Top 5 Benefits of Social Media for Business

Your company has been established, the board of directors, The CEO, the executives, the employees are all doing their work, the main agenda on your company’s to-do list now is making your presence known, with everything said and done the company has to make sure that the consumers know the brand exists, not just physically but virtually as well.

Digital marketing is an entirely new branch dedicated to online marketing effort, making use of digital networks such as social sites. Word of mouth spreads like wildfire on social media and what is a better way to spread the word about your company and communicate with the public than by using the same channel as the general public? Social media serves as a platform for the company to communicate to its target audience directly, a friendly interface that promotes two-way communication.

Why is Social Media Marketing important?

Most people in this world have an account on the following social sites; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, some people have an account on all of them, reaching an approx. the audience of over 100 million. Traditional methods of marketing cannot reach a target audience of approx. 100 million all at the same instant while being cost effective, social media promotions are preferred due to its

  • Trending nature
  • Influential aspect
  • Accessibility
  • Potential audience reach
  • Customizability

What’s more, is that social media provides companies with a leverage in the market, social media platforms enable companies to open many doors for progress and healthy Consumer-supplier relations along with many other benefits.

1. Cost efficient and Affordability

Getting your company up and running can be quite a difficult task for startups as default risks are high and financial aid is low, therefore it is best for a company to shift its focus to social media marketing. Investing in the traditional marketing methodologies such as radio, billboards and television ads requires a large amount of finance whereas posting on your company’s social media platform is comparatively cheap and reaches a larger target audience.

2. Instant

Everything about social media is instant; instant publishing, instant feedback and instant sharing, whereas other channels of advertisement such as websites or magazines require ample amount of time before the advertisement can be displayed in publications.

3. Increases Brand Awareness

“Like” and “share” the two most influential tools that make your presence known on social media, social media displays your company’s content and improves your businesses visibility. Social media platforms also enable two-way communications with the audience, hence your company can answer any queries about your product the consumer has, along with providing feedback on an existing product. Such interactions increase brand loyalty as consumers feel associated with the brand and develop a connection with it based on friendly interactions.

4. Increases Traffic

Without significant traffic the company becomes limited to its usual customers, frequent users are searching for a brand having same keywords as you, limiting your accessibility even further. Promoting on social media sites using social media marketing techniques enables your company to reach a target audience beyond your frequent customers. Every new post made on social media has greater chances of reaching more eyeballs and making potential customers out of them.

5. Improves Search Engine Rankings

SEO or search engine optimization is essential for reaching a page of higher ranking, the connection with search engine rankings and social media promotions might seem absurd and unrelated at first but in depth the quality content you post on social media that has a collective collaboration of different keywords that link to your product offerings or service offerings directs the users to your page and ultimately to your website. It also helps in providing significant information for writers to write down their reviews and reference links of your company.

Final Thoughts

In the end, it’s all about marketing effectively and social media platform provides well-established companies and newly created ones with an initial platform that is free from discrimination and cost effective. Hence promoting your startup on social media networks will allow you to connect with your audience, have a competitive edge and better invest your company’s finance.