10 Best Opera Glasses

If you are an opera fan, you understand how important it is to have a clear view of every part of the show. Missing any move on stage would render the show boring.

As such, it important for you to have the right set of opera glasses with you. While these devices come in different sizes, configurations, and price ranges, getting the perfect fit for your needs can be a little daunting especially if you do not know what to consider.

In this article, we’ve put together the ten best opera glasses that will make your opera experience worth to remember. We have also included a buyer’s guide that will help you in your selection. Read on

Top 10 Best Opera Glasses

1. Skygenius 8×21

Skygenius Small Binoculars 8x21

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If you are looking for compact yet budget friendly binoculars, then the SkyGenius 8×21 is what you are looking for. These opera glasses offer a higher magnification of up to 8X. This means that you won’t have to keep adjusting the glasses to be able to see the characters on stage.

They also have a wider and clear field of view from over 1000 yards to give you a better view of the entire stage. For enhanced HD vision, the SkyGenius 8×21 lenses are made with Bk7 Roof Prism and FMC multi-coated green film for good light focus and better clarity.

They are also lightweight and foldable in nature to ensure that they are easy to carry, hold, and pack in your backpack conveniently. Better still, they can be used by both kids and adults for bird watching, hiking, shows, and safari.


  • Lightweight and foldable in nature
  • Have a wider field of view
  • Can be used by both adult and kids
  • High-quality lens
  • Smooth and easy adjustment


  • Low-quality strap

2. Aomekie AO3043

Aomekie Opera Glasses 3x25 With Handle For Kids and Adults

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Watching performances is supposed to be fun. And with the Aomekie AO3043 Opera glasses you can rest assured that you will enjoy every show even from a distance.

Featuring a classic design, Aomekie 3×25 glasses are made with high-quality material that’s quite appealing and durable to withstand wears, falls and bangs.

Unlike, most opera glasses, the Aomekie 3×25 come with a handle that’s also elegantly designed and has non-slip texture which makes it easy to handle. Furthermore, the glasses are lightweight hence you can use them continuously for several hours without getting tired.

They offer a magnification of up to 3X which is enough for indoor viewing, and especially in the opera house.


  • Classic and trendy design
  • Confortable handle
  • Build to last
  • Clear views and good magnification
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for outdoor viewing

3. ESSLNB 4x30mm

ESSLNB Opera Glasses For Women 4x30mm

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If you are the fashionable type and love a classic look that’s symbolic of the performances, then the ESSLNB Opera glasses are your best choice. Although they are typically designed for women, they can be used by kids.

The glasses offer a magnification of up to 4X and have crystal clear optics that help in bringing in clear images much closer without having to strain your eyes. Moreover, they have a 30mm multi-coated objective lens that lets in optimum brightness while providing a wider viewing angle.

In terms of handling, the ESSLNB Opera glasses are ergonomically designed to fit comfortably into the grip of your hands and have a central focusing knob that helps to achieve sharp images. They are also foldable and lightweight, which makes them easy to carry in a pouch.


  • A higher magnification power
  • Sleek and trendy design
  • Bigger objective lens
  • Great ergonomics
  • Foldable and lightweight


  • Lens not so adjustable

4. Levenhuk Broadway 325N

Levenhuk Broadway 325N

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The Levenhuk Broadway 325 opera glasses combine tradition and modern technology. These stylish lorgnettes are exquisite and make you feel part of the experience.

They are designed with inlaid gold elements that blend well with the environment. Apart from the elegant exterior, this accessory has a central focusing wheel that makes it easy to focus on stage.

Furthermore, the adjustable nature of these lorgnettes makes it easy to attain the perfect alignment between your eyes for comfortable viewing. Along with that, there is also a telescopic handle that makes it easy to handle and adjust the glasses.

The glasses have a 3X magnification and a 25mm objective lens that helps bring the stage close to you for better viewing. You also do not have to worry about stepping on others when the theatre is dim, thanks to the LED flashlight.


  • Better quality vision
  • Lightweight opera glasses
  • Trendy and sleek design
  • Adjustable inter-pupillary distance
  • LED flashlight


  • Focusing issues

5. Carson OV-410

Carson OperaView

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Simple and compact, the Carson OV-410 OperaView Binocular is one of the best opera glasses on this list.

Weighing just about 2 ounces, these opera glasses are so portable and you can carry them anywhere. In addition, their foldable nature allows you to fit them into your coat pocket or handbag.

Better still, these opera glasses have a magnification potential of up to 4X, which means you can bring the image closer to you. They also feature BK7 prisms and fully coated lenses for good light focus and enhanced clarity.


  • Ultra-compact opera glasses
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • BK7 prisms for enhanced clarity
  • Better magnification
  • Foldable design


  • Construction material does not feel premium

6. HQRP Opera Glasses

HQRP Opera Glasses

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Decent in appearance, the HQRP Opera Glasses are a perfect choice for theatre and opera. These lorgnettes are lightweight and compact, and you can fit them in your purse or coat jacket.

They have a foldable handle that’s ergonomically designed to offer a firm grip when using them. The handle is also retractable, which helps in doubling its length.

The 3X magnification helps in bringing the faces of the characters closer to you and the brighter lenses help in improving transparency even in low light conditions.

When it comes to design the HQRP Opera glasses are perfectly finished for added durability and to give them that classic look that blends with the surrounding. They are also sturdy and resistant to wear or breading.


  • Strong built
  • Fashionable design
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Foldable handle
  • High-quality optics


  • Magnification is not clear

7. Levenhuk Broadway 325F

Levenhuk Broadway 325F

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The Levenhuk brand has made its name in the making of opera glasses and the Levenhuk Broadway 325F is another in its series.

Just like the Levenhuk 325N, the 325F combines traditions and modern technology. The accessory features inlaid gold elements on the exterior to augment its look and is well fitted with a chain to ensure that you do not leave it in the theatre by chance.

The 3X magnification power together with the 25mm objective lens ensure that you get closer to the action on a wide field of view. Along with this, the central focus is well positioned to ensure that you are able to adjust the sharpness of the glasses quickly and effortlessly.

Best of all, these glasses are ideal for men, women, and kids. They are also light in terms of weight and so you can wear them at the opera or theatre comfortably. They also have an LED flashlight, so you do not have to worry about finding your seat in the dark.


  • Classic and stylish design
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Great magnification
  • Removable chain
  • Compact and lightweight
  • LED flashlight


  • Nuts in the holder seem to have a bit of play

8. BARSKA 3×25

BARSKA Blueline Opera Glass 3x25

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If you want to feel closer to the stage while at the opera, the Blueline Opera Glasses with handle from BARSKA are what you need.

Featuring an stylishly-brushed silver finish with gray accents, the Blueline Opera glasses are made with anti-reflection and fully coated optics that help in producing high contrast views and improved light transmission even in low-light settings.

The 3X magnification power also ensures that you are able to enhance all the details at the stage. For comfortable viewing, the glasses come with an ergonomically designed handle that is comfortable to your hands hence can be held for long periods without causing fatigue.

The handle also folds making it easy to pack these glasses in your bag when not in use. The glasses are also lightweight and feature a texture center focus system for crisp view.


  • Anti-reflection fully coated optics
  • Lightweight and stylish look
  • Accurate color presentation
  • Foldable handle
  • Package comes with leatherette storage pouch and lens cloth


  • A bit shaky

9. Bresser Opera Glasses Scala-3×2-CB

Bresser Opera  Glasses Scala-3x2-CB

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If you are looking for a combination of high-quality optics and classy design, the Bresser Scala CB opera glasses offer the best of both.

Featuring an ultra-compact design, these opera glasses boast a black lacquered body that’s well augmented by silver colored beautification rings. Apart from that, the glasses feature a foldable bridge and center wheel that make it easy to adjust.

The 3X magnification power together with the 27mm objective lens ensure that you get a bright image on a wider view. Furthermore, the coated optics ensure that you get clear images with live colors.


  • High quality optics
  • Ultra-compact design
  • Galilean system design
  • Bigger objective lens than most opera glasses
  • Sleek design with silver adornment rings.


  • None found

10. Senmonus Professional Hands-Free Binocular Glasses

Professional Hands-Free Binocular Glasses for Opera

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Sometimes you do not need to keep holding your opera glasses so that you can see what’s happening at the stage. With the Senmonus Professional Hands-Free Binoculars Glasses, you can let your hands free as you cheer at the opera.

Simple and compact, these opera glasses are creatively designed to be used as spectacles for hands-free use. Although they are a little heavier than normal spectacles (0.15lb), they will save you the trouble of having to hold them onto your eyes.

The lenses have a magnification of up to 3X for better views. In addition, they have a large exit pupil that enhances clearer and wider views. What’s more, the eyepiece come with full multilayer-coated green film optics that help reduce eye fatigue while providing with clearer, brighter, and crisp images.

What’s more, the glasses are fitted with adjustable arms and nose pads that are well wrapped with natural rubber to prevent breakage when adjusting the spectacles on your face.


  • Hands free glasses
  • Unique design with clear and wide views
  • Multi-layer coated green film optics
  • Adjustable arms with rubber wrappings
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Heavier than normal spectacles

Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Opera Glasses

Not knowing what features to look out for can make you end up buying the wrong pair of opera glasses. In this section we will look at some of the features you need to look out for.

Size and weight

When it comes to opera glasses, size and weight matter a lot. You do not want to buy an accessory that will not fit perfectly with your eyes or one that will cause you fatigue. The idea is to buy compact opera glasses that will be comfortable to hold and carry.

Magnification power and objective lens

The magnification power which is denoted with “X” indicates how much closer the optics are able to bring the image closer. On the other hand, the diameter of the objective lens indicates the area through which light enters. When selecting a lorgnette for opera, it is vital to consider one with a higher magnification as well as wide field of view.

Lens Coating

It’s through the lens that we are able to see. As such, the lens coating is very paramount as it helps control the amount of light passing through the lens as well as prevent reflections. Consider opera glasses whose lenses are multicoated. This means that they are able to prevent reflections and maximize the amount of light passing through them.

Eye relief

This dictates the distance between your eyes and the opera glasses. The longer the eye relief the more comfortable your eyes will be.

Frequently Asked Questions about Opera Glasses

What is the best magnification for opera glasses?

The best magnification for your opera glasses should not be anything less than 3X the magnification.

What differentiates opera glasses from regular binoculars?

Unlike regular binoculars, opera glasses or Galilean binoculars are designed for use in low light setting to magnify objects viewed in short distances. Most of them have a magnification of less than 5X. Regular binoculars on the other hand have a higher magnification and can view objects over long distances.

Can you use opera glasses with your eye glasses?

Yes you can. It’s, however, important to note that opera glasses are not devices for correcting your vision.

What’s the use of center focus in opera glasses?

The center focus is used to adjust your glasses according to your preference. Some opera glasses lack this very important feature as it helps in ensuring that you get crystal clear images.

Should I choose handle or chain opera glasses?

If you are the kind of person who loses things quite often or who doesn’t use the glasses to watch the entire performance, then chained opera glasses would be a perfect choice. If you plan to use the opera glasses in the whole show, then the handle is preferable.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are many opera glasses that you can choose from. Opera glasses will ensure that you have better visibility and you won’t have to strain your eyes for you to enjoy the show. Therefore, as an opera fan, it’s up to you to know which one is best for your needs.