Duplicate Photos Fixer App Review

Duplicate files in the form of duplicate photos, music & audio files, videos, documents and other files keep on accumulating in large volume on your smartphone storage. These unnecessary files occupy some valuable device storage space and also affects your device speed & performance negatively. One possible way to scan, find and delete these files is to perform manual cleaning of your smartphone device which usually takes lot of time and efforts. Next way possible is to use duplicate photo finder & remover apps for quick and effective results.

Use Duplicate Photos Fixer

Duplicate Photos Fixer is futuristic app that is designed to de-duplicate your photo gallery effortlessly. This sophisticated tool works on smart algorithms and smart techniques to find and remove all similar and exact looking files with greatest accuracy. Its potent search engine helps you clean your device’s remotest corners to remove all identical files. You can use this tool to de-duplicate your photo collection, recover storage space and for improved device performance.

Duplicate Photos Fixer app

Features of the App

1. Multiple Scan Options

using this app, you can select scan type from multiple options. Here, it allows you to select camera mages, specific folder or full scan mode. Using this feature, you can limit your scan to specific folder.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Multiple Scan Options.jpg

2. Set Matching level

This is another useful feature to refine your search. Here you can set matching level to find exact or similar files. To do this, you can set matching level from high to low. You can find matching level feature under “Scan settings”.

3. Scan Process

App is designed to provide quick and effective results. The scan process is quick and delivers highly accurate results. It works on simple yet potent search engines to de-duplicate even the remotest corners of your smartphone device. It scans both your internal storage and SD card on device.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Scan Process

4. Quick Scan Results

Scan results are displayed in groups in auto-mark format. App remains mark all last files of the group as secondary data meant for deletion. Alternatively, you can opt “Unmark All” option to select files manually for deletion.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Quick Scan Results

5. Clear Cache

Using this feature, you can clean the cache of the app. You can use this feature to run a fresh scan every time. It will also boost performance of the app.

6. Preview

Before deletion of the duplicate photos you can preview them for better file management. It is useful feature to avoid deletion of important photos from your collection. It displays preview of the photos with information like image resolution, file size, and path of the file. When you opt preview of the specific group it will preview all files from the group.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Preview

7. Language

To use this app, you can opt language of your choice from multiple options. It supports all major language options available around the world. It is helpful to assist users with different language preferences.

The verdict of the App

Duplicate Photos Fixer is meticulously designed app that helps you de-duplicate your photo collection effortlessly. It not only helps you recover some precious storage space but it also helps you improve device performance. It offers various scan options and allows you to set matching level to refine your search process. Further, it offers preview of the files for better management of your files. Using this tool, you can save your time and reduce manual efforts.

Strongly Recommended!

You can download Duplicate Photos Fixer from Google Play.


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