Republic Wireless Review: Everything You Need to Know

For people who have no idea, Republic Wireless has been offering incredible and crisp Wi-Fi calling even before Google made popular its ‘Project Fi.’ Promising to be one of the amazing low cost carriers that will save you money, Republic Wireless was specially designed to help you easily route calls and data through a number of good Wi-Fi hotspots. The goal is to deliver to users an incredible calling experience especially when you find yourself in an area with no cellular signal. Thanks to easily affordable Republic Wireless plans, users can now enjoy a seamless wireless calling experience like never before. Now the million dollar question is, does republic wireless deliver on all its promises? Read on, as this exciting technology is further explored.


What network does Republic Wireless support?

According to the brains behind this technology, the republic wireless uses Wi-Fi first, and this isn’t surprising given the fact that Wi-Fi is often than not more reliable and yes, more cost-effective than cellular networks. When it comes to helping you save money, there is no doubt wireless is the way to go. However, what happens when Wi-Fi is not available? Well, republic wireless coverage hitches a ride on Sprint’s network to deliver an exceptional calling experience to their users.

Good enough, in 2016, the company added another network provider to give users more option in the event when there is no Wi-Fi network available. Although the company didn’t disclose the name of the new network partner, many believe the carrier is the country’s fastest and largest 4G LTE network provider- T-Mobile. This is no doubt, good news for people who want to give republic wireless a try as T-Mobile finished runners-up behind Verizon in the latest LTE network test. Moreover, while many smartphones especially those running on Android OS support Republic Wireless coverage, iPhones aren’t supported for now. Hopefully, they would be supported in the near future.

To enjoy republic wireless service, you’ll have to set up your phone to connect with Wi-Fi networks, but guess what, this is worth it as you’ll find out that calling over Wi-Fi is a lot cheaper than using your phones cellular network.

What phones support the use of Republic Wireless Plans?

According to the company, there are approximately 13 devices that work quite well with Republic wireless. However, you should note that iPhones are not currently supported, this means, you’ll have to get yourself an android enabled device to take advantage of the service.

republic wireless phones

Some of the popular devices that will work effectively with Republic Wireless include top smartphones like the Samsung S20, S10, Pixel 4, Note 10+, Moto G stylus, Moto G Power and guess what, the republic wireless plans for these blends of phones are quite affordable. The cool part is that the company allows you to pay for your phone in monthly installments, how cool can that be? However, before you get too excited, you should be aware that there are financing charges, this means you’ll end up paying more if you decide to tow this direction. Moreover, their phone selection and support changes with updates so you’ll want to ensure you check on the latest devices Republic Wireless supports before choosing a plan.

The exciting part for us is that you’re not restricted to buy supported phones only through the company, so you can surf online to get a supported smartphone at a good price. More so, the company also offers SIM cards if you already have a supported phone. To check if your phone is currently supported, head to the Republic Wireless site or quickly download the Republic Wireless app from Google play store. Whichever works for you is good.

What republic wireless plans are the best?

The company has been honest and straightforward with users’ especially seeing that republic wireless carriers have adjusted the prices of data, but while cost normally increases based on the type of data plan you opt for, it is sacrosanct to note that Republic tried to simplify things further by charging $5 for every gigabyte of data used. Even Google adopted this approach with their Project Fi, although they charge $10 for every gigabyte.

republic wireless plans

The good news is all republic wireless plans allow users to enjoy unlimited calls and text. This means you wouldn’t have to bother about how much you use to call or text loved ones as you would with other discount carriers. With $15 plan that lasts for a month, you are all prepped to enjoy an amazing experience using the republic wireless.

When it comes to using data on the Republic wireless, $5 for every gigabyte is a great bargain you wouldn’t want to turn down. This means that if you only use 1 gigabyte in a month, you’ll only be paying $20 a month for a subscription and that includes call and text. However, you should know that this rate doesn’t cover taxes. On the flip side, a 3 GB plan which without a doubt is more than enough for most users would cost you an excess of $30 a month. Want to enjoy some discounts? Then you wouldn’t go wrong to try the MetroPCS carrier, they give you 2GB for $30, and that includes taxes and regulatory fee. There is also a 5GB plan by MetroPCS and Republic that cost $40 a month.

republic wireless plan options

Not satisfied with all these plans and want something bigger? Then you should go for the republic’s biggest plan that cost you $90 for every month. If you don’t have the wherewithal to go for this plan, you’ll be better off with the lower cost unlimited plans offered by one of the major carriers. When your data is almost exhausted, you always get a ping from republic to either change your plan or add more.

What are the special features that Republic wireless offer?

Republic Wireless technology comes with lots of fantastic features including one that is called Adaptive Coverage. This feature leverages a technology called ‘Bonded Calling.’ What it does is blend both cellular and Wi-Fi signal to deliver a crisp calling quality. According to the company, this technology evaluates the quality of your phone’s connectivity using Wi-Fi and proceeds to use available cellular data to boost your network strength hence, resulting in a quality calling experience.

republic wireless coverage

The goal of this technology is to reduce the number of failed call especially if you are floating between cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. While this can be quite an enormous engineering challenge, this feature will guarantee you enjoy lower cost. Seeing the success of this technology, Project Fi and Comcast’s Xfinity Mobile also took advantage of it.

Did you know that you can also use your phone’s mobile hotspot with no additional fee, Cool right? Well, with your monthly data allotment, you can cut many charges by using your phone’s hotspot. However, you’ll have to be on either Republic Refund or Clear Choice plan to enjoy this feature, and your device must also be running on Android 5.0 or higher.

What are consumers saying about Republic Wireless?

Republic Wireless has no doubt enjoyed massive patronage with much feedback coming from Yelp users who have given it a try. On Yelp, Republic Wireless enjoys a rating of 3.5 from over 72 reviews. For many customers, the cost saving aspect of republic wireless is what has endeared them to the technology. For a group of others, they were blown away by republic wireless responsive customer service. Overall, many customers were excited about how easy they could enjoy more for less.

Nevertheless, Republic Wireless isn’t without criticisms. Some customers complained of call hanging together with lack of comprehensive family plans. To this end, you’ll have to consider Republic Wireless coverage before opting for any of their plans.

Another thing that has intrigued many customers about this company is their very prompt response via their website and email system. This has earned them lot of accolades as customers can now send questions or queries to support and receive a quick response to their inquiries.


Republic Wireless deserves lots of credit for developing an innovative concept that even Google couldn’t help but follow suit with a groundbreaking technology like the Project Fi. For students who study on campuses with a vast coverage of Wi-Fi network, you’ll spend less on the four big wireless carriers by taking advantage of Republic Wireless. This would be a great option for anyone looking to spend less and enjoy more. The icing on the cake is Republic Wireless appealing approach to data pricing.

However, while the technology may look spot on and flawless, one of the major drawbacks is the limited phone selection that can run on the Republic Wireless platform. Secondly, the mixed feelings among customers regarding the efficacy of the technology’s blended calling capabilities. Nonetheless, if you spend the majority of your day in areas with high-speed Wi-Fi connections, Republic wireless will be a great option.