10 Best On-Camera Video Lights

One of the most important elements in photography is lighting. Whether you are shooting videos or taking still photographs, there needs to be adequate lighting for clear, top-quality images. For still photographers, speed light is required but for video shooter, on-camera light is the perfect lighting instrument. On-camera video lights are the continuous lights that are needed for shooting in indoor environments and low-light areas. They are mostly compact, battery powered lights that are mostly mounted on cameras to provide constant lighting when video footages are being recorded. While most are mounted on cameras, there are some that are not mounted on cameras. There are many that can even work on drones.

In this article, we have put together the best on-camera video lights available on the market and provided other important information you will need to make the right decision when choosing one.

Top 10 Best On-Camera Video Lights

1. Neewer 2

Neewer 2 Pieces Bi-Color 660 LED Video Light and Stand Kit

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This is a valuable package from Neewer that includes two excellent pro-quality on-camera video lights and few other things you will need for studio photography and video shooting. The 2 dimmable bi-color LED lights has lightweight and durable construction. With 330 white and 330 Yellow LED long lasting bulbs, the lights illuminate a variable balance from Tungsten-Daylight 3200-5600k color temperature. You also have two power options for the lights including AC adapter (included in the package) and a Sony NP-F550 NP-F970 Li-ion battery for wireless operation.

In addition to the lights, this value kit has an adjustable aluminum alloy light stand with adjustable U mount bracket that will let users turn the light towards different angle for the best shooting experience. Also included in the package are 2 x white diffusers, 2 x power adapters, 2 x power cable, and 2 x carrying case.

2. Viltrox L116T

Viltrox L116T RA CR195 Super Slim LED Light Panel

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This is a high-performance on-camera video light that is available at an incredibly affordable price. This is a smart choice light that adopts the newest LED honeycomb design. The super-slim lightweight and portable lights offer bi-color 20% – 100% brightness adjustment and color temperature adjustment from 3300K to 5600K. There is a dimmer knob to make the necessary adjustments easily.

The Viltrox L116T RA CR195 Super Slim LED Light Panel can be mounted on DSLR, DV camcorder, as well as tripod. There is an LCD display screen that will show clear information about the brightness, color temperature and battery level of the light. The included 2200mAh battery is equipped with intelligent short-circuit, overcharge protection for long time use. You can also power it through an AC adapter (not included in the package) when shooting indoor. Accessories you will find in the package include 1 x hot shoe adapter, 1 NP-F550 battery, and 1 x User manual.

3. Emart 60

Emart 60 LED Continous Portable Photography Lighting Kit

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This is another very affordable on-camera video light that will serve as the ideal shooting solution for most poorly lit environment. It is a little convenient instrument that provides excellent illumination and perfect daytime temperature for professional video footages and images. The package contains 2 sets of high-performance table top Led photography lights with stands.

The Emart 60 LED lights offer double color temperature 3300K and 5500K. They are multi-function lights that can be conveniently used for studio photography, lighting for video, images, collocation with all kinds of tabletop studio, as well as an essential lighting kit for video shooting. In addition to the sturdy stands, you will also get a 65inc power cable, Orange color gel filter and white color gel filter for LED light.

4. Aperture AL-M9

Aperture AL-M9 Amaran LED Mini Light on Camera Video Light

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This is a pocket-size LED fill light that will enhance your video shooting experience in the indoor space and dark environment. It is a compact and lightweight instrument with 9 SMD bulbs. The high efficiency bulbs are adjustable in 9 steps. One of the most remarkable thing about the light is its flexibility: It is applicable in several kinds of photography and video shooting.

The ultra-thin Aperture AL-M9 Amaran LED Mini Light on Camera Video Light will be a powerful instrument in the palm of your hand. It has built-in Lithium battery that you can charge via USB. It is also an affordable on-camera video light that has so many positive reviews from buyers/users. It is a bright little thing that will meaningfully enhance your shooting experience.

5. Samtian LED Ring

Samtian LED Video Light Kit

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This is a valuable kit with an incredible on-camera video light and few other accessories you will need to light up your shooting environment. The light features 160 LED lights and can be dimmed by 8 levels. Users can obtain different brightness levels to meet the need of different shooting environments. 3200K and 5500K color temperatures ensures that you have cool atmosphere or warm tone to meet users’ immediate needs.

One of the most impressive things about this light is its universal compatibility. Equipped with a hot shoe mount or 1/4″ thread, the light can mount on any standard hot shoe on most DSLR or digital cameras. It can also mount on most light stands and tripods. It also comes with a 2 NP-F550 rechargeable battery. In addition to the 2 x LED video light, you will get 2 x Orange filter, 2 x transparent filter, 2 x shoe adapter, 2 x Light Stand, 2 x battery, 1 x charger, and 1 x User manual. You will also enjoy 12-month warranty and life-time customer service when you purchase this package.

6. LUME Cube 2.0

LUME Cube 2.0 Daylight Balanced LED Light

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This is one of the smallest professional on-camera video lights on the market. Measuring just 1.6 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches and weighing only 11.2 ounces, the pro quality light offers daylight 5600K, 95+ CRI, diffused beam angle 800. There is a manual control that lets users adjust brightness up or down in 10% increment to obtain the perfect condition for varying lighting needs. The durable aluminum housing offers waterproof lighting up to 30ft depth.

Asides from the compact design, the light combines the latest in imaging LED technology and USB-C charging to make video shooting easier for content creators. Wireless connectivity to control this instrument with the Lume-X App for Android and iPhone is also enabled. Other accessories included in the package include a DSLR Mount, Modification Frame, Warming Gel, and Softening Diffuser.

7. ULANZI 96 LED Video Light

ULANZI Rechargeable 96 LED Video Light

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This is one of the most affordable on-camera lights on the market. It is a pocket LED light that is primarily designed for DSLR camera but can also be used with phones. This is a newly upgraded version with the right features to make on-the-go video shooting and content creation easier in most poorly lit environments.

One of the remarkable features of this little light is the new USB Rechargeable independent power switch and brightness wheel. The light can also remember the last-time brightness level when switched on and let the user continue shooting footages with the same brightness used the last time. The package comes with 1 x LED light, 1 x 2500mAh rechargeable Battery, 1 x USB Cable, 2 x Filter (Soft and Orange), and 1 x portable bag.

8. Raleno LED Video Light

Raleno LED Video Light

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This is a mid-level lighting instrument that can be used to fill the lights of photos and videos, so as to improve the quality and achieve best photo effect. This little on-camera video light is ideal for different kinds of small shooting occasions ranging from YouTube videos to wedding. The light from the instrument is light, soft, and will protect your eyes.

This Raleno LED Video Light provides 3200K and 6500K cold and warm lights that can be adjusted in no given steps until the perfect fill light source is established. It comes with a built-in 5000mA capacity battery that can be recharged anywhere with the include USB cable. In addition to the battery and charging cable, you will get hot shoe head and instruction manual in the box. The product comes with 12-month free warranty.

9. Boling BL-P1

Boling BL-P1 RGB LED Full Color Light for Camera Camcorder

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This is another pro-quality instrument with premium 290 LED beads that offer even illumination to improve video shooting environment. It offers a powerful light source with brightness that can be adjusted from 0 to 100%. Users can also easily switch between cold and warm color temperature 2500K to 8500K. The light also offer 9 common scenario simulations.

Everything about the Boling BL-P1 RGB LED Full Color Light is top-notch. It comes with a 7.4v/2930mAh lithium battery and a Type-C charge cable that will take just 90 minutes to get the battery fully charged. Even when you are shooting with 100% brightness, the battery can last up to 140 minutes after each full charge.

10. Pixel RGB G1

PIXEL RGB Camera Camcorder Video Light

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This is another pro-quality on-camera light that is moderately priced. It is an excellent option for all kinds of professional video makers and content creators. It offers full colors and 3 modes 9 lighting effects for the ultimate video shooting experience. You can also adjust everything from the hue to saturation, brightness, and color temperature. With this video light, you can easily create the perfect shooting condition for any kind of video/content.

Another wonderful thing about the PIXEL RGB Camera/Camcorder Video Light is the quality of its construction. It is well made to stand the test of time. In addition to that, you will get other accessories including 1 x portable carrying bag, 1 x cold shoe adapter, 1 x Type-C charging cable, 1 x Type-C to USB Adapter cable, and 1 x Manual. It also comes with 12 months warranty.

Buying Guide

As you can see from the products listed here, there are several brands of on-camera video lights. Each manufacturer also has several models that are updated and upgraded regularly to meet the needs of photographers and content creators. Picking one from the many available options can be very difficult which is why we are here to help.

Factors to consider when buying on-camera video lights

If you want to buy the best on-camera video light, there are important considerations you must make. Here, we will briefly discuss the most important ones:

What You Need the Light For

Depending on the kind of jobs you handle and the lights you own already, buy an on-camera light that will meet your needs. If you are a professional videographer that needs a professional video light for major projects, invest in pro-quality lights that will serve you efficiently. If, on the other hand, you are an amateur that just need something to make your videos brighter, small affordable lights are available.

Quality of Construction

The quality of construction is one of the most important things to consider when buying any instrument at all. For an on-camera video light, make sure you buy an instrument that is sturdily built with the right materials that can stand the test of time.


Different photo effects require different levels of lighting. Every modern on-camera video light must be adjustable. You must be able to adjust brightness and color temperature. There are other important parameters that can be adjusted to create the perfect shooting environment. Lights that offer different modes of operation are great.


Versatility is another important quality to consider. This is especially important if you are a professional and are intent on using the on-camera light for different shooting scenarios. You also need a light that you can attach on cameras, stands, and tripods. A versatile light will help you save cost on the long run.

Included Accessories

It is also important to consider the other items that are included in the package or light kit you want to purchase. Some on-camera light kits come with batteries, charging cables, stands and more. The included accessories add to the value of the product since you will not have to buy them separately.

Frequently asked questions about on-camera lights

Who needs on-camera video lights?

This types of lights are mostly used by professional video makers and content creators. They are needed by individuals involved in different kinds of photography and video creation.

Are all on-camera lights mounted on Cameras?

As the name suggest, most on-camera video lights are mounted on cameras. They can also be mounted on stands, tripods and similar instruments. There are some that may never be mounted on cameras at all.

What kinds of bulbs are used in on-camera video lights?

Modern on-camera video lights use LED bulbs. This type of bulb is bright and safe for the eyes.

How are on-camera video lights powered?

These lights are mostly battery-powered. Most models have rechargeable batteries that can easily be charged and offer several hours of lighting. Some can also be directly plugged through AC adapter.

Are on-camera video lights also used in still photography?

Yes, there are still photographers who use on-camera video lights. This is mostly obtainable in studio photography.

Wrapping Up

With a top-quality on-camera video light, shooting great videos and taking quality photos will not be an issue even in the dark. The products reviewed here are some of the finest lights you can get to improve your shooting experience. We have also discussed how you can make the right decision while shopping. We sincerely hope you find this buying guide useful and helpful.