerful. It is a versatile power amplifier that will be suitable for different settings. It is also an affordable amp and is a great value for the price in major market places.

This power amplifier is a two-channel amp. Power output is 300 W at 4 ohm. The amp features both electronically balanced RCA and XLR inputs as well as Speakon and binding post outputs. It also includes a user selectable input sensitivity of 0.755V and 1.4V. Other features that will certainly appeal to you are the two level controls, power switch, power LED and six LEDs that indicate signal presence. The amp also features efficient forced-air cooling that prevents overheating.

2. Behringer Micromon MA400

Behringer Micromon MA400

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This is a compact power amplifier that can actually contribute meaningfully to your sound system. It features flexible Mic In and Mic thru connectors and ground Lift switch. To make things more interesting, the budget amp has stereo monitor level control and Mono/Stereo switch. There is equally a high-power headphone output on 1/4” and 1/8” jack connectors. Even though it is a small and affordable, the Micromon MA400 is a versatile power amp that has everything you will need to improve your home or studio sound system or provide the right sound for any stage performer.

The personal ‘more me’ mixer is another great thing about this compact power mixer. It enables mixing of mic plus monitor signal and hear them via headphones. It also comes with a dedicated 12 V DC power supply and LED.

3. QSC GX7

QSC GX7 1000-Watt Power Amplifier

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This is another powerful yet compact amplifier that can improve your sound system. It is well-built and offers convenient sound amplification anywhere you need it. It is a dual channel power amp that will truly boost your entertainment or PA system. It’s 1000 watts is capable to power many of today’s popular speakers. One of the best thing about this amp is connectivity. It has XLR, 1/4 inch balanced and phono inputs for compatibility with any source.

Some of the interesting features that makes this device a great option include Front panel LEDs monitor Power, GuardRail, Built-in Subwoofer/Satellite crossover and RCA phono connector. You can also get your desired sound easily, thanks to the accessible treble, bass and master volume adjustment controls. The power amp brings your mix directly to your fingertips.

4. Crown XLi2500

Crown Xli2500 Two-Channel Power Amp

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This is another excellent Power Amplifier in the XLi series that makes it to our list of the best products in the market. It is a two-channel amplifier that boasts of several features that improves sound systems in different settings. It is sturdily built and delivers reliable sound amplification. It has the capacity to deliver up to 750 W per channel at 4 ohms, 500W per channel at 8 ohms and 1500W at 8 ohms in bridged- mono mode.

The XLi2500 power amplifier features electrically balanced RCA & XLR inputs as well as binding post and Speakon outputs. Other features that can appeal to buyers include two level controls, power switch, Power LED and six LEDs that indicate signal presence. There are clip and fault for each channel, also. The Crown XLi2500 Two-Channel power amplifier also has an efficient forced-air cooling function that prevents thermal build-up.

5. Peavey Vypyr VIP 2

Peavey Vypyr VIP 2 - 40 Watt Modeling Instrument Amplifier

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This is one-of-a-kind power amp that is revolutionizing the modelling amp industry. It is called a variable instrument performance amplifier that contains bass guitar, acoustic guitar and electric guitar amplifier models. The sounds it delivers are unique, thanks to the enhanced chromatic turner. The 40W amp is ideal for recording, practice or live use. There are different reasons for the superior sound quality delivered by this power amp. Peavey boasts of using a combination of powerful 32-bit, floating SHARC processors and patented analogue circuitry in the creation of this power amp.

There are actually ten instrument models included in this power amp with 16 different presets. There is also a 12 Amp accessible stompbox models plus delay reverb and wah (with optional Sanpera). This versatile power amp is also sturdily built and there is 2-year warranty attached to it.

6. Crown XLS1002

Crown XLS1002 Two-channel 350W Power Amplifier

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Crown is a well-respected industry leader in amplified sound which is why we have seen so many of their power sounds here. It is also important to have this particular Two-Channel amp in the list because it is truly among the very best products in the category. Its modest price is another factor that endears it to so many users. It is also beautifully made with a larger display to give it an upgraded look. The LCD screen has menu, previous and next buttons to make operation of the power amp easier.

The DriveCore patented technology is another distinctive feature and it is responsible for maintaining class D efficiency and low noise that the power amp is known for. There is also a built-in crossover as well as independent right-and-left channel gain controls to make operation smooth and enjoy consistent top quality sound amplification. The internal heat sinks with forced-air cooling also ensures that thermal build-up is prevented.

7. Rockville RPA9

Rockville RPA9 1000 Watt RMS 2 Channel Power Amplifier

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This is a heavy-duty power amp that is budget friendly but good enough for professional use. It is an embodiment of great value, efficiency, and great sound delivery. Even though it is a sort of powerhouse amplifier, it is lightweight and very convenient to use. It also offer reliable performance. The amplifier is optimized for 4 and 8-ohms speakers. The stereo/mono speaker output switch also makes impedance optimization easier.

For input, this power amplifier supports XLR and 1/4 combo jacks as well as RCA inputs for improved connectivity. Ideally, most speakers and mixers in the market can be easily connected to the amp. The bridged and stereo output switch makes the amp suitable for (2) subwoofer, (2) speakers, or (4) speakers. There is also a built-in crossover switch that make it perfect for the speakers, subwoofers and monitors. Channel A & B separate level controls also make things interesting in this power amp.

8. GTD Audio Q3800

GTD Audio Q3800 Watts 2U Stereo Professional Power Amplifier

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This is another budget professional power amplifier that can improve your sound system. It is a 2-Channel power amplifier that is versatile in terms of settings it can be used in. The impeccable performance and clear sound quality delivered by this amps is partly due to the developmental stage. According to the manufacturers, it was developed with the expertise of sound engineers, working musicians and professional DJs. The result of this is a rare power amp that doesn’t disappoint in any department.

With XLR, 1/4″ (6.5mm Jack) Balanced Input as well as Speakon and Banana binding post outputs, it is compatible with most mixers and speakers in the market. There is also front to rare airflow and dual cooling fans to prevent thermal build-up while the amp is being used to boost your sound system.

9. Crown XLS1502

Crown XLS1502 Two-channel 525W at 4 ohm Power Amplifier

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This is the new generation of the XLS and has lots of interesting features that make it a truly wonderful power amplifier. The larger LCD display, sleek new look and more DSP with higher capabilities are some of the standout new qualities. With Crown’s patented DriveCore technology, this Two-Channel amplifier performs efficiently on a consistent basis. It can drive your speakers with about 525 watts of power with minimal distortion.

The XLS1502 is also equipped with Crown’s patented Class-I technology that gets more power out of an amplifier with less waste like never before. It helps to handle reactive loudspeaker loads easily and more gracefully. This means that the amplifier can run better for an extended period of time, especially at moderate or lower impedance. This Power amplifier also has security mode that prevents tampering. There are also internal heat sinks with forced air cooling to prevent thermal build-up.

10. Behringer Europower EP4000

Behringer Europower EP4000

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This is a professional power amplifier that can meaningfully boost your sound setup or system. It is a versatile amp that uses the accelerated transient response technology for the best quality sound. The amp is sturdily built and is considered impact-resistant. It also boasts of detented gain controls that ensure proper setting and matching of sensitivity.

In terms of connectivity, this power amplifier has both XLR and 1/4” TRS input connectors. This makes it easy to connect it to any source at all. For output, the professional speaker connectors and touch-proof binding posts means that you can connect it to most speaker wiring systems in the market. Due to its rugged construction, this power amp is also very durable.

Buyer’s Guide

The idea behind this article is to take the guesswork out and help you make informed decisions as far as buying power amps is concerned. Asides from brand, there are some really important factors that may be personal to you including your specific need and budget. Besides these factors, the features of the power amplifier should be considered too.

Factors to Consider While Buying Power Amplifiers

Here, we will briefly consider some of these important factors.


While many power amplifiers have two channels, some have up to four. The number of channels determines the number of speakers that can be connected to the amp. If you are interested in an amp for your home theatre, a two channel option can be ideal. If you want to be able to connect up to four different speakers to your sound system, for large audio setups mostly, you will need four channel power amplifiers.


There are power amplifiers that supports different inputs and you need to consider this when making your decisions. A good amp is supposed to support variation of input options such as USB. This way, a number of devices can be connected. There are interesting instances where the sort of connection used can influence the quality of sound.


An extra headroom is very essential in power amps. The reason for this is that it is needed to prevent clips and distorts. Music is dynamic and there are chances that some will not play well when the amp being used does not have extra headroom. Having an extra headroom is the best way to ensure that the power that gets to the speakers is clean and undistorted.


The right balance is needed in terms of impedance in ohms for the amp you are going to buy and the speakers you have or are considering to buy. When the impedance is low, it means that the speakers will receive low power while higher impedance means they will receive higher power supply that may be damaging.

Power Output

The power output of the power amp determines the amount of sound it can deliver. The sort of amp you will need in terms of power will depend on the way you want to use it. In most instances, anything between 10 and 100 W will be ideal.