Cool Tech Gifts To Buy

There are many different gadgets and tech products now available in the market but it gets tough for each one of us when it comes to choosing the best one to gift our loved ones.

In this article, we have selected some cool tech gift products that you might want to consider when looking to gift someone with a cool tech gadget.

10 Cool Tech Gifts To Buy

1. OV Pro Voice Activated Headphones

Grab on these voice activated headphones only for keeping up with your music to next level. The wireless headphones are a loved product for its multi tasking capabilities and Siri and Google Assistant compatibility. The headphones are also designed to be worn and kept comfortably.

OV Pro Voice Activated Headphones

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2. Amazon echo Spot

Filled with great Alexa features like making video calls, checking weather, tracking the to-do list and calender, Amazon echo spot is a perfect pick for anyone. The product is compact and can be placed just about anywhere in the proximity. The Amazon echo also has a small screen that can be set with a background photo for a personalized touch.

Amazon echo Spot

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3. GoPro Fusion

For all the photography freaks, nothing can be better that this Gopro Fusion that allows you to take 360 degree panoramic photos with absolute stability. The waterproof feature of the GoPro fusion along with its hands free voice command feature makes it a favorite of all in the market. Some other features of the GoPro fusion includes its bluetooth, wi-fi and GPS compatibility.


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4. Polaroid Pop Digital Camera

The Polaroid cameras have been a new tech loved product for many lately but what makes this Pop digital a better pick is its touchscreen viewfinder usage with absolutely classic 3*4 inches snaps. The camera also has a self timer and comes with a photo sharing Polaroid app.

Polaroid Pop Digital Camera

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5. Nintendo Switch

If you are a hard core gamer longing to play the old childhood games with a modern touch then Nintendo Switch is a surprise for you. The gaming system brings a console that is both portable and can be connected to home system. The gaming product is unbelievable smooth and one of the best buys available in the market these days.

Nintendo Switch

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6. Nvidia Shield TV

Change your life with vocal commanding with the NVIDIA shield Tv that is absolutely compatible with your home TV system for better. You can now go hands-free for searching anything you want, keeping track of your days, working vocally etc. The shield also comes with different apps that makes your home system even better and more functional in every way.


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7. GE Lighting C by GE

Nothing could be better that this coll tech gift for your friend or family member that includes features that would woo everyone. The ring lamp is not just beautiful but also, comes with Alexa features that include music, news, search engine options, space lighting control etc. The Smart lamp also has a visual kitchen timer along with a variety of shades to choose from for lighting options as per choice.

GE Lighting C by GE

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8. Google Daydream View

Virtual reality is enjoyed by all the tech freaks these days with the advanced VRs and one of the best by google is the day dream view. This product is an extremely cool tech gift for anyone. It comes with brilliant and comfortable straps. The VR controls motion and can also be connected to the TV. The experience on the VR especially Google Daydream View is incredible and worth the price.

Google Daydream View

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9. iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum

Bring home or gift this new and advance robotic vaccum cleaner for shredding someones burden technologically. The irobot roomba 890 is a very advanced cleaner that operates on iAdapt navigation to detect the areas that needs cleaning. The product has a 360 degree camera for scanning the debris and dirt around the space for spic cleaning. It is therefore a perfect cool tech gift for anyone.

iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum

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10. Sony BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

This television is a complete eye-pleaser with great and stunning visual quality with wide watching angles and brighter screen colors. The TV is also a great pick because it is energy-efficient and operates on organic light emitting diode technology. Though the TV costs a lot but it is worth every penny.

Sony BRAVIA OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

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So what are you waiting for? you’ve a list of cool tech gifts now. Grab your favorite one!