9 Best Portable Digital Mini TVs

Despite several other technological inventions, the television has remained an important appliance in most households. Even though there are several ways of getting contents and information, human beings are not yet tired of TV. What has happened, however, is that there has been lots of innovation in their forms and technical aspects. What we have today as Televisions are far too different from the boxes that pioneered the technology.

Recently, there has been a major push to flatten Television sets and Liquid Crystal Display is one of the latest technologies that have been adopted in modern units. LED is also becoming popular as manufacturers continue to push for products that will deliver better experience for their consumers.

Most of the innovations in technology result from the need to address one problem or the other. One of the major challenges individuals have faced with Television has been catching up with their favourite programs. While there has been lots of options offered by content providers like recording programs, there is nothing that can be compared to watching an event as it happens. People do not want to miss their favourite shows for anything and portable Televisions makes sure that doesn’t happen.

What portable handheld/mini Televisions offer

With a portable digital handheld/mini television, you can keep up with your favourite television programs as they happen. They offer you access to your favourite channel wherever you are. If you are careful and purchases a good portable TV, you can watch your favourite content from anywhere at all and enjoy some other entertaining contents conveniently at all times.

Best Portable television

Just like every other electronic gadgets, there are several portable digital handheld/mini TVs in the market. Choosing the right one can be a real headache. There is need to research extensively to find out the perfect product that will suit your individual need and pocket. We have done a great deal of the required research to pick what we believe represent the best option for you. Read on to find the right deal.

Buyer’s Guide

While shopping for a handheld/mini TV, there are some important features to look out for. First of all, you need to consider why you need a portable digital television. You also need to consider how you are going to use it. If you are buying a portable TV you need to keep in your office what you need to consider is quite different from what you need to consider if you are buying a unit for your Recreational vehicle. If you need a handheld TV you can carry about, you also need to consider some factors that will ensure that you enjoy your purchase conveniently.

Factors to consider before buying a Portable TV

When you want to buy a portable TV, some of the factors you need to consider include:

  • antenna options
  • size and weight
  • screen size, resolution, and other parameters
  • input options
  • output options
  • power adapter and battery capacity
  • other accessories.

All of the factors mentioned above where considered in picking the products featured in this article. We also considered the value the products will offer based on their prices.

Without further ado, here’s our list of 9 best portable digital handheld/mini Televisions you should consider.

Top 9 Best Portable Digital Mini TVs

1. Supersonic SC-499 Portable Widescreen TV

Supersonic Portable Widescreen

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This is one of the very best portable tvs from Supersonic. It is a 9 inch rechargeable LCD wonder that can fit into your traveling bag and keep you completely entertained when you are away from home. It is superbly built, measuring 8 X 6 X 12 inches and weighing 5 pounds. The 9 inches LCD screen has a selectable screen mode of 16:9 and together with the 800 X 480 screen resolution produces impressive image quality. There is a built-in speaker for quality sound, but you can always opt for use an earphone for an exclusive entertainment.

This portable TV has built-in digital TV tuner that let you access your favourite programs. There are several input options including 2x AV input jacks, USB input, and SD Card reader. There is also a rotary rod antenna and up-and-down TV stand. It is also optimized for use in different settings thanks to AC/DC capability and the Lithium ion rechargeable battery. There are some other accessories like Remote control, audio/video cables.

2. Axess TV1703-7 LCD TV

Axess 7-inch portable TV

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This is a mid-range portable TV that will certainly exceed your expectations. It is one of the best option when it comes to catching up with your favourite contents even on the go without compromising the quality. It measures 10.2 X 10 X 10.5 inches and weighs 15 ounces. The quality of images displayed by this device is impressive. The 7” LCD screen has max resolution of 480X234 and 16:9 aspect ratio.

The portable device is perfectly made to be used at any place at all. The AC/DC adapters makes them ideal for home/office use as well as on-the-road usage. It also comes with rechargeable 900mAh battery that can last for hours after a complete charge.

Asides from the digital TV tuner that let you watch CATV channels and the fact that you can receive Air channels from 2-69, the Axess 7” portable TV also has different input options. From the SD Card slots or the USB port you can watch different entertainment contents from external devices.

3. Supersonic SC-2812 Portable LCD TV

Supersonic SC-2812

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This is a 12” portable widescreen LED TV that is wonderfully built and boasts of several amazing features that let you watch your favourite shows at home and on the go. The product which measures 13.5 X 8.7 X 3.6 inches is an ultra-lightweight device, weighing just about 2.9 pounds but quite powerful in a number of ways.

There is a built-in digital TV tuner; built-in speakers; 2x AV input jacks; HDMI input; rotary rod antenna, earphone jack; and some other accessories that come with the device including A/C adapter, AV line, Remote control, Antenna, and User manual that will let you enjoy all that this portable TV has to offer.

The Supersonic SC-2812 is USB input compatible, meaning you can play video and audio file from external device. It also supports Micro SD card reader for plying files from SD cards. Viewing angle is 1650; Resolution is 1280×800; Contrast ratio is 300:1; while Peak brightness is 500cd m2.

The Supersonic SC-2812 features full compliance with ATSC/NTSC. For Power, it is AC 110-240V compatible and DC 12V/1A. The device also has a Li-Polymer 7.4V 2000mAh rechargeable battery.

4. Axess TV1705-13 LED HDTV

Axess TV1705-13

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This is a highly powerful portable TV that is ideal for road trips and Recreational vehicles. In terms of design, it is wonderfully built in a way that will fit into just about anywhere you want it to be. It measures 12.5 X 10.5 X 4.5 inches and weighs 2.15 pounds. It has a built-in digital turner with full ATSC digital channel receiver as well as full VHF/UHF NTSC analogue channel receiver. This means that you gain access to most of your favourite programs once you are within signal range for the digital channels and also from analogue channels.

The Axess TV1705-13 also has an HDMI port, a built-in earphone jack, and USB support that will let you play video and audio files from external devices. The portable TV also features a 2 way power with AC/DC 12 Volt DV Car cord technology as well as a Full function remote. It is equally an affordable device and has many positive reviews from verified buyers.

5. Tyler TTV701 Portable Widescreen LCD TV

Tyler TTV701 Portable Widescreen LCD TV

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This is a 7″ portable widescreen LCD TV that has several features that makes it an excellent choice for those that love to enjoy their favorite programs anytime anywhere without compromising the experience. It has a digital tuner that is compatible for ATSC/NTSC which means you can access your favorite programs in many different channels. There is a built-in speaker, but you can always use an earphone for personalized experience.

One of the best things about the TTV701 is that it includes multiple antenna options to make your viewing as clear as it can be. It is also well equipped to be used anywhere: there is an AC adapter for home use, and a DC adapter for RV and other vehicles. There is also a rechargeable Lithium ion battery that can give you 80 minutes viewing time after a full charge.

The Tyler TTV701 always features multiple inputs including a coaxial Antenna Input, 2x AV inputs, a USB, and an SD Card slot to let you access all your favorite contents. You will also find a removable display mounting pad in the box.

6. Tyler TTV706 LCD TV

Tyler TTV706 LCD TV

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This is a 10” portable widescreen LCD TV that will let you enjoy all your favourite programs anywhere without undermining the quality at all. There is a full band built-in digital tuner that supports ATSC/NTSC to let you access most of your favorite television programs. You have different antenna options to enhance reception and ensure crystal clear viewing. It also support DVD player and game console for any sort of entertainment you want. There is an in-built FM Tuner, so you can also listen to your favorite radio program anytime and anywhere.

The device is also made to serve you at different places including home/office, vehicles, and outdoor settings.

With the Tyler TTV706, you also have multiple input options including USB, HDMI, and AV Composite Inputs. It is also compatible with Compatible with Fire TV Stick, Chromecast, Apple TV, and Roku.

7. Tyler TTV705-14 Portable Battery Powered LCD HD TV

Tyler TTV705-14 Portable Battery Powered LCD HD TV

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This is a 14 inches digital Portable TV that is perfectly built for absolute convenience. The device comes with Dual Tuners ATSC/NTSC support that will let you access most of your favorite programs. It also features sucker antenna which allows you to receive local broadcasts. It has an in-built loudspeaker that delivers clear sound, but you can always use the Headphone 3.5mm jack for personalized experience.

Whether you wish to use this portable device at home/office; Recreational Vehicles and other automobiles; or in outdoor settings, there won’t be any sort of difficulty. It can be powered by AC/DC adapters that are included in the package. There is also a built-in rechargeable Li-ion Battery pack (3.7V/6000mAh) that will offer up to 4 hours of viewing after a full charge. It is essential that the device be completely charged before use.

8. Tyler TTV703 Portable TV

Tyler TTV703

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This is not the smallest device in the list but is still a very portable device that will give you the best viewing experience without compromising the quality at all. There is no need to miss your favorite program because you aren’t home in time. With this device, you can access some of the best contents and watch anywhere in a 10 inches LCD screen. Thanks to the multiple Antenna options, you can obtain very sharp and clear pictures. It measures 12.3 X 8 X 4.8 inches and weighs just 3.35 pounds.

You can use your Tyler TTV703 at home/office, in vehicles, and in outdoor settings thanks to the AV/DC adapters and built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery. It has full band Digital TV Tuner that supports ATSC/NTSC. There is also dual AV inputs for connection of DVD player and game console. Other input options include USB port and SD Card slots that let you play audio/video files from external devices.

9. Supersonic SC-1311 LED TV

Supersonic SC-1311

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This is a 13-inch LED Widespread HDTV television. Measuring 15.5 X 13.4 X 3.5 inches, the TV weighs 3.85 pounds. It is HDMI input compatible. While this device will be perfect for home and office use, it can equally be used in camps and in Recreational Vehicles thanks to the DC 12V power input adapter. The device has some other compatible input terminals including USB port. It is equipped with built-in dual turners that let you access great programs.

The picture quality of the contents you can obtain with the Supersonic SC-1311 is top-notch. The 13.3” LED screen has 16:9 aspect ratio with resolution of 1366X768. It also has 200cd/m2 brightness and contrast ratio of 500:1. The in-built speaker will also give clear quality sound but it is also headphone compatible.

Finding the perfect Portable television can be hard but we have done much of the research you need to do so that you can easily make your choice between the products featured here. All the products featured here are excellent and your choice will depend on your budget and your specific need.