Review: Hurry App for Android

Hurry is a newly launched android app that can help you to keep track of upcoming events using widgets and notifications.

Sam Ruston created the app specifically for those who enjoy counting down to events like birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, concerts, conferences, and any such special event, and the app is just perfect for this.

Just like every other app from Sam Ruston, Hurry boast of an exciting user interface, perfect functionality and minimalistic design. It creates quick countdown timers with notifications and tasteful widgets.

You can equally add images to the events to add extra bit of flair and they are not likely going to clash with your theme.


Basic features

The basic features in the Hurry app are as follows;

  • It allows you to create entries for events that you need countdowns for, and there is an option to watch the seconds of the timer waste away as an event approaches.
  • There are optional notifications that can remind you of the event at set intervals.
  • The app contains widgets that come in several distinct forms that can easily suit any theme.
  • There app allows the use of images from either your gallery or the web as part of the event.
  • You can equally share the upcoming events with your friends and loves ones to spread the excitement.

How it works

Once you open the Hurry app for the first time, there will be a blank page with the message ‘You haven’t added any events yet’. At the left bottom corner, there will be a plus (+) icon. You can add an event by clicking on the icon. Once you click on the + icon, another section will appear where you will be able to add a new event. This section contains the options what, when, where, and photos.

What has a number of options like concerts weddings, etc. The when section lets you choose the date from a calendar and also set the specific time for the events. Where lets you enter the place the event will take place. At the photos category, you will have the option to select from your gallery, the web or select none to have no image for the event.

When you have finished setting up the event how you want it, you can click on the add event button and the countdown to the event will be created in the home screen of the app. The widgets can also be placed on the home screen of your phone even when the app is not opened and the countdown to the event will be visible.



As much as counting down to an event is concerned, Hurry is a perfect app. The quality of the design is top notch and the functionality cannot be rivalled. The high quality widgets that comes at varying sizes make it suitable for all kinds of android phones and for different themes. The option of selecting between personal images or web images at the photo section adds an exciting flair to  the  experience.


The Hurry app is perfect as much as event countdown is concerned. In fact, the only complaint so far about the app is the fact that there are no advertisement and in-app purchases as Google Play Store indicates there will be. Save from that, the app is perfect.


Hurry is absolutely free on Google Play Store. There is zero cost associated with the use of the app.


There is no security concern with the app. It is from Sam Ruston, and there cannot be anything bad from the developer. You can download and use the app with confidence.

Bottom line

Hurry is a kick-ass app that is set to add a lot of fun to how you countdown to events. From design to functionality, it offers a refreshing way to manage events properly and avoid missing out on important occasions.

Download Hurry from Google Play