10 Must-have Apps for Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is not just a smartphone, but a cutting-edge piece of technology that blurs the lines between phone and tablet. With its foldable design, the Galaxy Z Fold 5 offers a unique and versatile user experience.

To make the most of your Fold 5 experience, it’s essential to have the right apps that take full advantage of its dual screens and powerful features. We’ve rounded up the top 10 apps that are are must-have on your new device. From enhancing productivity to maximizing entertainment, these apps will redefine the way you use your phone.

1. Netflix


The Galaxy Z Fold 5’s large, immersive display was practically made for Netflix binging. Dive into your favorite shows and movies on the go, and relish the cinematic experience. The Fold 5’s flexible design and vivid visuals make every moment feel like a private screening, wherever you are.

2. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle

If you’re an avid reader, the Amazon Kindle app is a must-have. With the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s larger display, you can enjoy e-books in a more comfortable format, and the split-screen mode lets you take notes while you read.

3. Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

Your Fold 5 is already striking, but with Nova Launcher, you can make it truly yours. This customizable launcher offers a plethora of themes, icon packs, and gestures to elevate your device’s aesthetics. Embrace the freedom to tailor your Fold 5’s interface to match your style.

4. VLC Media Player

VLC for Android

VLC is an all-in-one multimedia player compatible with numerous audio and video formats. It ensures seamless playback on the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s expansive screens, enhancing your multimedia experience by delivering high-quality audio and video content with optimal clarity and versatility.

5. Tasker


With the Galaxy Z Fold 5 in hand, your potential is limitless – and so are your tasks. Tasker lets you automate actions based on triggers, from simple tasks like changing your wallpaper based on time to complex routines that optimize your device’s performance. Effortlessly switch between work and play with automated ease.

6. Magzter


Experience the joy of reading on your Fold 5 with Magzter. Access thousands of magazines and newspapers across various genres, all in one place. Whether you’re into lifestyle, tech, or fashion, Magzter turns your Fold 5 into a portable newsstand tailored to your interests.

7. Adobe Lightroom


The Fold 5’s powerful camera system deserves an equally powerful photo-editing app. Adobe Lightroom offers robust editing tools that help you transform your photos into works of art. The foldable screen provides ample space to fine-tune every detail, ensuring your snapshots stand out from the crowd.

8. Marvel Unlimited

Marvel Unlimited

Immerse yourself in the Marvel Universe like never before. The Galaxy Z Fold 5’s expansive display brings your favorite comics to life in vivid detail. Marvel Unlimited grants you access to thousands of comics, allowing you to embark on epic adventures with your beloved superheroes.

9. Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

The Fold 5 isn’t just for leisure; it’s a productivity powerhouse too. With the Microsoft 365 Office Suite, you can create, edit, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations seamlessly. Whether you’re in the office or on the move, the Fold 5’s versatility and the Office Suite’s capabilities have got you covered.

10. Brave Browser

Brave Private Web Browser

Tired of invasive ads and sluggish browsing? Brave Browser is here to rescue you. It’s not just a browser; it’s a game-changer. Brave blocks unwanted ads, trackers, and even optimizes your web experience for faster loading times. With the Fold 5’s expansive screen, you’ll be able to enjoy a clutter-free browsing experience like never before.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 isn’t just a phone; it’s a canvas for innovation and limitless possibilities. With the right apps in your arsenal, you can transform your Fold 5 into a productivity hub, an entertainment haven, and a personalized digital companion. Do check them out!