6 ways to satisfy your customers and increase sales

The main deal in attracting new customer towards your service is to offer the existing ones with great customer care service and promote through them the credibility of your firm. This could be done with much ease if you are able to predict the liking and preferences your customer and likewise it will grant you insight about the general psyche of you target audience. So, it boils down to the fact that if you understand the needs and likes of the customers then you are almost 90 percent sure that the business will do well. It is proven fact that almost 83 percent of the customers opts for  firms with better customer service and approximately about 45 percent of the customers are even willing to pay high price for the products with good customer care. This is because customer base is everything to a business and without satisfaction its volume will surely deflate and consequently so will the revenue.

Now the problem is if there is a huge number of a customer it is not possible to study each and every one of them. It is doable but the process in not very feasible not to mention time consuming too. But in modern times with the advent of powerful customer support software, it is not very difficult. With this you will be capable of short listing your target customer base for each of you products and then arrange for promotion and customer support services for each of them differently.

There are many ways to satisfy you customers and thus increasing the sales column. Some of the processes are discussed below.

1. Personalization is a sure way to bring customers

It is observed through surveys and report studies that personalization is much more attractive and effective than plain customer service. With this approach the customer will feel more homely in your business environment and will be attracted to it. The fact is a customer is a human being makes it more of a challenge to make him/her excited about your brand. If you are capable of turning the head of individual customers towards your firm then the revenue will greatly increase.

It is through studies it came to light that in restaurants when waiter serve well and offer mints at the end to the customers they provide them with tips. This is not because of service only but for personal affection too, of the waiter toward the customer. This is same in case of digital marketing also, where personalization comes very handy in selling the products. The search results of the customer will provide you with hints about his preferences. By following this you will be able to pass the customer with suitable buying option on their homepage and make them excited with banners and smiles and all.

2. Make it crisp for the customers

It is very important that you convey the customers very clearly or they will be infected with analysis paralysis which will ultimately hinder the proper business of the firm. It is up to the copywriters of the firm to cook up a good marketing piece for the customers. If the piece is confusing then the customer will have to deal with a lot of analysing which will ultimately move him/her away from the product. This is called analysis paralysis.

To avoid this you must present the customer with most optimum parameters. The more the parameter more is the confusion. So for better marketing and sales you must give clear and impactful notions to the customers having minimum number of analytical parameters.

3. Make the customers learn

Knowledge is power. This old saying is not old but ever youth. The customers with old mindsets or with a stereotype preference are most likely to opt for regular products instead of trying out latest trendy versions. In order to make them buy the latest products you must make efforts in the process of educating them.

By this we mean giving them insight of the products composition, style, usage, importance, frequent users, celebrity connection and other aspects. You must not stress too much on the price. If you are successful in educating them they will research about the product by themselves, get interested about it and more likely will buy it. It is proven time and again that this strategy increase the sales result.

4. Tell the customers your story

Self promotion is a signet that every enterprise must do in order to survive the cut throat competition of the chaotic market. By promotion we mean doing campaigns, sending fliers, doing vies, sponsoring, making celebrities promote and many more. But all of these are done by marketing the products and services of your company.

But it is common for every company. To do something out of the box you must promote your brand’s story. It is seen that the companies who have succeeded in presenting their brand story fruitfully has gained access to huge customer base. People want to buy from firms who inspire them most. By brand story we mean the reason for establishment of the company, the back story, the struggle for existence and the meteoric rise. Each of these inspires the customers and they will be drawn to your brand irrespective of the products.

5. Personal addressing of the customer

It is not a foreign concept to call the customer by his/her name at regular stores. This relationship creates great bonding between the buyer and the seller and the business flourishes with great amount of credibility. The customers are more drawn to the profile of your retail website if it welcomes them with gratitude, hearty and personalization.

Calling the customer by their name makes them feel wanted and taken care of. This make the customers more attracted to the ecommerce website of your firm and this will in turn make great profit for your company.

6. Let the customers think for themselves

Thinking and self talking is a great way to make an impact on the customers. The customers are often made to think by the promotional content of the company which in fact makes them feel burdened by the company. This type of approach generally gives a wave off for the customers. To let this go down you must approach differently.

If you made the customers aware about the specialty and nicks and tricks of the products and services of your firm then it will seep into the mind of the customer and it’ll make them think about them. This way you won’t need to have a high voltage promotional campaign about a product yet still it will be a people’s choice because they thought of the fact by themselves.


Now to conclude the discussion it is safe to say that if you get an idea of the general psyche of the customers base then it is a sure shot for your company to  make a huge turnover. Finally there is only one thing need to be told which is if you want to retain your customers and make some new ones then learn to listen to them and be very cordial in your approach.