5 Best Fashion Apps for Android & iPhone

Discover amazing fashion apps that you can download on your smartphones. If you want to be fashionable, trendy and updated with the latest styles, try our list of best fashion apps for Android and iPhone. Check them out below.

Gone are the days that you have to mix and try clothes before you can even decide what to wear. With the growing app technology, you can now get the latest fashion trends and learn what suits you well. You can even shop your favorite outfits with the fashion apps that are available in the app market. We gathered different fashion apps that you can try this year. These apps are available for Android and even iPhone users.

Best Fashion Apps

1. The Hunt

The Hunt Fashion app

The hunt fashion app is available to download free from Google Play store and iTunes. With this app, you can get the style you want even if you just saw it on the street or on TV. You just have to capture the dress or shirt you want and post it on the hunt. Fellow Hunt members will help you find that particular dress or shirt. In addition, they will suggest nearby places where you can find the shirt or dress that you posted on the platform.

Download (Android, iPhone)

2. Pose


Pose is one of our amazing fashion apps. It was initially launched for iPhones in 2011 but now Pose is also available for Android smartphones. Pose is a mobile fashion app where content and commerce meet. You can post pictures just like Instagram but Pose mainly focuses on Fashion images. Additionally, you can look through other Pose users and check their favorite outfits. This way you can get inspiration and create your own fashion style. Moreover, you can trade, buy or sell clothes using this app.

Download (Android, iPhone)

3. ShopStyle

ShopStyle app

This app focuses on fashion shopping. It has everything you need. The app offers clothes, shoes, sneakers and even an entire fashion outfit. You can easily search your favorite items with the app’s customizable search feature. With its search tab, you can refine what you’re looking for like clothes with discounts or on sales.

Download (Android, iPhone)

4. Fashmates

Fashmates app

Included on our list of fashion apps that you can try this 2018 is the Fashmates app. You can get this app from iTunes and Google Play Store absolutely free. The app allows users to organize and select outfits and even accessories to their preference. You only need to take a style quiz at first and then like items on the app. The app will then recognize your personal style and it will show you the items that you want. In addition, you can share your fashion ideas with fellow Polyvore users.

Download (Android, iPhone/iPad)

5. Stylect

Stylect app

Stylect is known as the “Tinder for Shoes.” This app is very addictive for shoe lovers. It will help you find the footwear of your dreams. The app has more than 350,000 shoe styles, from premium designer brands like Christian Louboutin, Mr.Choo, Nike and many more. If you like, flat shoes, sandals, stilettos or sneakers, the app will provide the shoes you need.

In addition, the app lets you filter your shoe search based on your style. For example, you like beige color premiums shoes, just type it in the search tab and the app will show you what you want. Moreover, the app also provides bags and dresses.

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