10 Things to Consider Before Buying an Android Smartphone

So you have been using iOS for quite a while now and want to change to android? Or maybe the phone that you are currently using keeps on slowing down and now you want to replace it? Well, the good news is that there are thousands of Android smartphones to choose from; however, not all of them are designed to meet your needs. In this regard therefore, before parting with your money, it is always wise to spend some quality time to shop for an Android smartphone that will make your life easier. Well, this Android smartphone guide is meant to help you choose wisely. Enjoy reading it!

Things to Consider Before Buying an Android Smartphone

1. Screen display and responsiveness of the Android smartphone touchscreen

Unresponsive screen is one of the most common problems with smartphones; however, Android smartphones come with a wide range of technology that delivers fast response to touch and great screen display. These include; resistive touchscreen, capacitive touchscreen, TFT LCD, IPS LCD, OLED, AMOLED and lastly but not least Gorilla Glass. The, conductive touchscreen is more responsive to touch as opposed to responsive touchscreen, while OLED and AMOLED offer bright rich color display in all condition and long battery life. The best selection here is an android phone that combines capacitive touchscreen, AMOLED and Gorillas Glass features that guarantees high-quality pictures, long battery life and durability.

2. The Type of Processor That Powers the Android Smartphone

The processor is a key component that determines the operational speed of the phone. The most common processors that identifies with android smartphones include; ARM, Snapdragon, Nvidia Tegra, Intel Atom, Hilskon, MediaTek and many others. If you intend to buy an Android smartphone for heavy use such as gaming or streaming without heating and draining the battery, the Snapdragon and Nvidia processors are the best to consider. On the other hand, Intel Atom processor is much faster than the ARM architecture although it drains the battery fast while the MediaTek is more preferred because of its outstanding powerful performance within a friendly budget that supersedes the likes of Snapdragon.

3. Consider Android smartphone with good storage capacity

Many Android phones come with inbuilt storage that varies in memory size to suit different needs. However, the most common issue raised is about the big space taken by the system files that usually leaves users with very little available space for additional apps and other files they wish to archive. This can be very stressful if the phones memory can’t be expanded and users are forced to delete data to create room new files. It is important to note that the phone’s storage can neither be expanded nor decreased. Therefore, if you intend to install heavy apps, videos and other files, you should consider buying an Android smartphone that supports SD expansion of up to 64 GB or more.

4. The battery life of the Android smartphone

Besides sending and receiving calls, there are many other tasks that you can do with your android smartphone. The ability of Android smartphones to store power varies between different phones depending on mAH rating. The mAH simply means the duration of time the phone is capable of storing power until its completely drained from a single charge. The higher the mAH the longer the duration of time the phone will store energy. In addition, the battery life varies depending on individual use.  If you intend to buy an Android smartphone for heavy tasks, any phone with 3500 mAH and above will be good to last you for 1 day; otherwise, 3000 mAH will be good for average tasks.

5. Check whether the android smartphone supports 4G

The is the most important feature to consider in an android smartphone more so if you are looking for fast internet speed or want to use your phone as a wireless hot spot to connect other Wi-Fi supported devices. It is the perception of many android users that 4G offers the best and fast wireless connectivity; however, this doesn’t hold for all 4G enabled android phones as there are many slow phones that support 4G. Common 4G technologies that identifies with android smartphones include; WiMAX, HSPA+ 21/42, and LTE. If you were to compare the speed of these technologies by uploading media files, the LTE will always standout as the fastest network.

6. Determine the OS android version of the smartphone

There are various series of Android OS with the latest version being the Nougat Android 7. It is not always assumable that the latest flagship for android smartphones are supported with the latest Android technology since it common to identify earlier versions on new models. These series are usually updated from time to time in order to improve the speed and security of the OS and also make it more stable. However, not all android version supports software updates when they are available. In such cases therefore, users will continue using old version that is not only slow, but unstable OS that can easily crush when security is compromised. This being said, it is very important to determine whether the android phone you intend to buy supports update to latest versions for phone’s stability.

7. Consider how long the android phone has been in the market

Phone manufactures work tirelessly round the clock to create and develop new models for android smartphones. The main purpose for this is to ensure that they remain relevant in meeting the market demand and customer demand. This has led to the release of so many models that keep on fading with every flagship. Therefore, it is always wise to find out about the duration of time that the android smartphone has been in the market and also prospect whether it will be worthwhile to continue using it on a long-term basis.

8. The picture quality the android phone’s camera

Many people that are looking to buy new phone are usually inclined to judge the best android camera phone on the basis of megapixel alone. Because of this, many people think that the higher the figure that is assigned to this property, the better the picture quality which in actual sense is not true. Well, there are so many other features that you need to assess in order to determine where the android phone will deliver the HD quality media. Such include; the number of lenses, the size of the aperture, image stabilization, among others. An ideal android camera phone with HD picture quality will be the one that comes with dual lenses, a small sized aperture e.g. f/2.0., and supports optical image stabilization.

9. Determine the security features that supports the android smartphone

These days, smartphones include more advanced security features that have made them more private. These usually range from simple lock patterns and password to very sophisticated fingerprints, face unlock and voice recognition. These security features will always ensure that your files are safe thereby protecting your private life from the public. In this regard, it is always advisable to consider android smartphones with more security options to protect your privacy.

10. The built design of the android smartphone

Different android phone manufactures will use different material on the phone’s body. The kind of the material used will go along to determine whether the phone can persist damage when accidently dropped. If you intend to get an android. This will vary from metal alloys, plastics, and even glass finishing. Android smartphones with metallic casing are durable and can withstand damage in hard condition when compared to plastic and glass frame.

The Bottom Line On the Best Android phones

If you want to buy an Android smartphone, you should first determine your needs as whether you intend to use it for heavy tasks or light use. For instance, if you want a phone that will deliver good gaming performance for long hours, an Android smartphone powered with Nvidia processor with at least 3500 mAH will be the best choice to consider.