Cool Tech Gadgets To Buy

When it comes to the gadgets, there is hardly any general way of determining which tech gadget will be the best one for an individual. It normally boils down to what an individual wants. Whatever gadget you might be interested in buying, finding the best one will really be hard. There are just too many products from different manufacturers that all claim to have employed the latest and most innovative technologies. To distinguish the worthy products from the bad but hyped ones, a great deal of research might be necessary.

In this article, we’ve have done the bulk of the research and bring you what we believe are some of the cool tech gadgets you might be interested. Take a look.

10 Cool Tech Gadgets To Buy

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

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This is a powerful microphone that can suit anyone that desires to record any sort of audio directly into his/her computer. The device is perfectly made in such a way that it delivers studio-quality recordings. It handles tasks that require multiple microphones. 4 different pattern settings will permit you to record instrumental music, interviews, podcasts, and vocals. The modes includes Stereo, cardioid, omnidirectional, and bidirectional modes.

One of the coolest things about the Blue Yeti USB Microphone is that you can control your recording in real-time. This makes sure that users are fully in charge of the recording and will get exactly what they want once they know how to use it. It is quite easy to master too. Setting it up is easier than you can imagine. There are no drivers required to make it work. Once you plug it into the computer through a USB port, you can calibrate it with your operating system and the device is ready to be used.

2. Elgato Stream Deck

Elgato Stream Deck

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In this century, technology has made it easy for ordinary individuals with extraordinary talents to create something meaningful and engage large audience in real-time from the comfort of their home or office environment. Too often, there is need to navigate myriad windows in your PC while creating meaningful contents, but this doesn’t have to be the case when you have this device.

With the Elgato stream deck, you are fully in control of the situation and can do quite so much with a set of customizable buttons that can trigger a range of actions such as Twitch messages. The design of the device and the way the keys are laid are some of the most important things about it. The 6.7 ounces device has 15 keys that are topped with clear plastic underneath an LCD panel.

The way it works is also interesting. It integrates your tools and automatically detects the scenes, media, and audio sources, allowing you to control them all in the simplest manner. You can customize it just the way you want and make it yours alone.

3. Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

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This is one little tech gadget that will surprise you in so many ways. Measuring 4.2 X 4.6 X 5.2 inches and weighing just 1.32 pounds, the Wonderboom is not the biggest speaker you will see in the market but it will certainly turn up a party with its crisp, clear 3600 sound. Depending on the environment and occasion, you can adjust the output of this little wonder. It can output better than most of the bigger speakers in the market.

Rated IPX7 Waterproof, the UE Wonderboom is water resistant; so you do not have to be afraid of using it around water. For connectivity, this device can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can also connect it with other devices by holding the UE button.

With the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom, you can enjoy longer media play. It has an impressive battery life that can play for up to 10 hours after each full charge.

4. Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK

Audio-Technica AT-LP3BK

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This is a fully automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable that you can use to take your analogue listening experience to the next level. It is not like every other automatic turntables you have seen but has advanced features that will give you exceptional high-fidelity performance.

The AT-LP3 boasts of a revolution to what we know about automation in turntables. The AT91R Dual Moving Magnet phono cartridge picks up subtle details to enhance the performance of the device. There is also a removable universal headshell that allows for upgrading of the cartridge for enhanced sound quality. There is also a 4.5mm thick rubber platter mat that is very efficient in reducing unwanted vibration when you are using the AT-LP3, making sure that you obtain stable play.

Audio-Technica products are trusted by professionals for use in studios and on stages. This model is not an exception. It is actually a highly improved version. It has been favourably reviewed by so many verified buyers.

5. 8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller

8Bitdo SF30 Pro Controller

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For video game enthusiasts, there is nothing as cool as a sleek retro controller. This particular device was obviously designed with full attention to detail to give it the feel of a perfect controller. It is a truly versatile device that can work with Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, and Android. While it have been pitched to compete with gamepads from some of the top brands like Sony and Microsoft, the 8Bito SF30 Pro Controller is actually in world of its own and will appeal to any real game lover.

One of the best things about this controller is the fact that it is ultra-compatible. It also features Rumble vibration, Motion control, and USB-C. For connection, this controller can be connected directly through USB and also wirelessly through Bluetooth. It also features D-Input and X-Input functionality.

The SF30 Pro Controller measures 3.8 X 1.9 X 6.2 inches and weighs 8.8 ounces. It also has a high performance in-built Lithium ion battery.

6. NETGEAR Arlo Pro Certified VMS4230 Security System

NETGEAR Arlo Pro Certified VMS4230-100NAR Security System

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With Arlo Pro wire-free security cameras, you will be able to significantly improve the security system in your home and business premises. The device lets you keep a vigilant eye over your premises from every angle. It works indoors and outdoors and are efficient in daytime and at night too. The refurbished product looks and works as a new one and 90 Day warranty and email support.

There are several smart features that make this camera one of the very best security devices around. The device is a 100% wire-free HD security camera, so you are completely free from cords and the hassles they can cause. The cameras are IP65-certified weatherproof and will serve through the heat, rain, and snow. You will also enjoy free cloud storage with Arlo. You can view live and record footages anywhere. It has a smart siren feature too that can be activated remotely or when movement or sound is detected. It also has a 2-way audio that lets you listen and talk back. You can also secure your recording with the USB drive. The rechargeable battery is also long-lasting.

7. Shure GLXD24R/SM58-Z2

Shure GLXD24R SM58-Z2

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This is a rechargeable Wireless System with SM58 Vocal Microphone, half rack. It is a perfect system for music venues. It will offer exceptional audio clarity that will liven up any venue. It also has several advanced features that will be the key to an excellent experience in your venue. It is also wonderfully built, measuring 4.1 X 18.5 X 14.9 inches and weighing 7.23 pounds.

The Shure GLX-D is easy to install and comes with mounting hardware and detachable antenna. You can then add the other accessories that will optimize your venue for what you intend to do. Asides from the exceptional digital audio clarity that the rack offers, there are several other key benefits that it offers such as intelligent rechargeability that will let you use for up to 16 hours after each full correct charge; improve RF performance; automatic frequency management and others.

8. PNY NVIDIA Quadro P4000

PNY NVIDIA Quadro P4000

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For individuals that deals with large models, scenes, and assemblies, there is need for excellent graphic performance and that is exactly what this device offers. During the different stages of your project, the card will be very helpful in several ways. It is regarded as the most powerful single slot VR ready Professional visual computing solution. It is based on the NVIDIA Pascal architecture but will deliver more power than the NVIDIA Maxwell-based quadro M4000.

The PNY NVIDIA Quadro P4000 is beautifully built. It measures 9.5 X 4.4 X 0.8 and weighs 1.05 pounds. It is compatible with most versions of professional applications. The supported platforms are also numerous. With the right system in place, this card will ensure interactive performance during design, visualization and simulation stages of any project.

9. Canary View Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera

Canary View Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera

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The real purpose of security system is to keep your properties safe and the Canary view does just that to a great extent. With this camera, you can truly keep an eye on your home from any place in the world. You will be able to view and even hear what is going on day and night in high definition. When there is any security issue to address, you can easily alert your local authority right from the Canary App (Android, iOS). The camera is designed in such a cool manner that setting up is so simple. Once there is internet connection (preferably Wi-Fi), the 1080P HD camera will work perfectly fine.

In terms of price, the Canary View Indoor 1080p HD Security Camera is the best security camera you can get within that range. There are several intelligence features that make the device a top security device for your home and business premises. Cloud storage that ensure data privacy; one touch emergency access; two way audio communication; AI technology for real time person and motion alert; privacy mode and automatic arming and disarming are parts of the major features.

10. Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical

Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical

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The pressure of the 21st century means that many individuals have less time for workouts. If you understand how important it is to stay fit, you will know that the ‘no time’ excuse is a dangerous thing for anyone. With this original under-desk elliptical, you can keep active at any place at all. The gadget is the first and only Bluetooth enabled elliptical and will let you connect to the Cubii iOS and Android app to manage your workout and fitness goals. With this device, it is not just about calories count. It is an easy and convenient alternative to the gym and will let you engage your abs/core, hip flexors, quads, glutes, calves, and hamstring. It will also help you to improve your posture.

There are so many things about the Cubii Pro Under-Desk Elliptical that we can’t fully talk about here. The patented ergonomic design is optimized for only sitting position. You can benefit from it while at home or in the office. It lets you engage in a low impact workout that doesn’t stress the knee but will benefit you enormously. The device is also sturdily built to last. It was included in TIME’S favorite Gifts list and we feel it is a device you should buy.

Buyer’s Guide

When shopping around for tech gadgets, there are certain things you really need to put into consideration. We will briefly consider the most critical factors here.

Your need

There is no point buying things that you do not need. It is always important to know exactly what you need and outline the requirements before setting out to buy. Even if you do not have your list of needs, when you browse through product lists, you may notice you need some of them. It is advisable, however, to consider the ones that will serve genuine need.

Quality of product

A good quality product has lots of benefits including efficiency and durability. It is essential that you buy only products of good quality so that it will serve you efficiently as long as possible.


The value of a product is determined by its price and how useful it will be to you. What may represent value to some other individual may not mean much to you, so you need to ensure that whatever you buy will add value to your life. That is what technology is meant to do, by the way.


Technology has developed greatly and there are always some new things to buy at all time. It is very important to buy things that are meaningful and we have considered some of the very cool tech gadgets you might be interested.