Best Smartphones for Music Lovers

Every manufacturer tries to bring something distinctive so that their smartphone can attract consumers. Almost everyone loves music even if it just a bit. Most users use their smartphones to either stream music and videos. So different manufacturer paid particular attention to the audio capability of smartphones. In a year, good sound players and Hi-Fi audio chipset make smartphones a treat for music lovers.

Almost all smartphones have speakers, but not all of them can serve or is capable of providing the best music experience. The smartphone perfect hardware combined with the software level boost is essential to turn music lovers head. So if you are a music lover and you are planning to get the smartphone which can provide the best sound experience, check out the list of the best smartphone in the market with the best sound quality that will tickle your earbuds:

1. HTC U11

The main significant feature of the HTC U11 is its notch audio capabilities which beat most of the other smartphones in the market. The HTC U11 is known for its Hi-Fi Boom speakers. It supports 24-bit audio which makes you experience excellent sound quality. The presence of the 24-bit DAC chipset enhanced the audio output which also makes it support 3D audio recording. The device sound not only great in the open air but also sound amazing in its USonic headphones.


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2. HTC 10

The audio-centric of this device is one of the assets that make the device outstanding. It produces stereo audio output and also offer high definition file. Its speakers bring impressive stereo sound not only from the base speakers but also the ear speakers. Its sound quality is way better than device packed with mono speakers.

HTC 10

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3. iPhone 7

The iPhone 7& seven plus sound volume and quality is nearly two times better than the other IOS devices. Its stereo sound system ensures that it the user has the best sound experience. The device has stereo speakers on top and below of it which not only enhance the sound quality but also make it clearer. The Apple iPhone joined hands with the Cirrus logic to produce a dedicated audio chip for the device. The ‘338S00105’ is the DAC inside the instrument which acts as an amplifier for the speakers on top and bottom side of the device.

iPhone 7

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4. Samsung Galaxy S8

Using the S8 to listen to music, it allows you sync two pairs of wireless Bluetooth headphones. This device also supports Hi-resolution audio letting users enjoy the best quality sounds. Hello, I’m an article writer. Give me the chance to help you with your project, and I’m sure you will be glad.

Samsung Galaxy S8

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5. LG G6

The LG was the first smartphone to reveal the smartphone G6 flagship by paying particular attention to the device audio competences. The device features the superior DAC chipset which makes the device provide premium sound experience. The LG G6 speaker quality is way better than most smartphones flagship.


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6. LG V20

This LG smartphone is also pretty good in sound quality even though it doesn’t have the B&O module. The device changes its hardware by using the ESS latest DAC ES9218 chipset which reduces the noise and also enhanced the performance. The LG V20 also has a different headphone which provides audio output of 2Vrms which makes the user have good sound experience while listening to music. The V20 new DAC provides 50% enhancement in performance during noise. By default, the LG V20 supports 32-bit music which makes it owner enjoy the best music experience.

LG V20

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7. ZTE Axon 7S

This device has excellent audio features. The Axon 7s features the dual Hi-Fi chips which provide better sound. The front facing speakers adorn the device with Dolby’s ATMOS. The device is quite amazing in its audio qualities. The Axon 7s first chipset which is ‘’AKM AK4961 DAC” provides the greatest audio experience even for a 32-bit music combined with the secondary chipset which is ‘’AK4490 DAC”. Both the two chips are powerful to provide the premium experience when listening to music. Apart from all this, the device also has front facing speakers with ATMOS sound tech which is a big graduation among smartphones.

ZTE Axon 7S

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8. Huawei Mate 9

The Huawei Mate 9 comes with a dual stereo speaker setup with a single speaker found on the device and a secondary speaker built into the earpiece. The Mate 9 provides the user with a top audio experience. The speakers produce clear and loud sound even when retained at low sound levels. For more recent offering, check Huawei Mate 10 for upgraded features.

Huawei Mate 9

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9. Sony Xperia XZ Premium

The audio quality of this device is the highlight of the device next to the 4K HDR display. It is equipped with a front stereo speaker. The Sony Xperia Xz supports LDAC technology which prevents loss of quality when connected to a wireless speaker. Also, another technology, DSEE, present in the device provides better sound when playing music. The device also supports High-resolution audio making user get the overall best audio experience.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

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10. OnePlus 3T

One Plus 3T device produces a perfect sound with the presence of the Dirac HD Sound enhancement. This device enthusiastically hunts out the faults in audio, that is, showing the weak and lacking clarity or distortion in the sound and thereby tweaks the output to counteract the problems. The One Plus 3T is a device that will leave an extra chunk of change in your pocket making the audio abilities difficult to beat.

OnePlus 3T
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