Best Hidden Bug Detectors

With so many spy devices on the market today, anyone can be spied on. From agencies to business competitors and even individuals close to you, there are possibilities that you may be under one kind of surveillance or another. It is important, therefore, to take steps to protect your privacy if you feel there is any risk of being monitored illegally.

One of the best ways you can protect yourself from being spied upon is to invest in a good quality hidden bug detector. This is basically a device that can detect the presence of electromagnetic noise and radio frequency signals in your surroundings. These devices are anti-spy gadgets that can quickly scan an area and detect the presence of such surveillance equipment as audio and visual transmitters, spy microphones, hidden cameras, bugs, GPS trackers, GSM listening devices, and several other gadgets that you may not see for what they truly are.

While these counter surveillance tools were mostly used for professional purposes by police and other government agencies in the past, their uses has become popular among the civilian population. The type used by law enforcement and the type used by the public are not often of the same class, however. Professional bug detectors may be costlier but they will cover more range of frequencies than the domestic bug detectors.

Buyer’s Guide

With the popularity of bug detectors growing by the day, many companies are entering the market. While this means that the consumer has more options to consider, there is no guarantee of buying top quality detectors all the time. In fact, it may take a lot of research to determine the best detector to buy. To make the process easier for you, we have researched extensively to find the best of these devices on the market. We will review each of them as briefly as possible.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hidden Bug Detector

Though we have made the process a lot easier by finding the best bug detector devices on the market for you, there is need for you to know the major factors that determine how useful the product will be to you. Here are few important factors you must consider before picking one:

Ease of Use

It is often recommended that you buy a device that is easy to use. There is no need to invest in a spy detector that you will find difficult to use efficiently. Most of the top quality bug detectors here are easy to operate and you will have fun instead of stress using them.

Frequency Coverage

The frequency range covered by a particular anti spy device determines the type of surveillance gadgets it can find. Even if you are looking for a personal handheld device that you will use at home or in your small workplace, it is important to ensure that it can cover from 1 MHz to 6000 MHz, at least.

Detection Method

It is also helpful to buy an anti-spy device that has different methods of detecting signals from bugs and spy gadgets. Most top quality bug detectors offer laser detection, LED display detection, beep detection, and vibration (mute) detection. This makes it easier to know when something is wrong and find out where the signal is coming from in order to fully protect your privacy.

Top 10 Best Hidden Bug Detectors

1. Wattne K-68

Wattne K-68

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This is a portable hidden bug detector that offers flexible sensitivity and can detect all kinds of spying gadgets in private and public places. With its automatic detection function, the device will alert you of any potential spy threat from spy-gadgets like bugs, hidden cameras, GSM listening devices, GPS trackers, and more.

This device is a professional bug detector that can be used in different settings, thanks to the adjustable potentiometer. It is fast and accurate, and can cover the range of 1MHz to 8000MHz. It works with multiple detection modes including laser detection, LED display detection, beep detection, and vibration (mute) detection. This means it is safe to use even in situations where you don’t want others to know that you are searching for spy/surveillance devices.

2. CC308+

 PANNOVO Anti-spy Signal Detector

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This is one of the cheapest bug detector you can find anywhere. It is basically an eavesdropping device killer that can also serve efficiently as pinhole spy camera finder and wire signal detector. There are so many impressive things about this device asides from the price. It is a very portable detector that you can easily carry anywhere. The detection sensitivity is also adjustable, making the device ideal for use in different settings.

The CC308+ Anti-spy Signal Detector has a good electromagnetic compatibility. The receiving frequency range is 1MHz to 6500MHz, which is magnificent for a device of its quality and price. Its detection methods include laser detection, beep detection, LED display detection, and vibration (mute) detection. It can also alert users about possible spy devices in any place through a headset. It has a built-it rechargeable lithium polymer 280mAh battery.


JMDHKK Bug RF and Anti Spy Detector

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This is a highly sensitive multi-function RF wireless signal finder that will meaningfully improve your privacy protection. It is everything you need; a bug detector, an RF detector, and an anti-spy gadget that will find such things as hidden cameras, car GPS tracker, GSM listening device, audio and video recording devices or transmitters, and other gadgets used for surveillance and eavesdropping. It boasts of a powerful signal processing technology that makes it efficient for laser scanning, RF wireless signal detection, magnetic field signal detection and more.

The JMDHKK K18 detector works within the frequency range of 1MHz to 8000MHz. It is also easy to use and widely applicable. You can use it to monitor such private areas as a bedroom, hotel rooms, confidential laboratories, and even your car. It can also be used to ensure that public places are safe for important conversations and meetings.

4. UNKNOK G318

UNKNOK Hidden Camera Detector

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UNKNOK G318 is a complete anti-spy device that will detect all kinds of bugs and hardware used for secret surveillance. It is a wireless ultra-high sensitive bug detector that can be used in different settings to find GPS trackers, wireless pinhole cameras, listening devices and others.

One special thing about this device is its affordability. Despite being a professional radio detection device with incredible features, it is very affordable. It is also very easy to use with just the switch and sensitivity knobs to work with. It supports audio and visual alarms. There are ten level LED indicators that will guide you to any bug or spying device. It is an accurate device that will also prevent any form of eavesdropping on you.

5. Eilimy G319

Eilimy G319 Anti-Spy Wireless RF Signal Detector

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This is an upgraded version of the powerful G318+ but you will get it at the same price as the old model. It is an affordable anti-spy device that offers a lot of benefits. Firstly, it is an efficient device that will help you detect and take care of such illegal spying gadgets as GPS trackers, hidden cameras, GSM listening devices, and others. Its ultra-high sensitivity means you will easily find wireless eavesdropping devices indoors or outdoors.

The Eilimy G319 ranks high among the very best anti-surveillance gadgets even though it is highly affordable. The small handheld device is easy to use, yet boast of high accuracy. It has a new upgraded chip that guarantees reliable performance in all settings. It comes with a built-in lithium polymer battery that offer 15 – 25 hours of bug detection after one full charge.


KORKUAN K18 Anti Spy Detector

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This is another cool little device that represent all you need for privacy protection. It is an RF detector, bug detector, and camera finder. The device is also perfect for finding GPS trackers and GSM listening devices that are hidden in cars, personal space and public places. It is one of the best devices you can invest in when you feel you may be a target of illegal surveillance. It has the latest professional radio detection technology and boasts of ultra-high sensitivity.

The KORKUAN K18 Anti Spy Detector is great at what it does. It can identify anything from wireless pinhole cameras to eavesdropping and tracking devices, as well as electrical sources. It is easy to use, and widely applicable. You can use it to check if your telephone is being tapped, if your home is under any illegal surveillance, if your hotel room is being tapped, as well as if your car is being tracked.

7. Eilimy G318+

Eilimy Anti-Spy Wireless RF Signal Detector

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This is a cool and affordable signal detector that will help you improve privacy protection by detecting all kinds of bugs, GSM listening devices, hidden cameras, and other forms of spying gadgets. The handheld device is an upgraded version that has the right technology to neutralize surveillance threats. It has a compact and portable design, as well as enhanced chip function for comprehensive protection.

The Eilimy G318+ anti-spy signal detector is suitable for use in different settings including in the car, public places like hotels, and for the protection of trade secrets. Its ultra-high sensitivity and enhanced chip functions make it one of the best weapons anyone can use to protect his/her privacy in a world full of spying technologies. It is also portable and easy to use. The alarm modes include nine-level LED indicator and sound indicator. It has an impressive built-in 3.7V 1500mAh battery.

8. Nephon T8000

Nephon T8000 Anti Spy RF Detector

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This is a top quality wireless bug detector for finding such secret devices as GSM trackers, hidden cameras, audio and video transmitters, GSM listening devices and more. It is a well-built handheld device that offers the right level of sensitivity to uncover spying gadgets in different settings. It covers the frequency range of 1MHz to 8000MHz.

The Nephon T8000 wireless bug detector is very attractive: it has a very beautiful design and the right feature-set that makes using it fun. It addition to its high sensitivity and large range of frequency detection, it offers adjustable threshold with sound and light alarm indicators. It is also easy to use with just the switch and sensitivity knob being all you need to get it working and finding bugs. It comes with a built-in 3.7V lithium polymer battery that is quite strong.

9. Spy Hawk Pro 10G

Spy Hawk Pro 10G

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This is one professional counter surveillance device that boast of the newest technology and improved efficiency. It is a reliable device that is trusted by law enforcement and federal agents when it comes to security bug sweep detection. It is an upgraded model with 4 crucial precision functions. It can detect and stop anything from active GPS trackers to GSM listening devices, wireless cameras, audio transmitter and video transmitter bugs, bumper beepers and body worn transmitters, illegal phone bridging and more.

With the Spy Hawk Pro 10G, you can find any surveillance or spying device transmitting frequencies up to 10GHz, no matter how discreet they are. It is a perfect device for personal safety when you feel you are being monitored secretly. The built-in white noise generator will also suppress listening devices and mask your conversations. With this, you can efficiently render all forms of illegal surveillance useless.

10. Spy Tec iProtect 1203

Spy Tec iProtect 1203 Wireless Portable Bug Detector

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This is one of the most powerful devices that can be used to detect any kind of radio transmitting equipment around you. It is a great option when you are concerned about your privacy in different settings. It can help you detect if your phone is being tapped, if there is a listening device in your workplace, or if there is any bugging device anywhere near your home. When it is in active mode, this powerful device will detect spy devices (including body-carried transmitters) operating with standard or non-standard modulation.

Asides from its remarkable efficiency, the Spy Tec iProtect 1203 is a well-built device. Housed in a durable duralumin case, the device can withstand different unfavorable conditions and even rough handling. It covers the frequency range of 30 MHz to 6 GHz. It is a reliable device to turn to for personal and professional use when there is any chance of illegal surveillance.


Finding the perfect bug detector is not going to be easy. With so many of them on the market today, sifting the available options to get what you will like can be very difficult and that is why we have done this to help. Even before you choose from the top ten products that have been reviewed here, it is important that you consider your specific need and the factors discussed under buyer’s guide before picking one. This way, you will get a┬ábug detector that will be valuable to you.