App Review: Amazing Weather HD for Android

Amazing weather HD app for Android was recently launched to solve the problem of lack of clean and minimalistic weather live wallpapers on android. While announcing the development of the app on xda developers’ forum, one of the brains behind it (with the username of donco22) stressed that the app was developed in collaboration with one of the finest artists groups in Europe and took about 7 months of work.

The app, which is a weather forecast application and live wallpaper, offers simple minimalistic animations and clean Use Interface. For almost every location on earth, the app provides vivid sensation of current weather conditions and updates automatically.

Amazing Weather HD For Android

Basic features

Below are some of the basic features of the android app:

  • For current location, there is support for ongoing weather notification to stay ahead of the condition.
  • It is absolutely possible to add a number of different locations in the app and swipe through to access their weather condition at any time.
  • It covers almost every location on earth (with underground API).
  • As weather conditions change, the live wallpaper changes with it automatically
  • The live wallpaper equally changes with day and night
  • There is provision for full customization, so you decide how you want to experience the animations on your device
  • Automatic update forecast
  • Local weather provider

There are some other features like data in metric/imperial, (GPS search) and some others.

Amazing Weather HD features


Amazing weather HD for android is a solid weather app by all standard. The realistic video effect of cloudiness, rain and snow provides a vivid sensation of current weather conditions for several locations on earth (reportedly over 50,000). The live wallpapers too are responsive and reflects the real-timings and weather condition of your location through various backgrounds. It is user-friendly, dynamic to a great extent and performs the functions it was developed to perform in an exquisite manner.


For a paid app, you will expect seamless installation and use, but there are few reported cases of issues with some devices. There has also been concern raised on the issue of internalization as some screens are always in English, some others translated, still, some others a strange mixture. Also, though the 50,000+ location coverage is quite impressive, there are some other weather apps that covers more.


Amazing weather HD is a premium release, there is no free version at google play store. You will have to pay $1.99 up front to use the app, so it is recommended that you have a proper test of it before the refund time expires. If you like it, an extra dollar will have to be paid.

Amazing Weather HD pricing


There is no security concern for this app. The app may need permission to find accounts on device but this is no cause for concern as there are no cases of any form of violation reported. It is absolutely safe for your device.

Amazing Weather HD security

Bottom line

If you are on the lookout for a great live wallpaper and a weather app for your android device, the Amazing weather HD can be exactly what you need. The detailed world weather data; animated weather forecast in form of realistic video effects for cloudiness, rain and snow; dynamic live wallpaper that changes automatically to match the weather condition of your location, multiple scene landscape, wide coverage of over 50,000 locations worldwide, data in metric/imperial, Auto updates forecast as well as some other wonderful features are what you get with the app. For a price of $2.99, the app is a bargain weather app and as there is no security concern, will make a great purchase.

Download: Amazing Weather (Free)